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  1. Princess just cancelled our 3 Ruby sailings July 5, 31 and August 7) on us. Disappointing, but not unexpected.
  2. Just had 3 Princess cruises cancelled (July 5, 31 and August 7). Sigh.... not unexpected, but disappointing, all the same.
  3. People were asking for my update... I made final payment on my July 5 Ruby cruise today. I thought for sure we'd have word before final payment as to whether or not this cruise will take place. Sigh... Still hoping that it does!
  4. Just made final payment on our Ruby July 5 sailing out of Los Angeles. I thought for sure we would have word before final payment...
  5. Well, what will happen is we will pay, unless Princess cancels the cruise. 😉 If Princess makes an announcement before then, I'm sure it will be all over these forums. But if not, I'll definitely update here!
  6. I just spoke with my TA this morning regarding our July 5 cruise on Ruby... final payment is apparently due May 1. I'd like to think that there will be some statement from Princess before then as to whether or not the July cruises are actually happening...
  7. I really love churrascarias, like Fogo de Chao. These places are built around their buffets and roaming servers. When we went to one post-COVID, they no longer allowed people near the buffet. Instead, they had roaming servers with trays showing the dishes and serving small tasting portions. If you liked it and wanted more, you could ask your waiter to bring you bigger portions. I could see cruise lines implementing something like that.
  8. The Sun Princess is sad. Love Boat: The Next Wave was filmed on that ship.... (Yes, I watched it...)
  9. I suspect the celebrities onboard are VIPs. I recall a few years ago Rick Steves was going on some cruises. When he was on Princess, he was in a 'regular' cabin (a balcony, maybe?) and he was 'invited' by Princess to have breakfast in Sabatini's every day (with the suite passengers). Sounds like that's VIP treatment. He posted pictures on his blog, which is how we knew.
  10. We just booked the previous cruise (Ruby on June 12) in the hopes that it might sail. Mexico currently does not have any restrictions on travel (not even requiring negative COVID tests) and we are within driving distance of LA, so we are gambling. I agree, it's not likely to happen, but if it does, we want to be on it! Final payment for us is April 13, so I am willing to let Princess have my $200 until then. I'm guessing that if it is cancelled, it will be before final payment. It's a lot easier to get back a $200 deposit than final payment. As a backup, we're planning a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica in June.... but that doesn't sound as nice as a cruise.
  11. We just received notice from MSC that our cruise (amongst all of them in January and February) was cancelled today. 😞
  12. Regardless, it is good news that other countries are allowing cruise ships into their ports.
  13. We are booked on Meraviglia on January 9. We really want to go, but understand that the situation is 'precarious' right now. Our airfare is Southwest, meaning that we can easily adjust things last minute, so we're holding on until MSC gives us confirmation one way or the other. Anyone else in the same boat? (pun intended) Waiting on word from MSC regarding January cruises? Let's use this thread to pool our information!
  14. We were on the Sapphire in June, doing the repo from Shanghai to Anchorage. We got notice late last night that it was canceled (same reason, due to 'deployment'). We had been expecting the embarkation port to change (since China probably wouldn't be excited for US visitors) but were hoping that we would be able to sail. 😞
  15. Well, we got a notification last night that Princess cancelled our June cruise because they have changed the routes for their ships... although they don't show any June 2021 cruises for that ship on their site. So I guess we'll be looking for a different cruise.
  16. Thank you so much for posting this! It's a great review of what to expect on a 'COVID Cruise' and makes me hopeful for our Meraviglia sailing in January.
  17. Thanks for the detailed reply, Expat! This is what I was hoping for in this thread... perspectives from people like you (and Bruce Muzz) who know more about what is going on right now in that part of the world. You both make a lot of good points. I'm okay if the cruise gets moved around, but we really liked this repositioning trip because of the week in Asia + relaxing week at sea + much cheaper airfare to return home at the end. If it ends up getting cancelled, or changed so much that it is effectively cancelled (e.g. making it a cruise around Australia) then we will still try to cruise *somewhere*. But having everything in limbo is really frustrating! We are also booked on a MSC cruise out of Miami in January, and that one is looking like it might actually happen. If it does, I may have more confidence about Asia in June. 😉 WisRiver, that sounds like a great cruise! I hope that it happens for you. I suspect that yours is much more likely than mine, being later in the year. In the meantime, I would love to hear more perspectives as well as any new people have (such as BruceMuzz's comment about the Olympics in Japan making it open to tourists).
  18. Still holding out hope that Asian cruises will resume, and that even if China will not permit American visitors, that our cruise will still happen with a different departure port. If cruising around the US starts up again in December (as it seems might be the case) then that's a lot of time for the Asian itineraries to start happening too... But then, cruise lines need to make these decisions sooner rather than later. They may be forced to make a call in February or March, based on the conditions at that time. I've had that happen before on cruises calling on Egyptian ports, when there has been unrest in that country.
  19. My husband and I booked a June 2021 cruise (Shanghai to Anchorage) last January, before all of this COVID stuff blew up. We are hoping that we will be able to go on this trip, but have no idea what the sentiment is now in Asia (especially in China) regarding allowing American tourists into their countries. Has anyone heard anything about allowing cruises to sail again in Asia next year?
  20. Following this topic! We are scheduled for a Meraviglia cruise (formerly Seaside) in early January, so I am hoping that it goes well for all of you November and December cruisers!
  21. I hope soon! We re-booked our cancelled June Seaside cruise for January, and are now doing the same itinerary on Meraviglia. Looking forward to it!
  22. This article (and the pictures) is really interesting. So sad... https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/33338/satellite-images-show-armadas-of-vacant-cruise-ships-huddling-together-out-at-sea
  23. Thank you everyone for your input! If there are any women who have done this, I would appreciate hearing your experiences as well.
  24. Has anyone tried the Japanese baths on a shore excursion? I am looking at the one in Sakaiminato, the Kaike-Onsen. I know that you have to be completely naked to use them (which freaks me out a little... my old body is not really meant for public viewing). I'm just wondering if someone could tell me what their experience was, going there on a cruise ship excursion? Was it gender-separated? Were there patrons other than the cruise ship passengers? I have heard that in general, foreigners are subject to much 'scrutiny' in the baths, and I certainly don't want that! I'm going to be uncomfortable enough being naked. Yet I also feel like this is a cultural thing that I want to experience. A little information would definitely help me prepare for this. Please share!
  25. Yes, after much research this weekend, we've come to the conclusion that we will have to go through the pain of getting the Visa. But on the good news side, we will get to visit the Great Wall. Regarding the employment information... not only did we find it on that visa agency site, we visited a local travel agency in person that exclusively arranges Chinese travel. They confirmed the need for the employment letter.
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