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  1. Arrived in Cabo San Lucas. Sail up the coast to reach San Diego tomorrow.
  2. That’s ok. We are talking about the vaccination details being on the NHS app. I know my GP surgery details are correct.
  3. So it was on one of these ladies NHS app but not the other. You are talking about the app.
  4. No it is not listed in mine. I have checked that section.
  5. I have the NHS ordinary app and there is no mention of my vaccination there.
  6. Huatulco, Mexico today, tomorrow Cabo San Lucas.
  7. Punta Arenas, Costa Rica. Tomorrow Huatulco.
  8. It is not really an add on. There are two prices, one with, one without. If you went to change, both prices might have changed not necessarily being cheaper.
  9. We have turned right to Costa Rica, keep watching🙂
  10. Thanks for joining us. It's been great seeing your photos.
  11. Transit the Panama Canal. Tomorrow we visit Punta Arenas, Costa Rica.
  12. Cartagena is nice but very very hot. The last call on our trip was a maritime museum and we were thinking that might be a bit dull but oh the air conditioning, just what we needed.
  13. Cartagena. Tomorrow we sail through the Panama Canal.
  14. Curacao. Docked tomorrow at Cartagena, Columbia.
  15. Docked in Greneda, off to Curacao tonight.
  16. A bit late arriving in St Lucia today a lovely place, tomorrow we are in Greneda.
  17. It wasn’t legal as there were no witnesses and not in a legal building. They just exchanged vows, but have called it a wedding in the interview.
  18. This is usually the extras such as missing ports etc. Most policies cover cruising as normal.
  19. My son's April cruise requested 4 March refunded to credit card on 8 March.
  20. So Scriv and Adawn47 cruises are in June and they haven't received money back yet. Maybe the others are April cruises.
  21. I think everybody received a cancellation invoice for the cruises. I did but I have not applied for a refund. Those who have recieved refunds need to tell the date of their cruise so it can be seen whether it is in cruise date order or time of applying.
  22. Here in St kitts. Sailing for St Lucia tonight.
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