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  1. Has anybody else been waiting 5 months for a refund in UK? I had paid in full and the cruise was cancelled in June. Has anyone else experienced this long a wait. I have told the travel agent this isn't acceptable but they keep fobbing me off.
  2. I have now been waiting 120 days for refund, travel agent just keeps saying to be patient, but to be honest my patience is waring thin. Not sure where to go with this now.
  3. I have waited 60 days so far without refund. Have just sent a email to travel agent for update.
  4. Updated on UK site looks like all to end of September for Europe gone. My August 28th out of Southampton cancelled.
  5. When do think there is likely to be a announcement on August cruises? I have a Norway Silhouette cruise booked for the 28th out of Southampton.
  6. Just checked our August 28th Norway cruise out of Southampton and Shot up from £1225 for a 2B balcony to £2450pp,. This is only a 8 night cruise so ludicrous price 😦
  7. Thank you all for your replies. The value next to it was £0 and we booked through UK TA. I just assumed it was something for free as it was added as a promotion. Not to worry I just thought someone on here may have had the same on a booking.
  8. I didn't do a lift and shift .Had our TA ask for price reduction and the loyalty promotion to be applied on our existing cruise next June.
  9. Hi all, Just had a updated booking confirmation from Celebrity and one of the promotions applied is Edge class BC, does anybody know what this means?
  10. Thank you both for your replies. I thought I had read the rules correctly.
  11. Hi All, I have a cruise booked for August to Norway. I am due to pay balance and I am deliberating whether to take FCC for the deposit only or pay the balance and await a refund. I have asked travel agent if I decide to take the FCC can I apply the credit to my existing Celebrity cruise booked for June 2021. She has said no it has to be for new cruise. I am sure the Celebrity website says you can. Can someone clarify if you can use the credit on existing booking please?
  12. I have a cruise booked on August 28th so fall into this category. I already have a 2021 cruise booked so can I use the future credit towards that cruise? Also can you confirm if I cancel before final payment I would get the full deposit back? I am in the UK
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