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  1. I have been able to book for October and December, but not Sept, so I believe it is hit and miss
  2. Don’t be done, please. It’s refreshing to see common sense still exists.
  3. Celidh1 we sailed with you and Matt a few times and know you were a friend of his. Any idea what his next move is?
  4. They have to have some rules. If they don’t enforce them then they will lose my bookings. Pick your poison.
  5. Neither my name or my wife's is Angela, or Fred, yet we keep getting emails for them, including the Ocean Ready one referenced above. We do usually get emails for our bookings for my wife, but not me. Angela is going to Alaska in August, and Fred is going in September. Any Angela or Fred out there missing their email? Anyone get my email (Marc or Lisa)?
  6. We miss the Skywalkers, and are not fans of the one five, but the Grand is still one of our favorites.
  7. Most of us will continue to cruise with Princess, and explore other lines more often. They are just trying to tweak their model, and some may actually switch. That's probably what they want. I welcome the changes as we have become tired of those that expect everything for free.
  8. When I called, they told me they were loading "batches" of cruises, but none of my other bookings in September are available either
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