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  1. Sailin Gal

    Comparing Tortola & US Virgin Islands

    The most popular beaches for the Tortola stop will be Cane Garden Bay, Brewers Bay, or a boat ride over to White Bay on Jost Van Dyke. They're beautiful, but will be very crowded on port day. If you're more adventurous and want some elbow room and quiet, I would rent a car for the day. Look at the satellite overlay on g.maps and see what beaches look good to you. Keep in mind if you're going any time soon that they are still in the process of recovering from the hurricanes. The Baths and/or Spring Bay on Virgin Gorda are what I would consider a 'must see' stop for the BVI. Spring Bay is literally right next to The Baths from the beach, but doesn't require the hike up and down the hill trail. So for anyone mobility limited, this is a better option, and a beautiful beach as well, but no facilities like the top of The Baths. If you like snorkeling, The Indians is an amazing site. It's off the coast of Norman Island, so requires a boat ride. The Indians is DH's favorite snorkel site in the BVI, so we stop there on both the first and last days of our sailing trips. You may also be able to get an excursion that includes a snorkel stop at The Caves (as in Treasure Island Caves) which is really fun. No matter what you do, you'll have an amazing day!!!
  2. Sailin Gal

    Must Try Foods and Excursions

    A roti, West Indian curry, or stewed conch. Washed down with Caribs.
  3. Sailin Gal

    Tortola hurricane recovery

    It looks like the next ship scheduled for Tortola is Disney Fantasy July 17.
  4. Sailin Gal

    Forgot to pack but Wish you did for Alaska Cruise

    If you are going to SE Alaska, take raingear. Even if its an inexpensive poncho. Its a rainforest; odds are you will get rained on. We were in Ketchikan on a rainy day last week, with 3 ships in port, and couldn’t believe how many people didn’t have rain gear, and were carrying umbrellas. Narrow boardwalks, packed with people looking all around and taking photos while brandishing umbrellas made for quite an eye-level-hazard obstacle course. If you are going on an excursion that will take you into the woods, take footwear that you don’t mind getting muddy. There were plenty of street puddles on the way back to the ship to stomp through and wash the mud off ;)
  5. Sailin Gal

    Tracy Arm Fjord Updates

    Just returned Tues from Carnival Legend AK sailing. We were scheduled for TAF last Thurs May 31, but there were too many icebergs so we had to go up Endicott to Dawes glacier instead. It was beautiful. We booked the excursion that Carnival offered, and It was an amazing experience. I dont know who the tour operator was, but they did 2 rounds of the excursion. The early group transferred from ship to boat when we entered the fjord, and then they met the ship and swapped groups at the glacier end. Group 2 rode the excursion boat back out to the opening and boarded the ship there. So both groups got one way through the fjord by ship, up close glacier time on the excursion boat, and one way through the fjord by excursion boat. The scenery was spectacular, and we saw seals, bears, mountain goats, and a whale. I think this was my favorite excursion because it was so surreal to be that close to the glacier, feeling the cold air off it, hearing the thundrous cracking before it calved, and to have the boat weaving through the blue icebergs. If you plan to stay on deck to take photos when the boat is motoring, wear ample layers as the apparent wind is quite cold off the water. I hope your trip is as memorabe as ours was.
  6. Sailin Gal

    Seattle Hotels have free shuttle to ship?

    Very pleased with it. Indoor pool' date=' good free breakfast, very clean, super comfy beds, pleasant staff, walking distance to the space needle, and Walgreens across the street for any last minute items. We are in a double queen room that also has a sectional seating are, coffee bar, and desk, so lots of room. Sent from my SM-G955U using Forums mobile app
  7. Sailin Gal

    Just for fun...any suggestions for an Alaska/PNW Playlist?

    Depending on the marine forecast, 'Seasick' by Larry Joe Taylor [emoji33] Sent from my SM-G955U using Forums mobile app
  8. Sailin Gal

    Seattle Hotels have free shuttle to ship?

    We are currently at Hyatt Place on 6th near the Space Needle, departing from pier 91 tomorrow. The Hyatt has a free shuttle that runs to 4 specific locations hourly by reservation, but not to pier 91. They will arrange a car for you from Ace's, $10 per person to the pier. Sent from my SM-G955U using Forums mobile app
  9. Sailin Gal

    Is there a way to avoid hot deck surfaces?

    Flip flops like Sperrys that are made for boating and have siping, non-slip soles. No burn, no slip, meant to get wet.
  10. Sailin Gal

    Skagway B2B- is this possible?

    Thank you :)
  11. Sailin Gal

    Waitlisted for Early Dining

    We (4) requested waitlist for early dining 3 months prior to sailing, and received confirmation that we had been changed within 48 hours. I hope you have the same good luck!
  12. Sailin Gal

    Skagway B2B- is this possible?

    I’m confused. The excursion Includes transport to the ferry, and the ferry ride to Haines. So I would expect the 11:30 start time to be ‘show time’ on the dock outside the Legend to leave for the ferry dock. Am I missing something?
  13. Sailin Gal

    Skagway B2B- is this possible?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to do the train excursion that returns at 11:15 am, and the Haines Takshanuk 4x4 excursion with an 11:30 start time? We are on Carnival. They recommend :30 between excursions, but their website will let me book it. I know the ferry to Haines doesn’t depart until noon.
  14. Sailin Gal

    Tortola hurricane recovery

    Very true, but until the cruise lines return to Tortola, TTOL has about the best current info available. The info on the destinations Is good, but the ‘how to get there’ part is usually lacking since the reports are from locals, or from charterers sailing in themselves. One good bit of news, though, is that the Willy T should be in its new location in Great Harbour, Peter Island, by the time the ships return. That will make a great day trip for cruisers stopping at Tortola!:beer-toast:
  15. Thank you for taking the time to share your review and photos. All the pics were great. My fave is the seal in the rain! We sail on Legend in 16 days, and you provided some very helpful info!