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  1. catspajamasfan

    Harvest Caye - Highlight of Our Trip

    Love your vids..just started following last week...you guys are fun to follow! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Have any other Getaway Haven guests had luck communicating w/ the Concierge prior to your cruise? I got the letter w/ luggage tags and it provided an email and phone # to reach concierge for requests in advance. I emailed w/ a few questions (not really requests) but haven’t heard back. Not a big deal...just wondering what others’ experience had been. Thx in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. catspajamasfan

    Recent Getaway Dailies

    Thanks for posting these! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Thanks for sharing this menu! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. catspajamasfan

    Just back: Harvest Caye Pool Cabana Info

    Headed to Harvest Caye on the Getaway 4/8 Western Caribbean itinerary. Villas are listed for $699. I don’t see any other options for cabanas, or other things, to rent. Am I just missing them, or do they sell these 1st, then release lesser expensive options closer to sailing? Thx. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. catspajamasfan

    Getaway Sail away festivities

    Thx Wendi0731. I'll see you on the 5.30 sailing. As I recall on the Pearl a few years ago there was a BBQ, band, cruise staff getting the crowds involved and then a DJ. We had no Dora and SpongeBob...;-)
  7. catspajamasfan

    Getaway Sail away festivities

    I'd be interested in hearing about the sail away party on the Getaway as well. It was one my favorite parts of my 2 other NCL cruises (on the Jewell and Pearl). But I think I've heard there's not much of a sailaway party on the Getaway. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. catspajamasfan

    Sail away day first meal

    I was on the Pearl a few years ago and it had a sail away BBQ...not sure if they still do. Does anyone know if the Getaway does a sail away BBQ?
  9. catspajamasfan

    Newbie - 3 Random Questions

    I believe Haven suites on newer ships get some sort of phone like you describe in #2. I don't know any details but pretty sure I saw something about it on a YouTube video review of the Getaway.
  10. catspajamasfan

    Norwegian getaway ...

    When I was selecting my room I called NCL and the consultant told me which side (port or starboard) would have the best views in each location.
  11. catspajamasfan

    Deck 14 Staterooms on the NCL Getaway

    Thank you! I appreciate your feedback...this is very helpful!
  12. catspajamasfan

    Deck 14 Staterooms on the NCL Getaway

    Thank you!
  13. catspajamasfan

    Deck 14 Staterooms on the NCL Getaway

    Don't mind at all...hopefully we get some good feedback.
  14. Hello Getaway Experts- I'm wondering if anyone could share feedback about staterooms on deck 14 on the Getaway? Any feedback regarding location and ease of access to other activities on the ship? Any feedback on ship movement/motion on deck 14? We'll be in 14746. Any thoughts or feedback is appreciated...thanks in advance!
  15. catspajamasfan

    Can you buy liquor by the bottle onbaord

    I last cruised on the Pearl in 2011 and I ordered a bottle of vodka prior to the cruise. It was expensive but cheaper than individual drinks. I just looked back at the invoice and it was $63.00. It was a 1 liter bottle. To order I emailed: groupeventpearl@ncl.com I'm guessing a similar email address might exist for your ship.