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  1. Option 1. . . . for both the ocean views and because I would not want specialty dining for more than the 2 nights anyway. Specialty dining each night would be too much food on a 7 night cruise.
  2. Can you imagine their IT keeping accurate track of that. . . . but maybe.
  3. Me 3. . . . Is there anything you wish you knew before the cruise? Something to pack, etc? TIA for your review.
  4. We are going to ride the mail boat run in Portland, Me. It is a regular ferry that leaves from the State pier. It visits most of the islands in Casco Bay. It sails near the various light houses. There is often a little bit of a narrative on the ship. But, it is not a tour. https://www.cascobaylines.com/maine-boat-tours/specialty-cruises/mailboat/
  5. On our Harmony TA a couple of years ago they had a Hollywood producer. I can not remember his name, but her produced Top Gun and many other famous movies. He did a bout 7-8 lectures and was so good he filled the theatre. He had film clips and pictures and insider stories. He was great.
  6. I like the months of May and September the best. Temperatures are very comfortable. Typically you will not need a jacket in the daytime unless it is raining. Bring a rain jacket and a few long and short sleeves to layer and you will be fine. Coming from Ireland you may find it very similar to your own weather. I looked to see the official average temps for Portland, Maine in May. [just as an example] It is a high of 67 [19C] and a low of 47 [8C]. However, May is a month of change. It can be cool at the beginning and hot at the end.
  7. Thanks, I am taking the mail run too. So, I hope to get lots of light house picture.
  8. OK--then we will see the Portland Head light the best on our way OUT. We are coming from Canada. It will be a bummer to miss the sunrise in the picture. [we leave too early for sunset.] But, I will make sure I am in position a little before an hour after sailaway.
  9. Wow!! That is a great picture. Thank you for posting. It looks very close. did you zoom this on or was the pass by close?
  10. We took a September cruise a few years ago. There was little color. So, I would go with October. We are going on the Adventure Snowbird Migration cruise Oct 7. We hope to see some nice foliage. . . . but each year is a little different.
  11. RCL seems to be very generous this time. . . . and for your Nav cruise. It is good they are being proactive with this storm. Safety first. I will say we were on the Jewel TA [from Rome] at the same time you were on Navigator TA and we had our 3 ports changed, too --from 3 European ports to 2 in the Canaries and St Maartin. We had the same 48 hr notice. But, our cruise did not get any FCCs. Since it was weather related we did not expect anything. But, it did not seem fair to give a very generous amount to 1 cruise and nothing to the other when we were sailing at the same time and had the same weather issue.
  12. There are many great things to do in Charleston. We took this cruise last March. Here is a link to my live thread.
  13. I am on the Snowbird Migration cruise. Oct 5-20 [Quebec City to FLL] A member of our roll call posted a map of the average peak foliage dates. It showed we are during the average peak--but, who knows about this year. The only other Canada /New England cruise we took began on Sept 25 a few years ago. [Boston, Bar Harbor, Saint John, etc] We did not see any color. [a tree or 2 had changed] YMMV
  14. I would like to know that, too. it seems all of the private companies are full.
  15. Thank you for that update. So sorry to hear that.
  16. Thanks! That looks like a very good tour. I checked for my date Oct 10, 2019 and I see there is only a 1-7 PM tour left. We leave port at 3:30pm. Have fun on your cruise.
