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  1. OLIFE choices are limited by price (not more than $199 I think) and by certain letters like OS and OE (you cannot book those as OLIFE). It is still a good deal as a choice of perks.
  2. I am still nursing hopes that our replacement cruise in SE Asia next Feb will happen though I doubt it. Meanwhile, there is a wonderful article in the New York Times Travel section this morning about major travel destinations around the world being enjoyed by locals without the crowds. They are getting to see their cities as others do. We live on Amelia Island in North Florida which is normally busy with vacationers from Spring Break to late October. We do get a break in the winter since it is too cool for the beach but not like it was these last two months. Since everything except grocery stores and a few other things were closed, families were out seeing our island and enjoying time together. Since about 1/3 of us are retirees, enough precautions were taken to avoid large numbers of sick people. It is over now with hotels open and people coming for Memorial Day weekend. Our businesses need this to be open for us in the future, but we had a glorious spring that we could enjoy until now.
  3. Thanks for the info. I wondered where all the ships were. This is a logistical nightmare for cruise companies.
  4. In the past, DH (Jr!) has sometimes had trouble checking in because of the Jr but it did not cause him to be turned away. He just had to check in at the airport airline desk instead of printing a boarding pass or using the non-attended check-ins at the airport. This happened both in the US and outside but never really caused a problem.
  5. clo, as involved as you are on all threads Oceania, how can you not have seen her many helpful posts including a fairly recent one where she announced her retirement from whatever her position was gave her "inside info". It never seemed weird to me.
  6. That is how I feel right now-we had a wonderful trip planned from Singapore to Dubai. However better safe than stuck on a plague ship. I think O is doing as well as it can to make things right so we are looking for another cruise this year. However, I just read on another cruise line's page that someone who is cruising to Venice soon is worried about stopping there since Italy suddenly has many cases of Covid-19 though only 2 in Venice. I am not surprised by spread abroad but I do wonder about this being a problem for the future of cruising if cruises have to be cancelled in a domino effect if the virus keeps spreading. We do not cruise constantly but really enjoy ourselves every other year or so. Incidentally, DIY airfare (we do not have insurance and not sure this would have been covered anyway) will cause us to take a hit while BIL gets a pass because they were going through China that got cancelled by the airline. I am happy about what was covered and what could be cancelled. We will cruise again and hope not to be "Corona-ed".
  7. Due to the Asian season being cancelled, we will not get to see if more sea days are harder on the R ships with no cooking classes, etc but for 10 or 12 days, the R ships are fine and as said friendlier because of the smaller numbers. I would do either depending on the itinerary. The negatives (on R ships) are crowding in Terrace cafe at popular times and smaller cabins which are a no for some people. OTOH, the smaller ships can do some ports that larger ships must tender to or cannot do at all. I admit to missing Red Ginger. We will be on a short Riviera cruise next and I am anxious to compare it with the R ship cruise on Nautica that I loved enough to book another since it has been a few years since we were on an O ship.
  8. A couple of years ago embarking there, we took the train to Civitavecchia (there is as said limited space for luggage). When you get there, there is a 2 Euro bus near the terminal that goes into the port to the place where you get the shuttle to the ship. You can walk to the shuttle stop but it is not a pleasant scenic walk even with light luggage-it is a busy commercial port. Another time we rented a taxi to visit sites near the port and we got the car on the pier (not sure they still do that). If you have much luggage, do as suggested above and get a private pick-up. Even from the airport, drivers tend to give a little tour whichever way you are going.
  9. +1 on missing lunch on the ship on embarkation day and then waiting for the room to be available. As said by someone above, it is usually easy to drop off luggage at or near the ship if you arrive early enough to walk around and/or eat before boarding the ship for good. Often you can even check in and get your boarding cards at the same time (especially since you will arrive late in the morning. Then you only need to make sure you are back in time for the lifeboat drill. A pleasant lunch away from the port (is there not a bus to and from the larger ships to the statue?) in Barcelona sounds better if time allows.
  10. Whatever you do, if you go on the day keep that early flight from JAX (my home airport too) since those usually leave on time except for weather. If no delays, DFW (former home airport) is easier to make a tight connection by going up to the train or monorail, do not remember which. Ask for help at every point on the plane and whoever is waiting at the door when you get off. Go to the ship from the plane in Seattle. Does your booking included transportation to the port? Sometimes not good if waiting for other arrivals but maybe good for first big plane trip. Also, does your Florida license have the star on it-do not know if star is required yet but Florida is doing them.
  11. We too visited in the 70s. We were not the only ones on the mountain but it was not crowds either. If the number of people there is limited, you can see plenty in 2 hours and enjoy the views too. It is amazing that there was a settlement way up there. There were wild flowers orchids and birds and the ruins. We went on a train from Cuzco and then vans went up the mountain. MP has always been something I recommend seeing first to people visiting South America (not as many were when we lived there in the 70s and 90s). It will be a shame if tourists ruin this site. We visited the Galapagos Islands only a few years ago and they had rules about staying on the paths, etc that at the time were strictly enforced (the trained local guides were very good). All these places could be enjoyed more and longer if people willingly followed the rules.
  12. Thank you Anne for your suggestions on Iftar Dinners.
  13. Hi Anne! We will be ending a cruise in Dubai in May. We have a long day to spend seeing things and a middle of the night air departure. The Iftar dinners sound like a good way to end our day there. Where is the best place to find information about which hotels etc and maybe some reviews?
  14. We have sailed twice on Marina and once on Nautica (longer voyage here in May!). We had veranda cabins all 3 times but I would like to point something out about use. In French Polynesia, we sat on our balcony with a drink almost every night enjoying the view or the sail away. In the Baltic, it was not nice enough nor timing right to sit outside every night (in July) so we did not use the balcony much. Same thing with Nautica: weather was not always pleasant enough nor was the timing right (Iberian Peninsula-Atlantic portion had rougher seas). We have an inside booked for Southeast Asia as there are plenty of places to sit outside the cabin. Also, Marina had to be way outside of town in St Petersburg as mentioned above so that an R ship might be a better choice for that cruise (it is very port intensive so hard to do all the things available on O ships). When the ships do the overnight at Bordeaux, R ships can usually dock in the town but I heard that O ships cannot always do that and the ocean port is far away from most of the things to be visited. Even the R ship had to leave town the next morning while the tides were right so that all tours returned to the ocean port.
  15. The Otago peninsula is about 1000% more interesting than the train ride though we met and enjoyed talking with some locals on the ride. The albatross center and Larnach house are more fun with great scenery. The train station with museum, however, is fun if you have time to kill. We did the train privately so less expensive but still not all that interesting.
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