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  1. Just wondering about using the onboard credit. I know that the on board credit is used once on the ship. But NCL recently changed how shore excursions are booked pre-cruise ( they will apply shore excursion perk & latitude discount ). So wondering if they will use on board credit toward shore excursions. if not - if I pay for shore excursions will they refund with on board credit once on board? I know the credit is non-refundable. But if I paid this seems they would apply OBC? Anyone know? TIA!
  2. Wow! That is a lot!! Sure didn’t like about any of this. I figured I would be ok just going over the room myself with Clorox wipes. Thanks for the info... hope there is no problems
  3. Thanks for all the info everyone! I did a bunch of research yesterday and saw a few hotels i'm interested in.
  4. Thanks for the tip, but they don’t fly to Orlando from my home air port
  5. Thanks for the info JohninDC! Sounds like staying near the airport maybe the way to go. And I’ll look for a later flight.
  6. Hello to all reading this. I just booked a cruise for this November that I'm really hoping ends up sailing. The cruise is leaving out of Orlando, which I have never sailed from before. Anyone have recommendations for a hotel? I would like one that has restaurants/shopping within walking distance. I looked at google maps and really didn't see anything. Also, how early can I book my return flight for? It looks like there maybe a 11:45 flight, but think that maybe to early? Thanks in advance!
  7. Yes you can, I had to do it for an upcoming cruise. You need to call to book, don't think you can do it yourself on line.
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