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  1. I will definitely try a Dark and Stormy. The one I had had spiced rum and I think another alcohol too. Lime and mint do ring a bell. Yum, yum.
  2. A couple of years ago I went on the Pacific Dawn out of Brisbane and discovered a cocktail I loved. But quickly forgot the ingredients as soon as I got home:( Can anyone help me out? It had spiced rum and ginger ale and other stuff too. I am booked on P & O in Oct 2021, but don't want to wait that long to have one.
  3. Without implicating myself 😇 😏.... Done this and just had 'no show' at counter. No problems, no questions asked.
  4. Luckily Cotswold Eagle is there to correct you!!! Every single time......
  5. Thanks for the response about the Sky Garden. I agree you should be doing a travel show or book. You have a freaky knack of answering questions before they are even asked. Hehe.
  6. Dana, you are doing a fantastic job of getting everyone's feet itchy. Can I please ask you about your experience booking the sky garden free tickets? On your recommendation, I am trying to book for the late afternoon on the day we fly in, but all days so far only show 15min intervals up to 2.45pm. How did it work for you? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, caripoo. yes, fingers crossed, I know it is a gamble. Tides seem favourable then, but will have to wait and see. Do you need an italian boating license (is that even a thing?) to hire a boat? DH has Australian boat license.
  8. No you’re not the only one. I am really enjoying this review and learning lots of useful info for my visit to both London and Paris in October. But I will be patient.
  9. We (four adults) will be in Naples on Sun 20th Oct this year and have booked an 'Isle of Capri on your own' transfer through the Ship. Can anybody recommend a company to use from Marina Grande for a trip to the Blue Grotto? There seem to be many companies and many varying reviews, so I was hoping someone can share their own favourable experience. We are thinking of doing that as early as possible and then going up to Anacapri afterwards.
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