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  1. I have a 6s, and it has worked fine for me on the last two cruises (September and October 2022) and appears to be ok for several upcoming bookings. I did have several issues to start with, but after a few reloads and calls to Pricess, it has worked ok.
  2. Got it. I agree the changes without adequate notice are problematic. We have had similar problems with policy changes from Princess and no real options on how to resolve them, without some sort of penalty. We just try to be flexible since it seems everything changes day today these days. That's why we try to modify our behaviors on board since we can control that, even if new, unexpected policies have been implemented. Not ideal, but better than cancellation and penalties. We have been able to cancel other bookings further out since we are not necessarily in agreement with changes.
  3. I understand both sides of the argument. We would absolutely prefer to remove masks and understand the argument that masks may be "belts and suspenders". However, if Princess institutes these policies/rules, it becomes incumbent on each of us to decide whether to cruise with them and comply with their policies, or risk repercussions. The other easy choice is to move to another company. We are ok with the policies and just avoid areas on the ship where some decide not to comply. In fact, we actually choose Princess over other lines because of their more stringent approach.
  4. Yes, exactly. We were on with you for the first leg, and also thought most were complying. When we went a week later, on a 4 day, not so much. We go again in about a week on another 5 day, and we'll see how it goes.
  5. Thanks for complying with the "rules" even when you don't necessarily agree. I was told on the last cruise we were on in September that they were making more stringent rules as it was difficult to enforce protocols with some, so that more people would comply with what was considered acceptable. There are always those that test the limits and it is difficult for crew to enforce without fear of retaliation. By increasing the bar, it is easier to ask for "minimal" compliance. They are just trying to keep their jobs and stay in business. The vast majority on our cruise were totally compliant, but the few who weren't put everyone at risk.
  6. I show 15 bookings. It's actually 18, but 3 are b2b's, as per Thrak's explanation.
  7. Every time we've been, it has Been fresh squeezed (at least ten cruises in the last 5 years). Maybe a supply issue? We have seen the back of the house crew preparing it for regular servings as well as mimosa use. Most recently on the Grand 9\25 and 10\4 cruises.
  8. We asked at front desk and were told it had been emailed out some time back. Maybe it went to junk, maybe we missed it. In any case, they emailed it to us again and we got it while standing at the desk. Bought some champagne and got free chocolate strawberries! All good.
  9. I’m also happy to have it in print. I still prefer reading paper books too, even though I’ve got hundreds on my kindle.
  10. Yes that is sill the case on the "older" ships, but they seem to have figured out the appeal for the new ships that only have the two w/s's up front as they are now more than a Vista. Moved a couple of our Enchanted bookings to Vista's to save A few hundred. Same on Discovery.
  11. We were on with you last week and also thought the vast majority were complying. Any noticeable difference in passenger breakdowns? Older, younger, etc...
  12. We used to do this too! Now we just book what we really want. It’s just easier
  13. Heres some more info for you. most people are r following the recommendations of masking, including us. Im sitting in the wheelhouse bar having a good time, with others doing the same, but apparently i am a thread hijacker
  14. Unfortunately this is not the case. We had two prepaid that we tried to prove with screenshots backed up by credit card charges from Princess for 58.00 x 2. We were successful in getting the "promo" dinners as reserved, as well as the gifted dinner from our TA, but not the prepaid. Make sure you have the Princess receipt. I have several cruises that show Reservations but have not been paid also.
  15. We should all just wait for something official before taking extra blood pressure medicine. Too much conjecture.
  16. Top 1800 plus. We were 20 with 512 days. No others were announced at the lunch.
  17. Dinner right now. At wine tasting right now. MTG lunch was fabulous!
  18. Other reports since have not been able to post…. Bistro sur le mer is fabulous. Lots og complaints around us as portions smaller than Crown Grill, but the food and presentations are far superior imho. Ultimate breakfast was terrific, actually far more food than on previous sailings. They ask what additional items you want: we ordered xtra bacon and ham and chocolate croissants. We ate it for twodays. Fear not, mussel pot at Crown Grill was great. Someone apparently got a bad bunch. Just ask for a replacement; the crew has been extremely accommodating. Sea bass also as good as it always has been.
  19. Test works great. Waited about 5 minutes for proctor, then 15 for result. No issues at pier. Had also done s test locally that didn’t state it was supervised (although it was). They said that one would not have been ok, but emed states it is a proctored test and works great.
  20. We’re going too. Everyone has to make choices that make sense for them.
  21. An acquaintance of mine was on last week. He always tries to use the casino to refund his nonrefundable obc, and apparently was not able to do it this time. He was apparently able to get the refundable portion, but was told that he couldn't have the nonrefundable. I told him it was about time Princess stopped this! Use it onboard or lose it.
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