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  1. EllaDuChien

    Steakhouse on embarkation day?

    You are so right! I never take the free bottle. They also offer 50% off any bottle on the wine list. That is usually what I choose. You can get some pretty good wines at decent prices that way.
  2. Yes you can. Up to (I think) 5 gift cards per transaction. If you have more, just log out then back in and start another transaction.
  3. I think all lines do it to some extent. I have been a loyal RCCL gambler for the last 8 years but my offers with Royal have been horrendous lately! Same amount of gambling. I wouldn't say my offers from Carnival are GREAT, but they are better than what Royal is sending me. Still...I'm willing to sail if someones willing to give it away!
  4. EllaDuChien

    Steakhouse on embarkation day?

    I love the Steakhouse on the first night, but if you don't want to miss sail away, they usually offer the special on the second (or formal) night as well.
  5. Well I love both of them, but the Steakhouse is a bit more "special" as far as atmosphere and that upscale feeling. Cuchina feels like a fun night at my Nonny's. That being said, the Carbonara is my favorite dish at any restaurant anywhere. But if it was my "Birthday" dinner, probably Steakhouse gets my vote. Steakhouse pics:
  6. EllaDuChien

    Carnival vs. Royal

    This is 100% the way I feel. Any my cruise ratio is nearly the exact opposite...5-6 on Carnival, 10-11 on Royal. For me the FUN factor is what really tips it in Carnival's favor moving forward. Love the Piano Bar, and the Steakhouse. If Carnival would get better at Chef's Table I would be a happy camper though!!
  7. EllaDuChien

    Texting Beyond HUB App

    I have AT&T and the flat fee International day pass (if that is what you are talking about) only works in Ports, not with Cellular at Sea. They (AT&T) also have a cruise ship package for some crazy price that I was not willing to pay! What I do is get the Social wifi package, put my phone in Airplane Mode and connect to the ships wifi. On that I can use iMessage, Viber, or Facebook Messenger to connect with home while on the ship. It is MUCH cheaper than any package I have found with AT&T.
  8. EllaDuChien

    Chefs table

    Sometimes it depends on the ship. When we were on the Breeze, they charged us that morning and left the receipt in the room. We had to go to guest services to get things moved around. Other times we have been charged at the table, then there is no issue paying for someone else.
  9. EllaDuChien

    Reservation for Cirque du Soleil shows on Meraviglia

    Its my first experience with MSC at all so it will certainly be interesting to compare to lines I've been on before.
  10. EllaDuChien

    Reservation for Cirque du Soleil shows on Meraviglia

    I am sailing the repo on the Meraviglia boarding April 16 in Genoa. I have dinner and show reservations for both shows. I had noticed that there were very few reviews so I figured I'd take a shot...I will be sure to review that part specifically for anyone interested.
  11. EllaDuChien

    How often do gift cards get discounted?

    They replenish pretty frequently. Keep checking!
  12. EllaDuChien

    Casino - may be stupid questions, but...

    Bostwick Girl - I know that part is true...that is how I usually do it, what I was questioning was someone saying that they could just go to the cage and exchange the cards for cash.
  13. EllaDuChien

    Casino - may be stupid questions, but...

    I hope its true! It would make things much easier!
  14. EllaDuChien

    Casino - may be stupid questions, but...

    Quick point, you cannot exchange GC for cash, but you can load them onto your card and use them as cash to gamble with. Then when you are ready you can cash out your player bank. Good way to save 10% on your gambling losses!! :-)