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  1. I was on one of the cancelled Royal cruises. They cancelled all the cruises, then opened up different cruises to nowhere and only to Singapore citizens. So it wasn't just a capacity issue. We were supposed to have 4 port stops, the new itineraries just have three sea days.
  2. That's me...I was 2 points from Diamond when the shutdown occurred. I have a bunch of cruises booked for 2021, most of them the 3/4 day short ones, but 5 of them are solo so its a big boost. I can't say I would have booked more cruises just because of the promotion, but I'll take it! I'm not a lounge person, but I would like to get closer to that solo discount!
  3. I put an arrow by the new columns. When I sign in, it shows me as Gold (I'm Emerald) with 22 points (Should be 78). My C&A Account still shows the correct level and points, just the casino site shows the wrong info.
  4. Hmmm...Mine is exactly the number of past cruises plus my currently booked cruises. Not the correct points or tier levels. Mine says "Gold 22/22" and I currently have 17 past cruises and 5 upcoming cruises.
  5. The cancellation penalty email is auto-generated. I have gotten it five times so far this year, but they never actually charge it. I have gotten my full refund. Now my PVP actually mentions in her email to ignore any cancellation penalty notices: "Ignore any cancel penalty emails you may receive. " You should get your 100% refund regardless.
  6. We have 4 cabins on that one...January 14 is my birthday so I really hope this one sails!
  7. Ours for our November cruise came available at 47 days, even though our boarding pass was available at 90 days. However I don't think either will be valid come time to sail!
  8. My family and I are booked on this one as well. From my cancelled Breeze cruise this January. My daughters birthday is November 20 so plenty to celebrate!
  9. They offered it on the Panorama in January. They have a separate, dedicated classroom/kitchen for these. They seemed really popular, we could not get into any of the ones we wanted.
  10. Zena - I was able to call and get my Final Payment pushed out to 30 days. Maybe that would at least give you a bit more time to decide.
  11. Well, I hope you are correct, since I am scheduled to be on the 11/5 Quantum, but the Marina Bay Cruise Center schedule shows the first Quantum sailing as 11/10...the one right after me! 😞 But if the 11/5 goes...I'm going with it! https://mbccs.com.sg/search-ship-result/.
  12. I am in my 40's and I would totally agree to ship only excursions if I could get on a ship again! And I NEVER take ship excursions normally but I would do it if it meant I could sail again. So really, I think its completely a personal decision, not age related at all.
  13. The same thing happened to me. I just accepted the FCC in one transaction, then go back to the email, all the way at the bottom in the tiny, tiny notes there is a link to use to provide new booking info. I decided to give it 24-48 hours before I try, but I did click on the link and it takes you to just a "credit your FCC" so it is different than the "choose what to do" page. I will report back after I go all the way through the process.
  14. Eli - Depending on the ship, MSC actually has a pretty good kids club. I did a Genoa to Hamburg repo last April on the Meraviglia and the kids club was awesome, it is sponsored by Lego. In addition, they had F1 and Flight simulators and a ton of other stuff to do. If there is a newer ship, chances are it has a pretty good kids club. Royal in Europe is hit or miss, we sailed one ship (Rhapsody) that was not great for kids, but the next year the Freedom was there and there is plenty for them to do. This was going to be my first time with Carnival in Europe so I am keeping my fi
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