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  1. Would say an Eastern Caribbean (Allure) to a Western Caribbean (Symphony) on the same date next year be ok? We are thinking of switching to Symphony as we intentionally booked Allure as it was meant to be 'amped' (and paid a premium for that).
  2. I'm due to sail both Explore and Allure in November/December this year, which we booked specifically due to the ships being 'amped', plus paid a premium for as the new features were being heavily advertised. I fully appreciate the difficult reasons why Royal had to postpone, but assuming things are back up and running by then do you think I'll be able to swap to another sailing, such from Allure to Symphony for the same week/cabin? The prices have gone up a lot since we booked a year ago so wouldn't want to be paying today's fares!
  3. Likely Covid related cruise deaths whilst at sea demonstrates how ship's aren't going to be able to resume whilst this thing continues to run rampant. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/4-people-die-on-fort-lauderdale-bound-holland-america-cruise-ship/2211935/%3famp
  4. From Spain - "Spain’s Interior Ministry has said that Spain will impose 30 day entry restrictions on most foreigners from midnight at ports and airports. Spanish nationals, foreign residents, air crew, cargo workers, health workers and diplomats will be exempted from restrictions." So no entries until at least 22 April. Looks like Rhapsody and Allure were due to stop before then?
  5. Spain have announced an extension to the 'state of emergency' until April 12, whilst Italian PM is likening it to WW2 and shutting all non-critical businesses until April 3. The likelihood of ships heading to Europe anytime soon are slim I think (and would hope).
  6. Could anyone help explain my options? I'm based in the UK and booked direct with RCL for Rhapsody 23 May. I paid a £300 non refundable deposit. The final payment (£700) is due on 27th March. I want to cancel but assumed Royal would do so by now, clearly they are hanging on as long as they can. Under the current policy if I call up and ask to cancel will I get my £300 deposit back as FCC?
  7. Ah yes I see. Hmmm wonder what they're upto. I have a booking for Rhapsody on 23 May. Obviously it's going to be cancelled but final payment is coming up and I've no idea what to do.
  8. Where are you seeing this sorry? What's TA? Anything for Rhapsody in May?
  9. I don't understand the issue with this....I think it's a great idea. Even if they did out covid patients on there the virus would only live on surfaces for a few days. And obviously it would be cleaned before going back into use.
  10. So sorry to hear for your loss. Sadly I feel it may be long before more of us experience such a personal tragedy.
  11. Sorry to hear this! So which ships are still out there sailing?
  12. I booked both Explorer and Allure for this reason in December so agree with you that it would be very disappointing. These are very uncertain times. Appreciate the financial aspect is probably the driver but it would seem to make sense to be doing lots of work on the ship's whilst they're empty for 30 days.
  13. The problem with China's low numbers (assuming they are accurate) are that once life resumes there the virus will be back. It's now in 190+ countries with 10k cases a day - containment isn't an option until a vaccine is developed. People have been in quarantine so there is no 'herd immunity' out there. I think we may end up having to accept this thing if we want life to resume to some level of normality.
  14. Website updated now: At Royal Caribbean International, the safety and well-being of our guests and crew are always our top priorities. After the decision was made on March 13th to voluntarily suspend our sailings departing from US ports, we've now made the decision to also suspend operations for the remainder of our sailings worldwide, effective at midnight, March 15th. Our goal is to resume operations on April 11th, 2020
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