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  1. We have 2 cruises booked for October, one Canada/New England and one Bahamas, hoping that things will be better by then. We have until July before our final payment has to be made, so we will just see how things play out over the next couple of months. I usually watch for price drops, but with all of the cruises that have been cancelled so far, I see the price do nothing but rise with everyone rescheduling. I feel so bad for the cruise industry right now, they are taking such a big hit. All we can do now, is pray that a cure is found soon for this virus.
  2. Thanks Carol!! So is the Harbor walk better than the Freedom Trail walk?
  3. Thanks for the tip on James Hook's, I think we will just go there instead to try the lobster roll there since it is near the Tea Party Ship! We were originally supposed to be in Boston on a Saturday, and when I looked at the website when I was doing my planning, they were to be open. When they switched our itinerary, I didn't even think to go back and recheck to see their schedule, especially on a Monday when most places are open, so I was sort of shocked when another poster said they would be closed, but I'm sure glad she did, so I can plan other things.
  4. Thanks for the heads up about the Constitution no being open, how did you find that out? I get a little nervous trying to navigate public transportation, especially when you have to switch back and forth, we aren't used to the big cities. Maybe we will just do the Boston Tea Party near the Port and just look around locally. If you have any other ideas to do locally I'd be grateful for more input. We also thought about going to Luke's Lobster for a Lobster Roll, is it anywhere near the Tea Party?
  5. So if we were to just walk it, how far is it or how long will it take?
  6. I'm not sure how far the cruise port is from Park Station. We plan on doing the Freedom Trail and I heard that it saves some walking, if you take the Silver Line #2 then switch to the Red Line & get off at Park Station. Is it really worth doing the bus changing or is it not that far that we should just walk it?
  7. Mojito Lemon Drop Martini Cosmopolitan Whiskey Sour And when you're tired of all the sweet drinks: Gin, Tonic & Lime
  8. I just had the same issue and they won't make an adjustment to the taxes. It was only $25 so it wasn't worth the effort to argue with them, I just let it go.
  9. Mine did too. I just went to book an excursion and was supposed to be $75 and it's only showing $50. Let us know what you find out if you call.
  10. We are back from our cruise and for those who are wanting to do a Beach ride, do it through Hooves Jamaica!! It was a fantastic experience, you can tell they take very good care of their horses and love what they do. I highly recommend this company and btw, they go into the ocean up to the top of the saddle (not just a walk along the ocean like some companies).
  11. We are booked with Hooves Jamaica in January for the Beach Ride Tour. This will be our first on time riding on a beach and in the water. Has anyone done this tour and have we made a good choice as far as location (Jamaica) and tour company? I know there are tours at most of the islands and am hoping that Jamaica will be an ok choice. We were looking for something different to do since we have done the all inclusive resorts,Dunn's Falls, Dolphin Cove, Blue Hole & Scotchies in the past.
  12. Oh my gosh, no wonder you are confused!! Those of us who has sailed NCL before are even confused. Ocean Blue is included in the Dining package and there are upcharges to a few of the menu items. If you don't choose one of the upcharged items, you won't have to pay anything extra. The items that are upcharged are: Appetizers: Crab Cake extra $5 Tiger Shrimp Trio extra $5 Main Course: Surf & Turf extra $19 Whole Lobster extra $25 I hope that helps! Oh, the A La Carte prices on each item is for someone that doesn't have a dining package and would like to just order off the menu and pay for each item.
  13. From the menu above, I don't think the bacon appetizer is the one with the upcharge. It is the crab cake & tiger shrimp trio. The regular shrimp cocktail isn't upcharged either. The supplement charge is listed below the item that it refers to.
  14. Here’s the Ocean Blue menu from the Encore last week:
  15. I have 2 new Menus Cagneys & Ocean Blue New Cagney menu that is being rolled out fleet wide
  16. YES please! We need one place that all new menus are posted for everyone to review. There is so much confusion about all of the upcharges in the specialty restaurants.
  17. I guess the surf & turf in Cagneys IS... filet & lobster, I can't keep all of the information straight, because it seems to be different on some of the ships. Here is a new updated Cagney's menu which is to be rolled out fleetwide. I can't believe they are now also upcharging the crab cake & tiger shrimp cocktail also, RIDICULOUS!!! Wonder if they are going to upcharge in the Main Dining room for crab cakes also? New Cagney menu that is being rolled out fleet wide
  18. Wow, I sure hope they come out with a new TERMS & CONDITIONS update on all of these changes, so many people are confused!! Thank you all for your replies.
  19. Correction to my previous post. The surf & turf in Ocean Blue is filet & lobster, the surf & turf in Cagneys is filet & shrimp, both places charge the $19 upcharge , the whole lobster in OB is a $25 upcharge, the upcharges are in addition to what you pay for your dining package!
  20. I agree, and I am also debating!! I also think the surf & turf is a $19 upcharge (pretty sure the surf is shrimp). I don't know, but I may cnsider halibut, or ciapino to avoid any upcharges. All of these Free at Sea promotions are getting to be ridiculous! They are charging extra for just about everything now and no water in the drink packages really ticks me off!! It's getting so bad that people are going to start smuggling water in their rum runners, LOL!! (Just a little puns, and no I don't personally use rum runners, btw).
  21. From the above menu, the jumbo shrimp app that you are referring to, is that the tiger shrimp or the shrimp cocktail? The mixed seafood, was that the Ciappo or the Seafood Linguini?
  22. Aero777, Thank you so much for posting the menu, it answers exactly what I wanted to know!! Now if anyone has the updated Cagneys menu, that would be great!!
  23. How did you order your Filet may I ask? I am hoping that is still the case, that it is included, but I guess time will tell with the upcoming cruises, they are always making changes to nickle & dime people to death!! I can see limiting the main entree to one per person, but not upcharging when you are already paying the dining package fee.
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