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  1. Last week Hapag Lloyd has cancelled all Antarctica cruises for this season.
  2. How do you find out how much the trips are booked? I was booked on Hapag Lloyd cruise for Antarctica, they canceled the whole 20/21 season last week. I really wonder if any cruise line will do Antartica this year? Is Argentina open again?
  3. The Boreal went through the North East Passage, along Russia. She arrived in Anadyr on September 18 th. On cruise ship tracker you can still see part o the route. I followed the display through the North East Passage, and it went relatively fast so I suppose there was not much ice. I wonder if there have been passenger on board? This trip was announced on the Ponant internet page, but then disappeard.
  4. On the german Ponant internet page the North West Passage now is flagged „fully booked“, but a new North East Passage trip is showing. Travelling from Svalbard to Anadyr, followed by a trip from Anadyr to Tokio!
  5. I am too had a surprisingly positive reaction from Hapag Lloyd! I am booked for an Antarctic Cruise in January 2021, two weeks ago I canceled it because this was the last chance (210 days before the cruise starts) I could cancel with only 200 € fee. It was a hard decision, I was so much looking for this trip (would be my third trip to Antarctica), booked it years ago! Then my local travel convinced Hapag Lloyd, that it wouldn't be good idea to let me go, so Hapag Lloyd agreed to postpone this cancel date with only 200 € fee till 90 days before cruise starts! So Hapag Llo
  6. jland, I don't have any other information about the Nord-West Passage from the talk to Ponant Germany. I talked to them also about the France cruises (see Thread) and they also told me that they might be able to get their Iceland /greenland cruises running. But I just found this interesting piece https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23102-ponant-announces-comprehensive-covid-safe-protocol.html In the text is also the link to the "save protocol". I understand you problem well. I was supposed to fly to Japan next Monday to board for a four week cruise to Russia far
  7. I just talked to Ponant Germany about the North West Passage cruise end of August. They still believe that it might be possible to do this trip! They think they will get an ok, if they do not visit any settlements and only do nature. Interesting! But I did not make a booking 😉 I really wonder how this will end up ......
  8. I just talked to Ponant Germany they are still waiting for the final approval for the France itineraries and they are also hoping that it will be possible to do some Iceland cruises. On the german internet page now they are offering the France cruises with "S20" added to the ships name. I hope the finally figure it all out, just imagine somebody planning going to Iceland ends up in Marseille or vice versa!
  9. There is already un update! https://www.silversea.com/information-on-itinerary-changes.html
  10. Where did you find the link to this new list?
  11. That's easy! The english speaking part of the boat is in Iceland and the french speaking part of the boat is in France! 😀🙃😀 And each one is used only 50%! What a perfect solution! 💥
  12. Prima! When did you send your letter? I just saw your cruise was planned in May, my cruise was planned end of march, so I might have been earlier in line ....
  13. On cruisemapper I saw that Hapag Lloyds MS Bremen is now on the way to Hamburg. MS Bremen was supposed to do Russia Far east, Alaska and the North west Passage, so they must have given up this approach. I was supposed to do Russia Far East and Alaska with Ponant, and it was also canceled last week. And Norway has extended the border closure till August, this would mean that Svalbard will also not possible!
  14. AussieBoyTX, has your June cruise also be canceled today?
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