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  1. I received the entirety of what I paid as an FCC except Fun Shop purchases. Taxes, port fees and prepaid gratuities were all given to me as an FCC and applied to a future booking with part of the overage given as OBC, and part applied to a second booking.
  2. I was Divinia YC1 from Miami, and now that is being replaced with Armonia...which has no Yacht Club. I am waiting to see what the offer is for that. When I called, there was no info on what my reservation would be changed to, although he did make notes in my account as to what I was willing to accept (change of port, dates, etc.). I was told I would hear no later than July 1.
  3. I just booked Alaska on the Quantum for July 2021 so this thread is perfect! @PCWalton1 I am taking notes of who you used on your excursions! I did whale watching in Puerto Vallarta in January on a small zodiac so we were able to be super close and it was amazing! @twangster The difference in the light between the two photos is incredible! That June light is gorgeous and makes me so happy I chose July. I can't wait to get some amazing "light nighttime" shots.
  4. I use Raise for quite a few things and I have never had any issues. I don't use Raise for Carnival gift cards just because there are other places that work better for me for that particular GC.
  5. Yep, mine too! It'd be nice if it stayed that way! I've got 5 showing "no balance due."
  6. After checking all week, mine finally posted today!
  7. Heard from mine this morning as well, thank goodness!
  8. I volunteer as tribute! 😉
  9. This is what I am worried about!!! I emailed mine yesterday and haven't heard anything from her!
  10. I elected FOBC for my cancelled cruise but I have not seen it yet. I would expect it to take less time than the refunds/FCC but who knows. My cruise was just cancelled in this last round so it hasn't been that long for me yet. If I don't see it by the end of May I will start to get concerned. Also, not entirely sure how it will work...will it be a Certificate that I can apply to any cruise? Will they apply it automatically to my next scheduled cruise so I can see it in the Planner? I'm not really sure and it wasn't entirely clear on the website. Either way, I'm okay with, just curious to know.
  11. Thanks for this!! 2% is 2%! I will take every little bit I can.
  12. You could be totally correct! They were in my cruise planner before sailing, and I did look at them for a minute just because they were something new but since I cruise specifically to NOT cook, I was certainly not going to pay extra to do any cooking!! 🙂
  13. I was on Panorama in January. These are classes, not demos. You do the cooking. The prices varied from $15-$35 per class if I remember correctly. Nearly every class was sold out on my sailing. There are only 10-14 seats per class so it fills up quick!
  14. 1. Magnetic Hooks work 2. There are rotating benedicts at the buffet station, sometimes salmon, sometimes crab 5. Yes, plenty of space 6. Yes, and currently its pretty well stocked Those are the ones I can help with, I don't know the answers to the rest.
  15. I usually play Dancing Drums, this one was actually Dancing Foo. I only remember because I took a picture of the win I was so surprised.
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