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  1. No, not Pinnacle. We're Diamond / Elite, from the US. Transfers weren't part of any travel package, and not planned for ahead of time. We just schmoozed the Crown and Anchor host a bit during social hour on the first cruise, he made a phone call, and we threw him a few bucks. We never had the occasion to attempt that again, so we probably just got lucky. But I'm surprised to hear that it's not a typical practice. I figured with the same parent company and port cities not too far apart, RC / Celebrity would want to accommodate brand-loyal cruisers to make a seamless transition in the middle of their cruise vacation.
  2. The situation I'm about to describe is not that of the OP's , but I thought I'd mention it for the benefit of anyone considering doing something like this. A few years ago we did B2B cruises with the first cruise, a Royal Caribbean disembarking in Ft Lauderdale, and the second cruise embarking the same day in Miami. Upon contacting the on-board Crown & Anchor host and describing our situation, they made arrangements for a free connection between the two cruises. They put us on a RC shuttle which dropped off everyone but us at Ft Lauderdale airport, then took us to the cruise terminal in Miami.
  3. No shortage of lounge chairs on the pool deck of the Reflection while off the coast of Akureyri, Iceland, May 2019. First snow experience for much of the Jamaican pool staff!
  4. I for one would like to see this thread remain open for the express purpose of advancing the story of the post-cruise disposition of passengers of the Eclipse. I don't do the other site (the one with a nose and eyes) so I look forward to summaries from that site posted here, as well as other first-hand accounts of post-cruise Covid-19 effects on us passengers . But I agree that what transpired on the Eclipse from March 1 to March 30, the decisions that were made, etc., have been adequately discussed here and there's not much more to say in advancing that part of the story.
  5. Here's an Op-Ed piece by a medical doctor who was on the Eclipse: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/story/2020-04-10/coronavirus-cruise-ship-argentina
  6. Did any of you who were passengers on the Eclipse notice a strong mold smell in the Casino at the onset of the cruise (March 1)? It was most noticeable towards the entrance coming from the atrium, but it permeated into the casino bar area. It was bad, but somehow by the start of week #3 had all but disappeared. In addition, on March 2nd, we were seated in the 4th floor main dining room, starboard side, about halfway back, and a couple of tables from the windows. As soon as I sat down I smelled mold - very strong, got up, and complained to the staff. They gave me no arguments, and immediately sat our group on the opposite side of the room further toward the aft where the air was clear. And they seated us in this alternate area for the remainder of the cruise. I've got a sensitive nose and I've had reactions on many ships to mold infested areas of the ship. Often you'll find a corridor with a stretch of moldy smell. It's the reason that many people are hacking by the end of a week or so of being on the ship.
  7. And one of the lineups was to get our email addresses. "We need them within the hour!" we were told. This request was coming from the same company which, just days before, had sent out evaluation surveys to all of the passengers by email. !!??
  8. Sarcasm ignored. KUSI TV out of San Diego / reporter Ginger Jeffries, is the only news organization I'm aware of that is staying with the story and providing updates every couple of days.
  9. The point is, no Covid-19 tests were administered. CNN implied with its reporting that testing was conducted on the Eclipse. When I read the CNN report of the Eclipse, I felt what it was like to be the subject of a fake news story. Well, at least CNN can't do much damage in the near term. With most airports and hotel lobbies now empty, 99% of their captive audience is gone.
  10. At 8 knots and tooling around off the coast of La Jolla, it appears she's got no immediate destination and is just keeping the engines running and the lights on.
  11. The report appears to be shallow-sourced. CNN issued one of the first reports on the Eclipse, prior to us disembarking in San Diego, stating that none of us passengers tested positive for Covid-19. That report was true, but it's also true that none of us tested positive for a pregnancy.
  12. If Celebrity wasn't pushing for a cheap solution, disembarkation by all in Chile on March 15 (plan A), they wouldn't have spent 3 days there, imploring everyone in the US and Chilean governments up to the President of Chile (according to captain Leo). And you're correct, there was certainly nothing cheap about the way they treated us the next 15 days (plan B). At that point, they couldn't make 2,000 passengers the problem of the Chilean government. So to preserve goodwill and customer relations, they did the right thing. Us continuing cruisers were all so thankful that the Chilean government wouldn't let Celebrity "dump" us at the port of San Antonio.
