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  1. There had been a link to camera roll! I have the same recollection.
  2. Don’t think you can upload from the app anymore. I know I previously uploaded my photo but no idea what’s different now. At least I couldn’t figure it out for my son recently! We just took a new photo. The app makes me crazy!
  3. I would probably take it. However I would check out the on time statistics for it and maybe call to ask where that flight usually comes from to decide for sure. Sometimes you can see that on the app, if you check flight status for a current flight. I prefer to have a secondary option available to still arrive on time, meaning, there’s another flight that would get me there if something goes wrong. Arriving the day before gives me more confidence but that’s not always possible
  4. Yeah, doesn’t look like that’s happening 😂 extra sea day it is! Or overnight in Ensenada?
  5. So, on a SF departing California coastal cruise I don’t get off in LA, and enjoy the Santa Barbara stop. On a LA departing California coastal, I enjoy the Monterey stop and SF stop. I actually prefer to do the California coastal cruise from LA, but without a SB or Monterey stop I might be disappointed enough to reschedule a costal cruise. Could they add Catalina Island?
  6. Oh that’s too bad! Santa Barbara is lovely!! I wonder what port they will add in its place?
  7. Try calling the ocean medallion number for help. The last two times I’ve called the wait was minimal, less than 5 minutes, almost immediate.
  8. In the beginning the price difference could be minimal for club class mini and regular mini suite depending on the cruise. I haven't checked for some time. We did it once, and loved it. I love the perk of being able to go to the MDR at any time and be seated immediately. This is worth a little to me, but not a lot. It was great to do once, we did it on an anniversary cruise, where we should have done a Suite, but we didn't because they were sold out. In the end, I'd rather pay extra for a deluxe balcony Aft and do specialty dining, but that's us. It's great to try once and decide if it's worth it. We probably wouldn't do it again because we prefer aft cabins which means if we are spending extra, maybe a suite, but probably not 🙂
  9. Yes! Thrak's suggestion should also show it. There should be a price and then something about it being a complimentary gift from Princess Good luck!
  10. Try printing the travel summary from the personalizer. It should be there. Go to the Check in feature, There is a green button for "Print Travel Summary" If you don't see it there, then you probably don't have it.
  11. So that price is for a balcony NOW? Yeah, get yourself a better deal!! I hope they work with you. Good luck.
  12. Well, congrats on actually getting an upsell from your TA. Mine NEVER got them even though Princess said they sent then to her. 🙂 Big agency. No longer using her, even though SHE was fabulous... but I digress. Second, Don't take the upsell if it's not worth it to you. I usually take a snap shot of what I could have purchased when I booked, just in case I get tempted by an upsell, I want to make sure it's worth it to me. Is that $1063 WITH princess Plus? They may think they are giving you a deal? Same price-ish for a Balcony? $949+129?
  13. Well... if cruising doesn't resume this year, we will save a bundle! lol I hope we can cruise in December, but if they aren't opening up, then we will find an alternate plan. Covid is in our lives for good now, at least for the next few years. We can't change anything, just roll with the punches.
  14. I feel more comfortable with that rule in place. We are ready to cruise! Family vaccinated- check!!
  15. Princess has an official policy on formal nights, but they don't do much in terms of requiring it to be formal, in my opinion. It's as formal as you want to be, as long as it's not bathing suits, jeans, t shirts, etc. 🙂 My husband and children still pack their tuxedos regardless of weather of the cruise. Depending on the itinerary you will find more or less people "formally" dressed. I feel like woman have it easier, a dress or a nice top and pants are usually acceptable. I've even seen fancy sandals that look like flip flops be allowed on women. As long as you aren't in jeans and a t shirt they don't usually send you away. I've not seen the coat or tie requirement ever enforced for men, but I've only cruised from a USA port with Princess. You don't need a suit or tux. I have on one occasion seen jeans on formal night in the dining room, but I've heard many people share on this board that jeans have been sent away, and I've also seen some MDR's ask people to change and come back when in jeans and a Tommy Bahama shirt on formal night (maybe twice in my life). I suspect Dockers and that same shirt would have been acceptable on formal night. If you don't want to dress up, save the luggage space and don't bring the suit or tux, and if you don't want to deal with the possibility of an issue, book specialty dining or go the buffet for dinner where the formal requirement is not enforced.
