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  1. I used Air2Sea as well, ours was $698 non-stop on AA. Currently fares are $900 if I purchase directly.
  2. I live in Charlotte as well, and we sailed two weeks ago with my 9yo daughter. Just in case you didn't know the timing, CVS opens appointments 14 days in advance and Walgreens opens testing appointments 2 days in advance. I made appointments at both places then cancelled one after we completed the test. My CVS in Steele Creek is a drive up testing site. Super easy!
  3. Suzy - I had been to several that did not serve the Caymus with the beef but then this one in November 2019, a very pleasant surprise! My next Chef's Table is Halloween on the Mariner, I will let you know if we still get the Caymus! Thanks for reading!
  4. I have found this to be absolutely true! Even when having the same menu over again, the executive chef (and to some extent the other guests) have made the experience what it is. Either great or just a good expensive meal. I am not 100% sure, but I will let you know, I have Chef's Table scheduled for Halloween night!
  5. @RocCruisers I really hope it works out and you (and all of us) get to sail! I agree, I can't imagine Barbados not working something out with the cruise lines...I just wanna know what it is!! 🙂
  6. That's exactly where we are. Our final payment isn't due until the end of December, so if they start on December 5 as scheduled, we should have some first hand reports before I have to pay or cancel.
  7. Just off Freedom and they emailed us about a week before sailing to register my daughter for testing. Its not really scheduling, because once you go through the process of registration, they just told us to go for testing at our scheduled check in time.
  8. It may have been the paperwork that they took to check in. When our test results were in, I went to MyCVS chart and printed out the negative test. However, then I noticed that there was no provider information or other required info on the MyChart one. If I went to the one in the text link, all the information was there. Below is the first test with the missing information: Then the results from the text link for the same test: Not saying that is what happened with everyone, but just a reminder to make sure you bring the right print out.
  9. Its not at all complicated or onerous, but there is a lot of "what if's" and that is just not how I want to spend my vacation. We are booked (through the cruise line) to fly in two days early. Now that meets the recommended time frame, but chances are we will spend those days sitting in our "designated hotel." As you say they suggest AT LEAST two days. We are flying in on Friday for a cruise on Sunday. What we don't know is how long test results take on the weekends. If it takes 3 days will we not be allowed to leave the hotel to board the ship? If Royal does indeed start these sailings December 5 as scheduled, it will be interesting to see how they go. My final payment is not due until the end of December so I will wait and see before I decide. However, this is my 50th Birthday cruise and I would prefer not to have a stressful experience.
  10. The vaccinated areas were the casino and the solarium. Places where kids aren't allowed anyway. There were certain shows that were only for the vaccinated, but there were some that were for everyone. As far as the nursery, I am not sure how that will work as my daughter is 9. What I can tell you is to go to Adventure Ocean as soon as possible and sign up. Then you will have first choice of time slots. They allow you to choose one time (morning or evening) per day, but say that you can check on other times and see if they have room. That is for the older kids though, not sure about littles. Vaccinated guests do not need to take tests on debarkation as far as I know.
  11. I was on Freedom last weekend and again in December. It was not offered in the cruise planner for either and not offered on board.
  12. Each port has different restrictions. In Nassau, unvaccinated people could not get off the ship so if parents wanted to, they would need to check the kids into Adventure Ocean. At CocoCay, everyone could get off no matter what. Those were the only two ports we visited last weekend, if you are going to different ports, you will need to find out what each ports rules are.
  13. I'm on the Jan 30 sailing and I have been wondering about this too. My flights are booked with Air2Sea and they do have the 2 days built in, but I certainly don't want to spend them in quarantine! Hopefully they decide something soon.
  14. Agreed. Anyone sailing that first week of November would need time to schedule their test.
  15. On Sept 21, I received the Healthy Sailing Protocols for sailings departing from October 16-31. I haven't received anything past that but the website just says testing required with no end date. My guess is Yes, you will need a test.
  16. Oh me too!!! I will pretty much talk to anyone that makes eye contact at this point! Just got off a quick weekend cruise with family, but I found people much chattier than usual especially in elevators and in the casino. I can't tell you how often my daughter rolled her eyes! I am solo in December and I have already booked the Chef's Table, same again in March. I love travelling with my family...but I love not, too!
  17. I've done it solo twice now and had a blast each time. Of course my kids tell me I will talk to anyone! 🙂
  18. I love the snacks in the Havana Bar on the Sunshine! Pressed Cuban sammies and yummy empenadas! I was so disappointed that the new ships didn't incorporate that into the revamped Havana space. I guess the new location made it difficult but still. Lucky the Sunshine is my closest ship!
  19. Here is an example of a Chef's Table with people allergic to shellfish and soy. My meal was the regular offering, but others were allergic. There was no noticeable delay to our meal in accommodating the allergies. The chef's are awesome and they have a plan for people with every type of allergy. siblingrevelries.com/2020/01/24/dinners-at-sea-chefs-table/ Of course everything is subjective, but I think it is worth it and I reserve it every cruise even though the menu rarely changes. It is my treat to me!
  20. So true about the solo pricing difference! I have a solo B2B on Divina in April that never would have been possible on Royal for the price. This will only be my 2nd (& 3rd) cruise with MSC after 25 with Royal but I have really enjoyed the European feel to MSC. Looking forward to seeing Ocean Cay as well!
  21. My 9 year old daughter had one coming home from France last week and it was fine. She didn't have any issues at all. My 46 year old brother was a bigger baby about it!! 🤣
  22. Me too. Tried on Edge, Firefox, Opera and IE. None worked for me.
  23. From Royal Caribbean on Twitter: "@RoyalCaribbean Good morning! All of my cruises are missing from the website and app. I am guessing there is some sort of glitch that y'all are working on? @RoyalCaribbean Replying to @crabbymom Hi, Rachel. Yes, our IT team is aware and we are currently working through these glitches at this time. We are advising guests they can still use Firefox as their browser as we’re seeing it work properly through there. -Sam"
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