  13. Va man: Addressing specifically the night of March 14 and the continuing cruisers who counted on disembarking at San Diego March 30 at the end of a back-to-back... The 200+ continuing cruisers were treated very poorly. - An email went out from Celebrity Corporate arond 3 pm on March 14 stating the March 15 cruise was cancelled and continuing cruisers should pack their bags to disembark the next morning. If you weren't paying for internet at that point, you were in the dark until... - around 5 pm when an announcement was made on board to the same extent. - Then, for over four hours a line snaked around on deck 3 near Customer Relations. Continuing cruisers waited in that line, being told they would be given assistance home by a Celebrity Rep. Rumors circulated in line that Celebrity was paying our way home. - When we got to the front, we realized we were had. It was simply a line to make a free phone call to a Celebrity Air rep, or to use a laptop and make your own flight arrangements. Celebrity Air was working with less-than-the-available-market air carriers, and was coming up with expensive and lengthy multi-stop itineraries. They offered me a 2 stop, 26 hour itinerary back to the US for $4,500. I booked a nonstop flight myself on LATAM for $3,200. - IT people handed out "free passcodes" for internet. Unfortunately, one had to burn through their remaining paid internet time in order for their paywall to provide a link for the passcode, and then when disconnected, the passcode was void. Celebrity IT showed their technical incompetence as they were incapable of taking down the ship's internet paywall in an emergency. - I don't know to whom Captain Leo stated as you report that "charter flights would get us home". That message never appeared in print and it's certainly not the message which Celebrity Air gave again and again to those continuing cruise passengers attempting to get assistance. Celebrity was to reimburse us $300, and that's all. - That night, Customer Relations called my cabin at 1:30 am and again at 2:30 am asking what flight arrangements I had made to get myself out of Chile the next day. I got the impression that Celebrity was working an angle with the Chilean government: "If we can prove our passengers have all made their own flight arrangements will you please let them off the ship?". - Officers may have circulated the story you relate about civil unrest and labor unions. However, a bartender started to tell me what was really going on, and I watched him get interrupted and chastised by his superior. At the time we were denied docking, Chile had already blocked a cruise ship from docking at another part of the country. Whatever decision Chile reached in closing its ports was consistent and nationwide. - Celebrity had a hard contract to dock the Eclipse in San Diego on March 30 and unless the port of San Diego could show cause, San Diego had to let us in on that date. With no stops, Celebrity probably figured they had a few extra days to spare - might as well spend them in Chile arguing with the Chilean government. - Finally, Celebrity / RC is a publicly traded company. Money has everything to do with the decisions.
  14. I'd like to inject a dose of realism to the points made above. I understand how it's supposed to work at sea, but I believe Celebrity / RC corporate was making most decisions, not Captain Leo. Why? Because the decisions appeared to be financially-based, not based on health, safety, and well being. - Celebrity pushed the cheapest solution for 3 days, attempting to "compel" Chile to let the boat disembark in San Antonio harbor, Chile. Celebrity knew their fallback plan was to hold San Diego to the already-scheduled March 30th disembark for the subsequent cruise. So it didn't hurt the schedule to try for a few days to convince Chile to take all the passengers on the 15th-17th. - Celebrity would have liked to dump 200+ continuing cruisers in San Antonio as part of emptying the ship. They were to have given those poor souls $300 each to find their way home from an unplanned disembarkation point. - With Chile digging in their heels, Celebrity reluctantly turned to a more costly plan B, which was to preserve customer relations and goodwill, and keep the ship entertained and in good spirits on the way to San Diego. - With conditions deteriorating around the world, Celebrity realized that a "sick ship" would provide reason for San Diego to turn them away. Celebrity would then incur additional costs of treating, feeding, and caring for passengers. - With passengers freely communicating with the outside world, playing it safe and conservative by issuing a quarantine order for one or more sick passengers would quickly play in the court of public opinion and could put the San Diego disembarkation in jeopardy. I believe Captain Leo was told by Celebrity / RC Corporate to do whatever it takes to insure the San Diego disembarkation happened as planned. I hope Celebrity takes care of him for being the fall guy / company man, however you want to look at it.
  15. San Diego News Station Now Reports Dozens from Eclipse Test Positive Most of the content of this story is in the video. https://www.kusi.com/celebrity-eclipse-cruise-ship-covid-19-cases-spread-globally/
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