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  1. 46 minutes ago, Windsurfboy said:

    I think the key phrase from M Hancock about the person who ended up in hospital even after two jabs was they were frail. What would be a very mild disease for some can be the tipping point for someone frail. This is the same a flu and even a cold. I think it is something we will have to live with , but people who have frail relatives must be cautious .Multi generation  households have their benefits and draw backs.


    I don't want to sound cynical, but if you're frail perhaps it's best not to go on a cruise. 

    Yes I think omitting the frail part makes it seem much worse. Things must be viewed in context. 

  2. 54 minutes ago, MX-Drew said:

    Hmmm not a good idea, it said $6 shipping when I ordered then when I check order history it say it has charged $12! 
    I can’t find a cancel order button either.

    No I can’t find one either. It appeared just after I made the order but can’t see one now. If you didn’t actually pay any money by credit card then there shouldn’t be a problem. All the medallions will be sent to Southampton with their lanyards to be given out on embarkation day. 

  3. On 5/10/2021 at 2:55 PM, MX-Drew said:

    I had the same trouble as you regarding shipping.

    As for the lanyard you can add as many as you wish for the guests, I have 8 on my order for my wife, but it will not let me add one for myself!

    Frankly as this is part of the process of "get ocean ready" I think it is very poor Princess have not fixed this yet as it was reported to them (by me) several weeks back now.

    Today I downloaded the app and ordered the medallion but noted that my partner’s was the wrong colour. They had done this some time ago but not continued with it. We could not change their medallion but I completed the transaction. It then had a place for cancelling. I did this straight away and everything had been deleted. We then started again and everything went smoothly. At neither time had we any charges for delivery to Southampton. 

  4. 10 hours ago, daveoc said:

    I'm with the Co-Op Bank and have Axa travel insurance via their pay monthly Privilege account. Has anyone been able to get any confirmation of cover for them---nothing mentioned on the Banks website.

    See page 15 post 374

  5. 3 minutes ago, purplesea said:

    I will also be ringing to request a letters as I do not have a data package on my phone neither does my husband. 


    21 minutes ago, Windsurfboy said:

    I presume  you can download or take a screen shot of the NHS app page showing proof of vaccination,  in case of no connection at terminal.

    Take screen shot and put in notes folder to show when requested 

  6. If you cruise from Tilbury you are likely to stay overnight in London and take the train down on the day. Likewise you would normally take an excursion to London midtrip. But if you want a few hours off ship then you can walk down the river to the Worlds End pub, next door is Tilbury fort where Elizabeth I made her speech to her troops before they attacked the Spanish Armada. "I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman but I have the heart and stomach of a king..."




















  7. 10 hours ago, Aulanis said:


    Yes,  I think I said before  Rhodes is one of the places we were looking to get to, last/this year

    having watched this a cruise visit isnt going to be enough.  



    We have visited by ship and also stayed at a hotel by the beach and walked into Rhodes town every day. Walked inside, outside, outside between the walls and around on the top of the walls. So much to see. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Aulanis said:

    If anyone is interested in Greece we are currently watching   PBS America on freeview 84

    As nothing ?else was on we stumbled upon this- started at 1 35 THis is Greece

    2-40 athens  3.55 the peloponnese  500 the cycladic islands   6-15 rhodes

    We will certainly be looking at this for future viewing


     Been watching this during the afternoon. Loved seeing Rhodes. Lovely memories of visits to Greece. 

  9. 2 hours ago, SarahHben said:

    I'm not sire if this has been shared before but I've found this youTube video of what looks like a deluxe balcony cabin on AidaNova on the curvy bit. I know the design and decor and probably the layout too will be different on Iona but it does give a rough idea of size.


    It's in German so I have no idea what he's saying. 

    AIDAnova Verandakabine Komfort 11153 Rundgang - YouTube


    Thanks for this as this is one of the type of cabins I have booked but couldn't find this on you tube, I think the decor and the furnisings will be quite different on Iona. I have these other two cabins which I think are on the end of the hump.







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