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  1. is the ship in any form of "code red" like they do for Noro?
  2. I wondering if the tv on the Maasdam tv can be connected to an ipad to watch movies. if its not HDMI is it Component video (RED, GREEN, BLUE, WITH RED AND WHITE FOE AUDIO)? OR RED WHITE AND YELLOW? THANKS
  3. any ideas what to do all day in Vancouver for 8- 10 hours waiting for a 9:30 PM flight?
  4. the title says it all, can i book a flight with Holland America Line Flight Ease, and pay using my credit card reward points?
  5. when i look up pricing for a cruise before i log in i see one price then after i log in its lower. when i book the cruise always see a casino discount on the PDF in the same area as the OBC or other perks are listed
  6. i thought the Zuiderdam had an on demand in room entertainment system?
  7. as a 4 star Mariner if i pre purchase dinning will they refund me the 50% after i dine? do i have to notify anyone ?
  8. Hi can please list what tables games are in the casino?
  9. the Cruise is Nov 20 - Dec 1 2019, the funny thing is they were listed when I booked it but not now
  10. When I first booked this cruise I was interested in seeing the new canal, at that time there was a Shore Excursions to the canal visors center, along with many other for lake Gatun and surrounding area. Today I was looking at Shore Excursions and I found that our cruise sails into lake Gatun and then sails back out with no Shore Excursions listed. Am I missing something did Panama become unsafe, or something?
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