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  1. Roy, so sorry to hear about the end of your world cruise. Hope you have a safe journey back home, without too many problems. That is a very long flight for anyone to deal with. May the good Lord bring you safely home. Neil
  2. I am not going to wait for the others. Thanks KK for starting this thread. Good night until we all meet again for future sail away fun.
  3. Long Departure toot from Kdam. Hope she gives us a show on the way out.
  4. I can't imagine what those airports will be like in Florida, with those coming in who had to turn around and those leaving from their cruise. Might be a couple days to get out of there.
  5. According to AIS marine traffic it looks like Silhouette is headed for anchorage in Tampa Bay. They are going to have ships parked all over before they get every ship parked.
  6. Looks like she also is headed for the Freeport area, but not maybe to port there.
  7. Sounds like the Silhouette is starting to drop lines.
  8. First ship is scheduled to leave at 5 so we will have to wait and see. Three scheduled for 5, KDam, Regal, and the Silhouette.
  9. I think some of them are going further out than others. AOTS is anchored off shore but some of the others went to Freeport and the Nieuw Amsterdam was going to the Bahama Banks wherever that is. HAL should just park all the ships at their private island and give the crew a little beach time. LOL!!
  10. Love Boat toots from Regal, she may lead our little parade today.
  11. KK, Thanks for starting this thread. It may be our last one for awhile. Kathi has enough to worry about with getting home from her WC. Thanks again.
  12. Long toots From the NA. At least we have toots to cheer.
  13. Nieuw Amsterdam is underway, backing towards the channel.
  14. I wonder how many ships will stay in port and how many ships will anchor offshore. It looks like the Equinox is headed for Freeport but the AOTS is headed for anchorage off PEV.
  15. Kathi, I hope that you have a safe trip home. We will miss your live from posts and since no one is sailing now, we will also not be having the sailaway addicts enjoying the sailaways for awhile anyway so no need for the sail-away threads until they sail-aways return. You just worry about taking care of yourself and getting home safely. I was waiting to see show many Linus Blankets you could make on a World Cruise. You have done quite a few already. Neil
  16. With the new 30 days of cruise cancellations we probably won't have any sail away to enjoy for awhile.
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