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  1. I personally like the 4 drinks applied to the Seapass card rather than going to the Diamond Lounge between designated hours. Anytime we have went to the DL, I don't think we have drank more than 4 anyways due to having to be at dinner or a show, so now we can just get drinks at our own leisure. We will also enjoy the 50% off of 2 glasses of beer & the 20% off of 1 glass of beer, just wish it was a daily perk too instead of 1 time perk per cruise, as Diamond Members I think we deserve it, LOL!!
  2. We rented a car in Anchorage & did an 8 day land trip on our own before our 7 night cruise in Alaska & it was awesome. Went as far as Denali stopping in Talkeetna, then over to Seward. If you get a chance go on a Major Marine tour to the Kenai Fjords, it was fabulous!! Our son just moved to Fairbanks in December and loves it up there!!
  3. Are they still doing the Lift & Switch? We had a Canada/NE cruise scheduled for Oct 2020 which we did a L&S to Sept 30th of this year. Now that it is going to be cancelled are we going to be able to do another L&S? I don't know if they will still be going by the same guidelines, as far as the 4 week leeway on opposite ends of your cruise date or not & that you have to be going the same amount of days. I would actually prefer to cancel, but we booked under a NRD and had 2 cruises booked so we would lose $1000 if we were to cancel. Going with a FCC it won't cover the full co
  4. We are going on the Oasis and it's been awhile since we've sailed RCCL. Is dress slack and dress shirt ok for all of the dining venues or does he need a tie and jacket?
  5. I have an outside TA & their office has been closed and have a very limited staff working from home and I haven't been able to talk to anyone in person, so I called RCCL and told them I would like to do a L&S and they couldn't do it because, if it is with an outside TA, & the acct is locked, they even checked with their supervisor to double check. I am so bummed because there are only 2 cabins left in my category that I want to switch to & my TA said it could take up to 3 weeks because they are so backed up and are focusing on the cruises being cancelled now. Also on the other
  6. Thank you, that is what I was hoping for!
  7. I have an excursion booked on a cruise that I plan on doing a lift and shift. I used $50 OBC and paid the rest with my Credit Card. If I cancel the excursion before I do the L&S, will they put my OBC back onto my reservation that I am switching? I read somewhere on these boards it is best to cancel purchases and excursions before you make any changes or cancel because you will get your money credited back to your card quicker.
  8. I can really relate to your debate. We have 2 cruises booked with one day in between. Canada/NE on October 8th (Adventure) & Bahama on October 18th (Oasis). I am trying to get in touch with our TA (office is closed and tried to email them to get back to me & no reply), so I called RCL 2 days in a row and was on hold for an hour & 15 minutes with no pick ups till phone went dead. I was planning on doing the lift & switch, but I am constantly second guessing myself. I really don't want to go this Oct, because if it does sail, I'm sure there will be extra precautions being in
  9. We have a $500 NRD, if we were to cancel & take the FCC, is that split $250 pp or $500 that either one of us could use on our next cruise? Just wondering in case one of us isn't able to go on cruises anymore due to health reasons.
  10. I know right?! I better run to Walmart to clear them out, lol! 🩹🩹😷🩹🩹
  11. I have been wearing a mask since this all started, but when I went to Sams Club this week for my major grocery shopping I ended up pulling my mask down over my nose to breathe, but kept my mouth covered, my glasses were fogging up & couldn't see. I am so over these masks, but will continue to do so until it is safe. I don't mind when I am outside, as they don't fog as much and can tolerate it, but when inside stores, it's so annoying. If we have to wear a mask on the cruise, i'm paper punching a hole in the front of my mask that I can insert a straw to drink my cocktails and when it's not
  12. I'll paper punch a hole through my mask to insert a straw through and cover it with a round bandaid when not in use, lol!!😷🍹🍸🍺🏝️🤪
  13. I agree that there will be no summer cruises, but I am wondering about Sept & Oct & if they will bring the Oasis up to NJ for 2 months of sailing. I sure hope so, but now I have another concern, my husband is 67, a retired coal miner & has lung nodules in both lungs. He's not on oxygen or inhalers, but did have fluid around his lungs last year and was treated for that, but recovered. He's otherwise in great shape, exercises for 2 hours every day & then later in the day goes for a 3 mile walk, in way better shape than me! So, will they deny him boarding if he is under 70, but
  14. So someone age 67 with previous lung issues not requiring O2 will be denied boarding?
  15. Yes, this whole thread is referring to 2020, not 2021.
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