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  1. Sounds like they are becoming more strict with it. We were on the Grand (December 2017) and had purchased the $99 deal. Haven't done it since with multiple cabins, and likely won't at the $249 pre cruise price they have now.
  2. We sailed the Island in April 2019, 10 Panama Canal cruise RT Ft Lauderdale. We enjoyed the island. We did not attend any shows, we had late dinner TD. We enjoyed the covered pool most days, Crooners before and after dinner then some time in the casino. We would sail again. Enjoy your cruises.
  3. In the Ocean Medallion App, "Journey View" you can see the schedule (if it's working correctly).
  4. No, nor do I want to hear my neighbor's Alexa :) lol My phone can steam music I've downloaded to it, and be an alarm. It doesn't give me all of Alexa's "perks", what time/day is it, remind me to XYZ, Alarm at XYZ... but can't say I've ever thought to bring her along and I can survive 15 days without her. Please share how it goes for you if you decide to bring Alexa.
  5. Yep,TM is right, we did not lose our perks with an upsell. You lose your perks if you refare
  6. The cabana's by the pool are for 2 people. We had 3, one person was always in the pool. I think the cabanas in the sanctuary might have some larger capacity cabanas, the ones with the TV in them, but never did those.
  7. Hubby keeps that all in the closet. Easy to pack for a cruise. My 16 YO also has a tuxn(I'm sure he will need a larger one next year) , but the 11 year old only wears suits and vests (he has one jacket that fits each year, the beauty of hand me downs). All 3 also have vests they use sometimes instead of the cummerbund. We've worried before that we've given something away to Goodwill that we wanted, but this year, just check, we are all good :)
  8. You can notify Princess of the requirement and the MDR will be able to address your needs. We traveled with a friend with dairy intolerance and every night the waiter in the MDR would bring “tomorrow’s” menu to order off of. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed any gluten free options on a ship, but I’m not looking for it either. I think for the buffet, you may want to speak to a head waiter there to see what is available. Not sure about pizza. Princess does a good job of helping
  9. Star, because you said it's cheaper and you are flying to your port. :) Have done both the Star and Grand to Hawaii and both will be a great cruise. I will say, if it was us we'd do the Grand because it's our home port and I love the staff on the Grand, but the closets are smaller, as Pam mentioned. It's also beautiful to sail under the Golden Gate. Flying in though, I would pick the less expensive sailing.
  10. I don't care for the menu the last night, that's why we book specialty dining that night (sometimes). We always leave tips in place but the menu is the culprit, not stiffing the staff.
  11. Learn something new everyday! It looks like a burrito! Ha!
  12. I would consider the deluxe balcony, because with 3 in a cabin, it may be desirable to have a small couch to sit on. There is no couch in any cabin less than that.
  13. The two lower beds are set up as singles, and a bed pops out of the ceiling or protrudes from the wall. I think they were in the ceiling on the Ruby. I may be confusing it with an interior cabin where they do protrude from the wall. There is no room for a rollaway. It might help if you posted the actual cabin you were looking at
  14. I had great luck when I emailed. I received a response that same day, but your situation is likely more difficult than my question was. You can call as well. Good luck! Customer Service Center:844/525-0942 (Mon-Fri) or 1-800/774-6237 (Weekends)
  15. Oh no! I was fearful of that. I chose not to order any accessories and figured, if I felt I needed one, I'd buy it on the ship for this very reason. I think they want them to stay on and that's why they make it difficult to remove. I would want to take it off in the cabin for sure. Thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry to hear you hated it. 😞
  16. We do a lot of specialty dining as well. We still do MDR a few nights, but at least 4 nights are spent in specialty dining for our family.
  17. Regarding flowers, we order the mixed tropical arrangement. It's beautiful, sadly I don't have any photos of it. We have done flowers with 4 in a mini suite, but as Skynight mentions, it may be more complicated in a balcony or interior cabin. However, we used the ledge on the window in an ocean view cabin to put the flowers a few times when we did 4 in a cabin. It is tight, but the flowers are lovely.
  18. It can be plastic bottles too, I think. Just not glass.
  19. It is not a regulation, and I don't think it's new, but some people still put a tag on it and have it delivered to their cabin. We only brought on one 12 pack, so it wasn't too bad. Mom prefers Diet Pepsi and Princess only has Coke products.
  20. Well, when they throw in a bottle, even if it's not super expensive, it makes it 100% worthwhile! 🙂
  21. We did the birthday package, $49 one for my son (same idea). The decorations are not super fancy but it was fun for him to see the cabin decorated for him. You can still get a free sign on the door if you add the birthday/anniversary/special occasion to your booking, you can do it from the Personalizer. You still get the cake for free, at least, a year ago we did for our anniversary cruise. I hear they are no longer doing the balloons (environmental issues), but that's OK. You can also ask for a special cake, if you don't get a card in the cabin to commemorate your anniversary (the free notification, not the paid one). I don't want or need a towel or tote bag, but if you think your wife would want them, why not get it? I don't think the decorations are all that fancy, but if you rather have someone else spruce up the cabin, then it's fine. I personally would prefer flowers or a bottle of champagne or spa treatment. They have special occasion packages as well. Happy Anniversary!!
  22. I had to google it. Never heard of semi casual before 😂 Looks close to if you google business casual. Oh how fun that debate could be! lol
  23. We are in our 40's and enjoy formal night. I do think that a 7 day cruise should only have 1, but I think 2 for a 10 day and 3 for a 15 is fine and that's just my opinion. My kids, 16 and 11 also enjoy dressing up. I know it's not for everyone. I just don't understand why everyone get so aggressive over it. So, we all know Princess doesn't always "police" it, if you don't want to dress up, TRY the MDR and if that doesn't work, (how many times has it not worked???) there's the buffet, the grill, and specialty dining. We walked into the Crown Grill once, on Christmas, when ATD has a long wait and were seating in less than 5 minutes. There are some strong advocates for both formal and non formal. I don't want to go to a different cruise line, why should I? and why should people who don't want to dress up? Just keep doing what Princess does... and be happy with your choices 🙂
  24. I don't see why not. I've had friends put beds together on a balcony cabin with 3 people. I think your steward would be willing to do it.
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