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  1. Oceania's non self service buffet has been going for a while now yet was not mentioned in the article. I am glad the article is posted here.
  2. Jancruz i got unblocked when I got signed out by someone or some computer glitch. I just finally gave up and got a new password. My blocks came back when I signed in.
  3. the more ports the better: I just finally broke down and made a new password so I could get back in on the discussions and embarass myself some more. I just want to say I have enjoyed your posts about the vaccine trials. I hope they are all successful. Keep updating on your experience.
  4. +1 I looked up our governor after the first few questionable choices he made. He is well educated but his current "smartness" in following the leader's questionable actions is just not there. 🙄🤥😔
  5. Sometimes, it is a matter of kids being future beggars and sometimes it is a matter of them being sent out to help get money for food for the family. I never give out money or pencils or gum etc (that tourists often give) if a guide explicitly says not to because they know who the kids and adults are. When we were in Egypt at the end of 2012, there were many adults and kids following tourists around with hands out-they were not in good shape or begging for fun. What the guide suggested was to buy the trinkets, toilet paper, etc that they were offering to help them out. If that cruise goes off in 2021, I will have money on me to buy their little things or hear their song or whatever. Donations to a local charity or school may never get to all who need it. When we lived in Venezuela when times were better there, I was once approached by a kid about 6 with his hand out. He attended the school for poor kids that my group helped run. He was eating and learning okay but the rest of his family may not have been. Things are much worse around the world these days for "Have Nots".
  6. In case we get to do this cruise late next year, do the kids want Brazilian or US money or what ever we have?
  7. We booked Privee a few years ago for just ourselves and two relatives we traveled with. I used OBC but you have to book onboard to use it for Privee (we had no trouble booking a night-got our actual anniversary!-even on a summer Russian cruise, other times might be different). It is true that you just chose what you want from Polo and Toscana, but it is still a fun time with all the personal attention. The waiter was friendly and obliging to us in the MDR for the rest of the cruise. I thought it was one of the best uses of OBC. As said above, it has usually not been a problem to find out what it costs.
  8. The Viking App was handy for checking and/or making reservations and checking excursions, classes etc. I have no idea if you could check menus, read newsletter etc as I do not want to do that on my ipad or phone. I like a printed news letter (less inserts would be fine) once a day. As for menus, I like to check the posted ones on both O and V when I walk around the ship. On our last O and V cruises re food, O was still better than V but V is better than the huge lines like RCL, HAL etc. I suspect both lines will continue to have people who prefer paper and would put it in a designated recycle area. I hope our next O cruise will still have most of that good food since some reviews are now less glowing.
  9. Doesn't most everybody who sails miss cruising? We are hopeful that even if our May 21 cruise is cancelled, the Dec 21 cruise will sail.
  10. We often do the free walking tours now offered in many cities around the world. They offer a local view and some recommendations for other things to see as well as being in the open air. There is usually a hint that a tip would be appreciated at the end and most of these tours are well worth a generous tip. You are also usually close enough to the ship that you can leave the tour and return quickly if worried about missing departure. If there is a fee to join the tour, it is seldom much.
  11. I think a smart kid that researches a NY to Bermuda trip might find some interesting things to do on that route. Also, if he is a foodie and you are traveling on Marina or Riviera there may be a cooking class on a sea day that he would enjoy. On our 3 O trips up to now, there were only a number of children (different ages-one teen joined our trivia group to get away from his family!) on the Copenhagen to Stockholm (with St Petersburg) itinerary in the summer. I did not realize there were about a dozen kids until debarkation. It depends on the kid and his or her interests and the time of year.
  12. We used the business lounge in early 2019 transiting to and from India. I believe it was the new terminal-if not,I will try to go through IST again to compare. The number of food choices was so large that I did not find out there was a lower floor with even more choices until the return trip. Even with many people present, it was not difficult to find a comfortable place to sit and eat, etc. Turkish is a great airline even in the main cabin.
  13. Now it is about to be overwhelmed. What a leader! 😝
  14. I cannot believe our local and state leaders are letting businesses and political leaders continue to make such poor choices right now with numbers still rising. I am afraid to look at today's numbers. But I also cannot believe our hotels are still full of people from elsewhere. Not leaving just staying home but somewhere in the country sounds good now. DH and his brothers had to decide whether to put failing 97 yr old mother in assisted living. We are lucky that one brother had room for her in his isolated country home. She is not happy but she is safer than alone at her senior complex right now.
  15. We have two O cruises planned for next year-one in May (looking less likely with time) and one late in the year (remaining hopeful) to keep me going while we avoid going out as much as possible here in North Florida. Numbers of positive tests have tripled since restaurants and bars reopened in late May after not being that bad before that. Bars are closed again but nothing else is and hotels are full of happy beach goers who do not seem worried or aware of the possibility of catching the virus here. At least more people in Jacksonville are thinking twice about the wisdom of having the GOP convention here next month and trying to curtail the size of it since they claim they cannot cancel now. It is a worry here because our hotels are actively trying to get convention goers to stay here and enjoy our beautiful beaches. We do not need more people around right now. Our county is trying to figure a way to reopen schools since our system is relatively small. I would be upset if I were a parent or teacher wondering if it can be done safely yet the kids need the social and educational benefits. How is that going elsewhere?
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