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  1. We agree with the description above. Leave things on hangers. Pack the rest in suitcases. The only thing we had to move was what was in our safe. We did that just after the other cabin was clear. The packing was fast. We lifted a stack of clothes out of a drawer and put it into the suitcase. In the new room we did the same thing. It took us about 1/2 hour to pack and only 15 minutes to unpack. Easy peasy.
  2. We have cruised from Baltimore many times. We have cruised several times during the winter months. I see you are from Virginia so you know what the temps in Baltimore are like--because they are the same. Someone mentioned it is a little warmer the next day, very pleasant the following day and hot in the Caribbean. There are some other things to consider. I think we were on the same sailing as Boscobeans and had to dig out of snow and that was a March cruise. We have also found that we get a storm [could be snow or rain] every couple of weeks in January and February. So, we
  3. I have sailed both of those ships and have sailed the two itineraries several times. I like to visit new places and therefore I tend to sail for the itinerary. The Southern Caribbean is my favorite of the Caribbean routes. However, we loved the Harmony. There is just so much to do. Everyone can find something they really want to do. We took the Harmony TA when she first came to the US from Europe. So, we had LOTS of sea days. We did not get to do everything we wanted. I really enjoyed the escape room. Your 12 person group would be the perfect size group to do that.
  4. Thank you--The cruise is July 31, 2022. So we should be good.
  5. Back to the question. . . Our Jewel Baltic cruise was cancelled this summer when the JOTS was repositioned. Our email says we can lift and shift to 2022 [which I did] and we would keep all promotions. I do not see any reference to double points on my receipt. I asked about the points when I booked. I was told I would get double. But, how will I prove I get this if it is not on the guest copy?
  6. DH and I were on that cruise, too. It was a very unique cruise. I wish I was back there. 😁
  7. One of the cruisers on my Amsterdam RT July 27 JOTS cruise must be a travel agent [or have access] and mentioned that a new July 25 cruise was showing up on the cruising power site. After spending 1 hr and 22 mins on the phone I was able to book the new itinerary. It is only 11 nights rather than 12nts. But, I was glad to get a large balcony on deck 7. The price is a little less and in line with one less night cruise. Also, this morning I got an email that one of my FCCs was applied. [from a March cruise } Win-Win This is the itinerary: STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN [overnight before
  8. Thanks for this information. We have a Mardi Gras cruise scheduled for February 7, 2021. We know this is not going to happen. Even if the cruise takes place I can not see a scenario that New Orleans would let a cruise ship dock for 3 days and let thousands of passengers roam their streets. . . . and I doubt Mardi Gras [as we know it] will take place next February. There is no Mardi Gras cruise currently available for 2022. We usually book with Royal Caribbean, so I am less familiar with the L & S procedure for Celebrity. We booked with a Sail Beyond promo that included
  9. I found this article today and thought it was very interesting. I can see where a coating such as this applied to the many exterior railings and surfaces could be VERY useful for cruises. https://fredericksburg.com/news/state-and-regional/afraid-of-touching-objects-amid-covid-19-this-virginia-tech-professor-has-a-solution/article_ea745ae2-878c-5e81-97be-3d28261a3927.html I feel there are going to be many strategies that need to be implemented to make cruising safe. We will need some out of the box approaches.
  10. Mapquest says 15 min driving time. An airport taxi service says 22 minutes. I would like a little more time. . . but, it sounds doable.
  11. DH and I were on the March 7 Grandeur cruise out of Baltimore. When we left our house there were no CV cases in Virginia [where I live]. When were returned it was a different world. . . . but, there were a number of measures onboard I think will be the norm. I did not notice anyone shaking hands or hugging and hand sanitizer was everywhere. You had to use it. [before you enter the theatre, at all meals, at the casino entrance, just everywhere] I noticed the crew being very firm about that. We had our temperature take
  12. Today I got all of the taxes, fees, etc refunded from the second cruise of our B2B on GR that RCL cancelled. [March 19] We were out to sea when all cruising ended and lucky enough to get back to shore without any CV or isolation after our cruise. We have 2 FCC. We have thought of taking at least 1 of them--but, it did not seem to be worth a try since so many were still waiting for refunds.
  13. I agree the higher priced cabins will have priority. However, there will be a need for special needs cabins [many are inside or OV] and OV family cabins.
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