  16. You should be able to book directly on the Princess website, but sometimes the FCC is not directly linked to your account. However, if you are using credits from a cancelled cruise, I think you may have to call. We were not able to get those applied without a call, and even now, we have funds we are trying to get transferred to a different booking and they are "stuck". Good luck!
  17. @coopster,I agree with @Ashland. The Outrigger Waikiki is a great location. Nice beach and chairs you can rent there. The kids love playing in the ocean, I spend my time at the pool and we enjoy Dukes right there. We walk or Uber wherever we need from there.
  18. @christinand I agree with @CruiserBruce that the rough weather is unpredictable. Our first cruise to Hawaii from San Francisco was super rough seas, there were nights where we'd be walking sideways in the hallways and in bed one night I felt like I was going to fall out, but it has never been as rough as that first experience. Since then we've had glass like conditions, regular ocean conditions. and in the end, it's our favorite way to spend 15 days on a cruise. Not enough time in Hawaii, but fun enough to have a round trip ticket by sea! We are going again this year and have another booked for next year. So, this is my family's favorite itinerary. 🙂 We haven't done the cruise out of Vancouver, but I suspect the crossing is similar from San Francisco.
  19. I always do a 24 hour rental and return when I'm done with the car. Even if they are "closed' you can drop keys in a drop box. It's never been a problem.
  20. When we rented in Hilo from Hertz we rented from the airport-3 times. We've rented cars in Hilo and there was a shuttle that picked us up, and had our name on a list. No problem. Not sure what this other other location is, but it's not currently available for our next cruise stop in Hilo, so I'm keeping my reservation with the airport. Actually the first time we missed the shuttle and took a cab, but that's because we didn't want to waste time. The other times we've taken the shuttle because it's been right there. I just double checked my receipt from Hilo in 2018 (last time we cruised to Hilo) and yep, it was the Hilo Airport. Whew, my memory has not failed me 🙂 We may have rented from the wrong Maui location when we stopped in Lahaina, but we only did that once and no longer rent cars in Maui. Confirmed this too, This location is shared with Dollar rental cars, and is Teeny Tiny. We had to take a our own transportation to get there. I would not recommend renting from here in Maui (Hertz) Location West Maui Rental Center HLE
  21. I get it! It was just saying that it is so extreme that it sounds made up. I totally believe it could happen. May it never happen to me!
  22. Sounds like an urban legend 🙂 Not saying I don't believe it, but that it's one of those things you say to scare the kids at night. lol I had one major issue with my TA years back. They fixed it for me, and it took a lot of grief and stress and angst to figure out. However, given that experience, I won't use a TA any more. I'd rather go directly with the cruise line. Maybe I miss out on some perks, but this way I'm responsible for all my own "stuff". I envy all those that say they love theirs. That's awesome for them.
  23. Well, as my father in law likes to say, that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick... Hopefully the credit hits before your credit card closes for the month. Otherwise, that would not be enough for the trouble (they caused). I suppose a positive attitude is all you can really do. So that's good that you aren't letting it get you down. Glad you caught that up front and hope the other cruisers figured out their final payment as well.
  24. Yes, Enchanted showers make it sound special and magical 🙂 I thought something similar when I saw it. However, I hope we hear from guests how the unicorn tears feel. Are they relaxing?
  25. So, what size curtain do you bring? I'm up for bringing one. Never thought to do that before. I was usually VERY careful in there, but the space is tight and shaving... OMG, don't even get me started. lol
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