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  1. While this is true, it seems all 3 segments show little availability, though that will change as holds fall off. We are on the "lengthy waiting list" for a suite category per our travel agent. Odd since so many claim the Island is so terrible. Lot's will change before sailing.
  2. Yep. Lots of people overreact, in my opinion. As I stated, I'm happy to cruise on the Island. Perhaps people should just put together normal Princess Cruises on their big ships instead? I also stated I preferred the ship before the modifications, as well as a number of other, older ships. Many of those claimed at the time they would never sail on Island again, yet I have personally met some of them on Island cruises. There are plenty of other lines with smaller ships to choose from.
  3. Lot's of naysayers here. Have been on Coral, as well as "old" island, and the original island, as well as the new "ruined" island. Yes, pre renovation was better, but post is still great. Still much smaller than new builds.
  4. Glad to hear many here are absolutely, positively, not going to book this. I will be first in line, and have many in my "cruise group" waiting for the date to book also. That means more selection available. Hope you all find a replacement that fits your requirements.
  5. Looking forward to booking this one. Is it my favorite ship? No. My favorite was the Old Sky princess, but I've been on Island a few times and it's perfectly fine. If you don't like it, don't book it. Pretty simple.
  6. Especially since it literally takes hours on hold to get to a rep now. And then it depends on who you get.
  7. This has been happening for months. That's why my TA applies them asap after hitting my account so we can better control where they go. I log in regularly and let her know when I get credits so she can work on applying them to future bookings as we see fit.
  8. Sad that yet another One of our cruises is cancelled, but not surprised. This ship doesn't fit in the Princess fleet, so we will all move on (or elsewhere for some diehards). Last time we were on the crowd was super entitled/super elite and not our favorite group. Good bye.
  9. I have received several cc Refunds for cancelled ancillary products, such as obc purchases, specialty dining reservations, etc. All were processed within weeks of my cancellations. The ones they initiated cancellations on, I am still wating. Some I have been waiting months.
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