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  1. Thanks, Keith! July 17 - Nassau R/T Cybercsp (Nancy/Charlie)
  2. To clarify, there is a "booking fee" that is charged if the client cancels the trip. As I mentioned, that fee can then be "refunded" as it will be applied to a deposit for a future trip booked with the agency. In addition to Roland's comment, I believe that some agencies instituted this policy in an attempt to discourage clients from booking multiple cruises, with the intention of canceling many of them based upon changes in pricing as they approached final payment. I have no complaints about the booking structure.
  3. HI Susan! Would love to cruise with you and Peter again some day...
  4. When we canceled the fully-paid cruise literally the day before THEY canceled it, Crystal refunded us the majority of our cruise fare in August, less 15%, which they told us could be used us a future cruise credit. We booked a 2022 cruise, and our TA told us that we could not apply that FCC to the booking until we had made a deposit. (Crystal keeps pushing off an initial deposit date.) So, we assumed that our money was just waiting to be applied to a future cruise, hoping that it would not be lost if the line failed. We never asked for this money, thus the big surprise to see a refund o
  5. We made the misstep of canceling our April 2020 cruise before Crystal canceled, and therefore did not receive a full refund, but a percentage as FCC. This morning, that FCC amount showed up as a reimbursement on our credit card! Certainly, we are relieved that we will not lose the money, but what does this mean regarding the future of the cruise line?
  6. Our 75% refund finally showed up on our credit card this morning! We cancelled our April 21st cruise on 3/18/20. Our wait was 142 days from cancellation, if my count is correct. Very disappointing...but we will apply our 25% FCC to a 2022 cruise and hope for the best. We can’t wait to be onboard Crystal again.
  7. Thank you so much for taking us along on your cruise. What a delightful journey! It was especially appreciated as we have had to cancel our April cruise on Serenity. Looking forward to your next adventure.
  8. Beach Tunes: Let me add my thanks for this wonderful review of what we, too, felt was a delightful cruise. Your fabulous activities made us feel as if we were total slugs that week! And, if I may, to Camillius112: Virginia, It was wonderful spending time with you and Roberto. I hope our paths will cross again! I appreciate the time it took to put together such a detailed review! Nancy
  9. Hello BeachTunes! I love re-living our cruise through your review. Embarkation was the one thing I focused in on the customer satisfaction survey. The woman calling the numbers definitely needed a microphone or a visual paddle with the group numbers. It was not the best start to what proved to be a delightful cruise! We enjoyed chatting with you at the bar at Avenue Saloon and agree that Denis is the best! Nancy
  10. Thanks for this thorough review. I enjoyed reading it. There is always more to learn!
  11. We board Serenity on 12/6...what a treat it will be to WATCH a Crystal cruise while ON a Crystal cruise.
  12. Thank you Roy and all our other CC posters for your good wishes! We are very excited to be back on Crystal and looking forward to another amazing cruise.
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