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  1. On a different cruise line we choose most often, there would be the occasional gentlemen wearing kilts. Frankly, I find kilts on men very sexy...but I digress. I think the young man on this thread made a good choice in deciding to go casual because Carnival really doesn't hold to the rules for dining, even on whatever the current name is for "formal" night. My husband and I decided, while we were packing, to not bother with packing a suit or even a suit jacket this time and just dine casually elsewhere on the ship. He packed nice short sleeved shirt and dress slacks but no jacket.
  2. Yes, the first "elegant night" (I think that is what they call it now) was on the 2nd evening, which was Sunday. I must add that it is NOT enforced by any measure. Two women (not teens or even young women) came in and was seated while wearing what some of us would remember as "Daisy Dukes." I am only mentioning this because one should not avoid going to the dining room because you feel you didn't pack something more dressy. Seems anything goes regardless of the evening.
  3. Last week on the Breeze we had a duo called High Dynamics playing in one of the venues on deck 5 and also the Atrium. I don't usually care for country music but my husband and I really enjoyed these two young people with their very talented style and voices. They do have a FaceBook page if you would like to see their itinerary with Carnival.
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