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  1. I had no problems over here doing my renewal on line .Got the photos from the pharmacy to make sure of size , background no smiles or teeth or glasses , or whatever else they decide they

    want from time to time , sent it off in a return paid courier  bag and returned in a few , hassle free.

    We did have major hassles when some bright spark decided to have 5 year passports instead of 10 year ones and he was told to go to the far queue very smartly.

  2. from a google search on the history of Fosters.......


    Fosters Lager was a very popular beer produced by the Australian Brewer, Carlton and United and was considered as their "premium" beer. By the 1970's, Fosters was Australia's most popular beer and was being launched in the world. Per Fosters - It's Australian for beer, mate! Or is it:

    In 1971 Foster’s was introduced to England through Barry Humphries’ highly successful ocker film called The Adventures of Barry McKenzie. Bazza almost spent the entire film with a Foster’s in his hand. In 1981 some Foster’s yeast was flown to England and Foster’s Draught began to be brewed over there. Foster’s Draught was a modified version of Foster’s Lager, modified to make it more appealing to the English palate. Sales grew exponentially. Locally canned Foster’s Lager was first sold in England in 1984. 


    Foster’s phenomenal growth had been aided by the fair dinkum Paul Hogan (who later went on to make it big as Crocodile Dundee).


    On 1 April 1985 it was announced that the Melbourne Cup would henceforth be known as the Foster’s Melbourne Cup. The running of the race is celebrated all around Australia.. Foster’s was the official beer of the Adelaide Grand Prix, now the Melbourne Grand Prix.


    But, despite all of these iconic associations with Australia, Fosters was essentially no longer really an Australian beer. Per Wikipedia:

    Foster's Lager is owned by the British headquartered brewing group SABMiller, and is brewed under licence in a number of countries, including the UK, where the European rights to the brand are owned by Heineken International.

    From around 2000, Fosters has not been actively marketed in Australia, possibly because of the Britification of the once loved Aussie beer to suit the tastes of the U.K. Market. It has been displaced in Australia by other premium Carlton and United brands such as Carlton Croen




  3. 13 hours ago, ilikeanswers said:


    There are still Aussies stuck overseas and they are being pushed to the back of the line because all the tennis people are taking up the quarantine space. Priorities anyone😳

    Returnees are having numerous problems. Heard of one case where a booking was cancelled 4 times and one of the reasons was there was not enough passengers to make the flight viable ,as they did not have pre arranged quarantine. It’s even worse for Kiwis as they have to transit through Australia .

    COVID-19: Trying to get home

    Additional commercial flights to Australia


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