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  1. Hi all, I would like to tell you what happened and ask if anyone else understands or has had any experience like this.Sorry if this is long. We booked a cruise while on a cruise at the future cruise desk. the guy gave us a price for our fare and taxes and port fees and gratuities. He then took our vifp number and looked on his computer and he said this is what you will be paying, it was a discount of almost 200 dollars. so we said ok good, gave the deposit and he gave us a paper with the price. also there was 50 dollar onboard credit. when we got home I looked online and the price had no gradtuities added no discount and no onboard credit. I called carnival and talked to several managers even emailed them a page online where it says 20 percent off future cruises. It seems like he found some kind of discount or something and it got messed up or never went through. None of them would help me all they say is they cannot find any offer like that. I am so frustrated and think I should be compensated because we may not have booked that cruise at that price and someone that works for carnival made the mistake. All they would say is nothing they can do, the last manager I talked to I asked if she could at least give some onboard credit and her response was " I could push that button and do that but i'm not going too" The paper he gave us only has what we thought we were paying cause that was what he wrote on the paper he showed us, and it would be a correct amount if gratuities were on it. they were on it when he showed us our final amount. thank you for lisening just wondered what anyones thoughts were or if any one got any discount like that at the future desk

  2. Hello, Does anyone have any info on golf cart rentals, how much are they and for how long? If anyone has rented one is it worth it and where can you go? Is it easy to get lost? Thanks

  3. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has done the excursion through carnival to xenses. any info like how is the place did u enjoy it? How long is the bus ride from the port? Any info would be great thanks

  4. To clear it up it wasn't a happy scream, more like im annoyed scream. I don't want anyone to think I don't like children, but I do think parents should be responsible. I would be horrified if I thought my child was disrupting someone. Anyway, in no way did this ruin our cruise, I was just wondering why no one addresses it

  5. I totally agree. My DD was a very well behaved baby but did have a happy screech. If it only happened once every 15 minutes or so and maybe three times over the course of the meal, no we didn't remove her. It would only last a second. My DS on the other hand was horrible. After removing myself and him three times from restaurants, I just gave up eating out for two years.


    The OP doesn't really go into detail on how much screaming was involved. It sounds almost like my DD and I get the feeling the OP just doesn't want any children who make any kind of noise (all of them) in the MDR. I could very well be mistaken, but without more details this is what it sounds like to me. I am not a parent of young children anymore. My youngest is now almost 18. I agree that I also hate loud children while I'm trying to enjoy a nice meal, but a happy screech every once in a while is forgivable.


    we don't mind children, it was a loud screeching scream about every 10 mins. For 7 nights

  6. No sooner, the parents did not do all they could to stop it and yes we could have requested another table. I have children who cried at times and yes babys will be babies they don't know any better. Its up to us parents to have the decency to do the right thing. Its not like they had no other options where to eat. They chose to disturb other people. And it wasn't just us.

  7. We were recenty on a cruise and had the 6 pm dining and the table next to us had a baby that would just let out a loud scream several times during dinner. Nothing was said by any of the the staff to the parents and this happened every night. Why is it that we saw people being put out on formal nite for wearing shorts. And no one cared about babys screaming.

  8. Brianna, I only know you through your reviews, love them and enjoyed following you and your dads journeys. What a special bond you had. losing a parent is one of the worst feelings you can feel. I hope that reading all these posts some from people you have never met give you some comfort. God Bless you and your family. Rest in peace Mr. Rick

  9. If she told you the deck you'd be on, it probably means you're allowed to pick your own cabin. I'd call back soon if it's the Past Guest/72 Hour sale because it ends at 11:59PM. They did not extend the last sale.


    just booked it she let me pick the room. its forward noticed its under the big theater where they have the shows, hope that's ok. lol thanks for your input

  10. Depends on the sale and the rate you're willing to book. I haven't found an OV that doesn't have the "ledge". You should be able to upgrade from a PT to a OV, but just know that some sales like Past Guest and 72 Hour have a GTY rate (usually lower) and a pick your cabin rate (usually higher). I'd give Carnival and call and see what they can do for you--unless you booked through a TA.


    Thanks for replying. I talked to a rep she said the upgrade would be no charge but I didn't want to do it till I talked to my husband. then I thought of things I didn't want like a connecting room, I didn't think to ask her about if we could pic a room. all she said was it would be on the main floor. just figured id ask on here for any info

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