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  1. Looks like Equinox is on the move to start the parade today.
  2. Roy, I look forward to following the rest of your voyage on the Queen Mary. Bon Voyage for the second leg off your trip.
  3. Roy, for a partial view room, I think that is a great view that you have from your room. Hope everything goes well when you board your next ship, the Queen Mary.
  4. Thanks Kathi and the rest of the sail away gang. Have a good night all. Allure doesn't leave for awhile and Caribbean Princess not until close to 8 so not going to wait.
  5. Lots of early toots, much better than the quiet Saturday we had.
  6. Looks like the NS has dropped all line, but need a zoom to be sure.
  7. She had Noro Virus and overnighted to sanitize the ship.
  8. Love boat toots in the back ground, Regal should be underway soon.
  9. Good news, I went out of everything and rebooted my laptop and now I have sound so I got back just in time to hear the toots from Edge.
  10. I rebooted both cameras and still no sound at all, not even the vhf. I know my sound is working as I just check it on another site.
  11. Edge is underway. I will try rebooting and see if that helps the sound.
  12. I am not getting any sound from the cameras, is anyone else having that problem?
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