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  1. Me too. Tried on Edge, Firefox, Opera and IE. None worked for me.
  2. From Royal Caribbean on Twitter: "@RoyalCaribbean Good morning! All of my cruises are missing from the website and app. I am guessing there is some sort of glitch that y'all are working on? @RoyalCaribbean
  3. All four of mine are missing...guessing the crack IT team is on the case! 😂
  4. So I have had the situation happen and yes, they did refund the second person. They also refunded the second person port taxes and pre-paid gratuities. It was automatic and I did not have to even go to guest services. Once the second person did not check in by sail away, every thing was refunded. You are of course out the cruise fare, but sometimes that is cheaper than cancelling the second person prior to the cruise and having them re-price the cabin as a solo.
  5. I tried the same thing. My Alaska cancellation on Quantum took 24 hours to show up on the clubroyale site so I will check again tomorrow.
  6. I received this email as well. Although I already suspected since my Air2Sea booking disappeared from my American Airlines profile this morning as well. Drat!
  7. I live in Charlotte so it was a no brainer. The itinerary is boring...that's for sure, but I booked it as soon as I saw the airfare just to get back to sailing. I booked the second sailing, July 3. I had some pretty good offers for the NAS sailings as well, but the airfare clinched the Bermuda sailing.
  8. I just got a RoyalUp cancellation email for my July 3 cruise on Vision out of Bermuda. I will be interested to see if this is the same issue as before. I was able to go online and rebid, although the minimum bids were triple what they were when I originally bid!
  9. Not at the moment. Carnival has said that they would prefer to sail from their US homeports and currently have no plans to move to a Caribbean homeport. That could always change, but that is their current position.
  10. Interesting. Their website still shows the partnership with MGM: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/casino/m-life-partnerships Totally agree on max lines at slots.
  11. As Ken said, everything should be refunded (flights excluded as unknown). Cruise planner purchased will be refunded to your card. Do you still have any accounts with Amex? If so, and just one card was cancelled and another opened, Amex will know that and refund the purchase to the new card. If you have no relationship with Amex, it will bounce back and you will have to go through the extended process. The cruise fare will most likely be refunded as an FCC for the full amount of the cruise.
  12. As sprocket says - Venetian/Palazzo = Princess MGM Resorts = Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Caesars = NCL But a free cruise from any of these is usually only at the highest tier.
  13. @Sunshine3601 - I feel like you are following me around!! 😜 I am sailing July 3 on Vision out of Bermuda and I think you sail shortly after. Then I am sailing January 30 from Barbados on Grandeur!! No b2b's for me though, work gets picky when I miss more that one week at a time.
  14. I booked July 3. I was kind of excited about watching fireworks over the strip, but I would 100% rather be cruising if possible.
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