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  1. I purchased 3 USD$100 gift cards which I used as my onboard credit on my cruise last month. The exchange rate was better than if I had paid later using my C/C.
  2. My DH used the ferry to the mainland. He obtained his ticket on the island near where the boat leaves from. He was pre-allocated a return time. If he had chosen to take a later boat there was no guarantee he could get on the boat as the people allocated to that hours boat were given priority. He caught a 10am boat and returned at 2pm. The ferry trip is 30mins each way. There were a few shops and a couple of women selling souvenirs. He found a really good coffee shop(turn right after getting off the boat, then left) with good coffee and had free wifi.
  3. I had the same concern with Daniel's Sloth Hangout as our ship also didn't arrive into port until 10am. When I contacted them they guaranteed we would still get to hold a sloth as were were a private tour. Hopefully Bodden will be the same.
  4. My DH used the ferry in April. He bought the ticket 10m from where the boats depart to Placencia. When he purchased his ticket he was told which boat he had to return to the island on. Not everyone stuck to their allocated return time which made things a little bit tricky.
  5. Hi Turtle06 I finally found a way to permanently log out so I could do a mock booking so I could see the savings. As I mentioned when I tried to do a mock booking before I was pretty happy with the price, AUD$4590 per cabin with the drinks package(NCL had automatically applied the 20% discount on the booking). When I did the booking without the login it showed I would have saved AUD$500pp on an inside. Unfortunately my DH has kyboshed any bookings for next year at the moment. Thanks for taking the time to walk me through the process. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. Hi Turtles06 I followed the exact directions as posted. I also did a mock booking without the 20% by just logging in as usual and the prices were exactly the same . Then I noticed with both bookings it says because you are a Latitudes member we have reduced your fare by 20%. I have no idea how much the discount actually is as I can't see the original price. I tried to use my phone but apparently that is also linked to NCL.
  7. I was looking at the Jade repositioning cruise from Barcelona to New York October 2020. I made sure I didn't use the sailaway price but the price didn't change :(.
  8. I followed everything you said to do exactly and the price didn't change on two separate bookings. Maybe we don't qualify for the 20% discount Down Under. The cost of cruises on Australian websites are very different to the US sites.
  9. I love the music at night. I'm too old to go to a club. Hotwire on the Jewel to NZ were amazing and Dave McHugh on the Jade to Pananma were amazing. No negatives so far.
  10. My DH & I did the partial transit on the Jade in April. We spent approx 1-1 1/2hrs at the new lock then did a wildlife tour of Gatun Lake. We were dropped back at Colon for a late lunch. Most people looked at the souvenir shops and/or sat at one of the cafe's using the free wifi.
  11. We did a tour through Daniel's Sloth Hangout which included an island tour and a snorkel. I enjoyed the snorkel but no colourful corals. The sloth was cute 2yrs old. Watch out for the monkeys if you go in their enclosure. My DH didn't remove a piece of paper from his pocket but they did and made confetti. I also held a 2 month old sloth USD$10 in Cartagena port.
  12. I have only been on 5 NCL cruises and only book inside cabins. Sure I would love to stay in a balcony or a suite but I know my financial limitations. I have never ever been made to feel like anything but a valued customer on NCL by all the staff.
  13. We took 14 bottles of wine in a small wheeled suitcase (hand luggage size) to move them.
  14. No login is required. Once the USD$9.95 is paid you can access any other phone that has paid for the service on the ship if you have their number. You can also make phone calls and send photos. The app is very useful if you aren't attached at the hip. We did have some problems where there were black spots but definitely still worth it.
  15. On our 1/2 transit Panama cruise we could pick up our tender tickets from the pool deck from 8.30am. I was in line by 8.10 and received tender tickets for the 2nd tender. We ensured we made our way to as near to the disembarkation point as we could get. Staff were stationed at the stairs and checked your ticket before you could go downstairs to where you board the tender. We were lucky enough to get on the first tender with others who didn't have an NCL booked tour. Best of luck.
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