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  1. Naples today. Tomorrow we are in Ajaccio.
  2. Valetta. Sail later to Naples. The last time we were in Valetta we took the ferry to the Three Cities across the way. And here is a picture of the three cities from Valetta
  3. I'm afraid Petra and Luxor are beyond us now as far too much walking. Nearly made it to Luxor but the holiday didn't work out. Really envy you visiting these places but glad that we have managed to vist as much as we have. Can't wait to get going again.
  4. I think that we were lucky to do an overnight on our trip which also allowed us to visit the museum and see the light show at night. We were with Princesss so the hotel was very comfortable and lovely views but we were very tired on both days.
  5. People only take the nice pictures, it was bustling in not a nice way. The city was dirty and there was litter every where especially in the water. The people were freindly but pressurising. We also had the armed guards taking care of us on the road in and out in 2009. We were not allowed to walk about independently. On our return we went to Alexandria to reconnect with the ship. Does anyone have pictures of there?
  6. Arrived in Port Said. We visit Valetta next. On the way to Cairo, views and river trip. Light show at night. The next day. We went to ehe Cairo museum but were unable to take any photos, so here is one of Tutankamun's Mask I took at a shop.
  7. My wishes for a quick recovery. Accidents come at the craziest of times.
  8. I’ve visited Rhodes 3 times on a cruise ship and twice on holiday at a hotel on a Rhodes town beach. There is so much to see at Rhodes town and we never made it to Lindos.
  9. You can also travel though tunnels in the wall and down steps into the trench around the town. And you can also walk along the top of the wall at certain times.
  10. Rhodes today. Tomorrow Port Said (for Cairo).
  11. Kusadasi today. Tomorrow the island of Rhodes. The terraced houses.
  12. The first time we went to Istanbul the Marathon was taking part and it was pouring with rain. It made getting around town very difficult as many roads were closed and crowded with people and we were not equiped for the weather.
  13. We stayed overnight and visited the Dolmabahce Palace the next day. The palace from the ship
  14. Tomorrow Kusadasi (for Ephesus). Today we start by sailing the Dardanelles to Istanbul. Hagia Sophia Blue Mosque Topkapi Palace Cistern
  15. Arrived in Piraeus for Athens.Tomorrow we travel through the Dardanelles to Istanbul. After visiting Athens we have done two trips out to the country. First south to Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon Then another time north to Corinth
  16. Arrived in Santorini at last😀, the tender was taking its time. We sail for Athens tonight.
  17. We went on a tour from Grand Princess in 2012.
  18. Another time at Dubrovnik we went on a tour to a Brandy tasting and on to Cavtat. There does't seem to any of the actual tatsting, I was too busy.
  19. This looks a lovely trip. Next visit we might give it a go.
  20. Yes we have booked one on the "hump" for a Canaries cruise in 2022.
  21. We have docked in Dubrovnik, one time we tendered into the new dock and it took a long time. Tomorrow we are in Santorini.
  22. I think the balconies are larger than Britannia’s looking at comparable ships but not as large as the older P&O ships.
  23. Some really lovely photos of Venice today. Thanks to everyone.
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