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  1. Yes I think omitting the frail part makes it seem much worse. Things must be viewed in context.
  2. No I can’t find one either. It appeared just after I made the order but can’t see one now. If you didn’t actually pay any money by credit card then there shouldn’t be a problem. All the medallions will be sent to Southampton with their lanyards to be given out on embarkation day.
  3. Today I downloaded the app and ordered the medallion but noted that my partner’s was the wrong colour. They had done this some time ago but not continued with it. We could not change their medallion but I completed the transaction. It then had a place for cancelling. I did this straight away and everything had been deleted. We then started again and everything went smoothly. At neither time had we any charges for delivery to Southampton.
  4. Take screen shot and put in notes folder to show when requested
  5. At least that will help for your cruising friend.
  6. Yes it does. Ring 119 and a letter will be posted
  7. If the op is talking about the Arcadia 18 October cruise this was out in the previous programme and could be booked in November 2020.
  8. I used to walk into town in Madeira and back. Now I take a taxi to the market, walk through the town and catch the shuttle back. Just getting older.
  9. All the large ships we have been on to Lisbon sail past Belem under the bridge to the new terminals further up river
  10. We are now at the end of our cruise and I would like to thank Izzywiz for continuing with the second half. Thanks to all those who posted photos and to all who followed the trip and enjoyed the ports.
  11. In Edinburgh we visited the Royal Yacht Britannia.
  12. Alternative at Tilbury take the ferry next door to the terminal to Gravesend and visit the grave of Pocohontas.
  13. If you cruise from Tilbury you are likely to stay overnight in London and take the train down on the day. Likewise you would normally take an excursion to London midtrip. But if you want a few hours off ship then you can walk down the river to the Worlds End pub, next door is Tilbury fort where Elizabeth I made her speech to her troops before they attacked the Spanish Armada. "I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman but I have the heart and stomach of a king..."
  14. When we visited Costa Rica, Columbia and Panama on a cruise we did not need any vaccinations.
  15. We have visited by ship and also stayed at a hotel by the beach and walked into Rhodes town every day. Walked inside, outside, outside between the walls and around on the top of the walls. So much to see.
  16. Been watching this during the afternoon. Loved seeing Rhodes. Lovely memories of visits to Greece.
  17. Thanks for this as this is one of the type of cabins I have booked but couldn't find this on you tube, I think the decor and the furnisings will be quite different on Iona. I have these other two cabins which I think are on the end of the hump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt_-rVdmwGs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F4y32modcE
  18. When we transited the Kiel Canal on Adonia it was very rainy.
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