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  1. You can really tell? Both dresses look like flowery prints to me....
  2. We've been on Symphony and I hope to be on Oasis in December. Have two more cruises planned for Oasis 2023. I'm just so happy to see ships back in the water and cruising going well. The industry really needs this to work to stay in business. eta If we get in all our cruises, we will actually be Diamond before the Bella cruise.
  3. Allure was our first Oasis Class ship and she is still beautiful
  4. Good grief, I can't reply from my dang iPad.... Have I been under a rock? When did they switch from L'Occitane? I really enjoyed getting the little hand lotions.
  5. We were in 1748 for our 25th anniversary several years ago. Loved every minute of it! Enjoy!!
  6. The Owner's Suite has the separate shower / tub combination. If you check Youtube videos, you should be able to find some examples.
  7. I take Boost onboard with me, but only one a day and put it in my luggage. It sounds like you will have a larger quantity. As others have mentioned, contact Special Needs and they will be able to assist. This includes if you have medication that needs to be kept colder than the room cooler. Enjoy your cruise and the time you have together.
  8. It is odd that some of the suite perks are only offered on the Oasis or Quantum class ships. I understand that it might be difficult to retro-fit a Coastal Kitchen on a ship. But, free wi-fi you would think could be accommodated.
  9. I wonder if it varies by ship or port? Another CC member was just on the Oasis and his suite welcome letter indicated some bar service was available from 11 to 11. So, he asked the Suite Concierge and beer, wine, soda, and water were free during those times. The others during regular Happy Hour times.
  10. @mac_tlc Thanks for taking the time doing a Live and answering all the questions. Will be on her out of Miami in December. Can't wait!!
  11. Interesting, I hope that is the case. I'll find out next month I guess.
  12. This right here. I had to make final payment early September for our December sailing. Had my 1300 check-in and now I have to wait until October. Getting a little frustrating. Probably too much to hope our times will carry-over...
  13. Probably the same group of people that would have one person take everyone's card, run to the next ride at Disney to get the Fast Pass so THEY wouldn't have to stand in line...
  14. I don't know the availability on Independence, but both the Deluxe Beverage Package and the Refreshment Package include smoothies and frozen mocktails. Unless that has changed and I am unaware. I got them on our last cruise, pre-Covid.
  15. Our last cruise before the shutdown was on Symphony. That cruise we thoroughly enjoyed the Suite Deck. You have to use your card to open the gate on Deck 16 Forward and then up the stairs to Deck 17. There is a bar, restrooms, and all kinds of seating. We actually enjoyed it for Sail-away, although the ship's horn is very loud. Our sailing was at capacity, so this was a quiet place to sit, read, and just enjoy the water. DH made friends with the bartender and a couple of other guests!
  16. Don, the cruise vlogger from Canada, did post a video yesterday about the large outbreak on the MSC Virtuoso in the UK. Due to that outbreak they have updated their safety protocols. Apparently they had relaxed things such as requiring passengers to be vaccinated, masking while indoors, and social distancing. That relaxing of guidelines is causing Covid outbreaks. So, MSC has reinstated the stricter protocols. eta: I think Royal is trying to do everything right. They are currently sailing at reduced capacity, wanting the passengers vaccinated, still requiring masking and social distancing, and requiring testing prior to boarding.
  17. Were you there just recently? Were there other people on the beach? Personally, I would love it to be nice, quiet, and relaxing, work has me wiped out. But, my Dad enjoys people watching so don't want him to be bored.
  18. I got mine late last month with an original expiry date of 10/15/2021. With the extension based on the Lot Nbr, it is now good through 01/15/2022. Hope that helps.
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