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  1. A useful breakdown of data indicating why the longer interval is proving more effective comparing population data from UK (8-12 weeks) and Israel (3 weeks) use of Pfizer.
  2. Looks like this, though more detail if you click through, it also shows a QR code as a 'pass' but I don't have that yet as not been 14 days since my 2nd.
  3. What? No it doesn't. Both of those studies are population level stats in the UK. Hardly anyone here has been vaccinated at 4 weeks, not even clinically vulnerable.
  4. Sorry, but you have taken a very simplistic view of those numbers. I don't agree with everything the UK gov has done, but I think the UK is currently demonstrating empirically (for the the world) quite how *effective* these vaccines are, even at 8 or 12 weeks. Yes, UK case rates are high, though now seemingly falling quite fast - Delta arrived here in May and the current wave has further been driven by the Euro football tournament three weeks ago (young males). Plus, almost all legal restrictions lifted (nightclubs open, no mandated masks, etc) and there are still millions of chi
  5. New studies showing that 8 weeks is in fact an optimal dose interval. https://www.businessinsider.com/delay-second-dose-pfizer-covid-coronavirus-vaccine-immune-response-study-2021-7
  6. Yeah the recent increase in cases is definitely being driven by the youth but also lifting of some restrictions. The second does is now from 8 weeks, sooner if you are 40+ or vulnerable. Hopefully the younger people getting jabs will start to pay off. I'm 34 and due my second in July.
  7. I agree in principle with market dynamics and charging more for higher demand, but there is a point where it becomes unethical and is just blatant profiteering from a captive market - charging $170 for one sailing and then $60 for another can't be justified, especially when the prices aren't revealed until after you've booked.
  8. Had my jab yesterday over in the UK aged 33. Can't wait to get back onboard (Symphony in Nov) and pleased about the new policy 🤗. I had COVID back in March 2020, spent many nights sweating, had a horrible cold and completely lost my taste for ~3 months, which hasn't really fully recovered - many things still have a chemical type taste.
  9. Sadly not refundable but thankfully they are allowing free date changes due to COVID!
  10. Ahrg. I booked this specifically as we are going on the Symphony on the 13th Nov and we were going to hop off the Allure on the same day. I’ve already spent £1300 on flights around these dates. No contact from travel agent yet but no idea what I’m going to do now. I’d look at switching but the alternatives are now so much more expensive than what I paid. I really hate that they do this, over the years I’ve had countless changes which create a lot of stress and unexpected expense.
  11. The UK are one of the few countries who conduct regular genetic sequencing on tests as such this mutation has been detected. It’s quite likely therefore this strain is located in other countries too.
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