  17. That will depend upon where your ship docks. Lets assume it docks at the cruise terminal. The information I list below is what I have put together for our trip this fall. I have copied it from many sources--so, I apologize to the many authors. Other people will jump on here and tell you about the cathedral and other sites. So, I will list a few of the favorites I plan to visit. The old city is eminently walkable. The streets a narrow, winding, and often crowded. Walking is the best way to get around. However, those that have mobility issues will find the cobblestones and the raised doorway hard to manage. An inexpensive way to navigate in the Old Town and to move between Upper and Lower Town is to take a ride on the Écolobus; the fare is CAD 2.00.$ per person, to be paid cash (no change given). There is also a "Funiculaire" is a cheap and easy way to move between the Upper and Lower town. The Funiculaire is the only one of its kind in North America, You can get to Terasse Dufferin [a pedestrian boardwalk in upper town] easily from the cruise ship. As you get off, go into lower town and find the funiculaire. A stroll along the boardwalk gives you a great view of the St. Lawrence River from several vantage points. Great for picture taking. if not you can pick a bench and enjoy a nice peaceful conversation with whomever you are with. Night or day the Terrasse Dufferin does not disappoint. The Quebec City Ferry is not too far from the dock. [depends on your ability to walk]-- One of Québec’s best-kept secrets and one of the most spectacular view of the Old Town. Located at the heart of Old Québec City, the ride (one-way) takes about 12 minutes. During summertime, discover the marked bike paths located on both sides of the shore: Corridor du Littoral (Quebec City) and Parcours des Anses (Lévis). In winter, the mouvement of the ice on the St. Lawrence River is truly impressing. Finally, look at the attached picture. You can see there is a large elevation difference between upper and lower town [where ships dock]. This is the view from the other side of the ferry. You can see the location of the funicular in the picture. The more I have researched about Quebec City the more excited I have become. Have a great cruise.
  18. I will keep that in mind-but for this fall I have a port stop on October 10. I am trying to decide what to do. . . our port time is 7am to 3:30pm. So the question is--go to the fort or do something else? We are history buffs.
  19. I do not want to hijack your thread--but, I have a related question. We usually book independent tours or DIY. [I will not rent a car--just nor in my comfort level] We are looking at ship's tours, too. I am thinking of Fort Louisburg [sp?] I would get a private tour there, but I have read on this message board that while the fort is open after Labor Day all of the reenactors, etc are not there. [not much to see] I have read the ship tours pay these reenactors to come back for the day. Does anyone know if this is true? TIA
  20. Get ready because this is going to be a REALLY popular thread.
  21. Does the trip to Cliff Island have any narration? That was something we found very desirable in the description of the Mailboat. I am not sure we would always catch views as we pass without someone pointing them out. Thank you for the information. It gives us a couple of options for a ferry trip. I expect there to be a fair number of passengers interested in this trip. Many of the cruisers on this particular itinerary are veteran cruisers and select independent excursions.
  22. I agree that planning the cruise is half of the fun. . . . but, do not be afraid to do a private excursion [or just walk around]. I will look at the cruise excursions to get an idea of what is available in an port. Then I go to trip Advisor to see what they suggest as the most popular attractions/beaches. Then I price out a few options using the cruise line and independent tours. Pay special attention to length of port times, days of the week and if there are any holidays involved. I almost always decide to do an independent tour. However, if it is not that much different I go with the cruise line. This is especially true if the excursion travels a good distance from the dock. For example, in St Thomas my favorite place to visit is St John. [You may want to tour St Thomas since it is your first time there] You need to take a ferry to get there. We could take a taxi to Red Hook and get a ferry to St John. [run every hour] Or I could take the cruise excursion, "St John on your Own." I figure we might have saved $10-$15. The deciding factor was that I could take the cruise excursion from the same pier the ship was docked rather than traveling to the end of the island and waiting for a ferry. The last time we did this we were the last ones on the ship before it left. I also suggest you join the roll call for your cruise. There is often someone who is familiar with a port that organizes a group tour. Even if they do not there will be some cruise experts on the roll call. The Grandeur gets many repeat customers. They either love the ship [it is a very friendly ship] or the do not fly. We did a Back to Back cruise last March and April on the Grandeur. I did a live thread. We visited some of your ports. You will need to skip through the first cruise to get to these ports. I included pictures from the ship. Have a great cruise!
  23. That is a pretty harsh statement. . . . Have you been on all of them? Was this a tongue in cheek comment and you forgot the wink?
  24. I was on Grandeur for 21 days in March and April. I did a live review. We had a very good cruise--actually 2 cruises. Here is a link:
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