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  1. I have never been on NCL. Can anyone tell me about the different ship classes and which ones have the best men's sauna/stream and gyms? Also if there is an additional fee for use.
  2. I hope that is short lived. If everyone is vaccinated why do the sauna and steam rooms need to be closed.
  3. Royal Caribbean's Independence of the seas, Explorer of the seas, Adventure of the seas and Marnier of the seas all have an excellent free steam room and sauna inside the men's locker room off the gym. At least that was the case pre Covid.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. Now I understand the amenities on each ship. I don't understand why they charge such a high daily fee. If the fee was lower, say $10, they would probably get a lot more users and bring in more total revenue for the ship. Of course free would be better for us but we all know that's not happening.
  5. Independence still has it, so does Adventure and Mariner. Explorer has it now but will be gone in a month. Mariner was the last ship to be amped and still have it. It's a good bet that any ship heading into retrofit will lose it in the future.
  6. Thanks for the information. That's good to know. It's to bad all of those lines are so expensive.
  7. It's a real shame that so many cruise lines have abandoned single sex steam saunas and even showers. I kind of understand the move to paid facilities but why are they all going coed. Can't they off a choice, even for a free? I wonder if virgin will take a different approach than the other lines
  8. The floor plan plan does not shows any changes to the men's spa area on Mariner but it does for the Navigator, Explorer and Freedom (Royal has both the current and future floor plans up now). Based on that I think it is safe to assume the Mariner was spared just like the Independence. These were the first 2 ships to be "Amped".
  9. Thank you for the information. Have you had some good conversation in both the free and paid stream rooms? Do you have any idea what the price is for a week's pass in the paid area?
  10. I was on Independence after the refurbishment and can confirm the sauna and steam are still in place, single sex and free.
  11. Just reading about the dry dock upgrade for Voyager OTS. It's seems Voyager of the seas is being "amplified" in September when the ship's wellness complex (Vitality Spa and Fitness Center) on Deck 12 will be enhanced and enlarged. The complex will be relocated from forward to aft". When that happened on the Navigator OTS the single sex free steam and sauna were replaced. My guess is it's now paid and coed but I'd like confirmation on that. Royal states they plan to "Amplify" the entire Voyager and Freedom class of ships. The independence and the Mariner were the first 2 ships to be "Amped" but neither of them had changed made to the spa and fitness center. The trouble began with Navigator and it looks like the trend is going to continue. I'd say by the end of 2021 the only ships in the Voyager and Freedom class' with a free steam and sauna will be Independence, and Mariner. Possibly Adventure will be spared too as it was redone just before the "Royal Amplified" program rolled out. I think Royal will lose my business.
  12. Oh no I never thought about that. I hope that's not the case. If they redo all the older ships with these so called "improvements" like they did the Navigator I'll have to fine a new cruise line or some land based spas.
  13. On the RCCL website you can see the deck plan for explorer from May 2020 to April 2021. That deck plan shows the gym in the same place it is now. Bases on that I don't expect changes like we see in the Navigator.
  14. According to the Royal Caribbean web site floor plan they have not moved the gym on the Mariner. There did move it on the Navigator.
  15. Wanted to update Royal Caribbean's Navigator. On the last renovation they remove the free sauna and steam when they relocated the gym.
  16. Does anyone have any information on Norwegian ships? I'm looking for a ship with a free single sex sauna and steam room possibly off the gym. Also wonder if any are open 24/7.
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