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  1. let us know how everything turns out Alatraveler. I'm having the same situation as you, but my cruise isn't until December. I was going to call them to see if they could change it, but after reading your horror story i'm going to wait.
  2. the airport is not far from the cruiseport (about 10miles). As far as does it matter where to stay, that is up to you. I prefer staying in downtown Miami because of the area. There are restaurants in walking distance. I don't know anything about other airport hotels. Good Luck!
  3. I used the hotel though NCL for my cruise in May. It was very convenient, a few restaurants within walking distance. The room itself was clean, but the beds were the worse I have ever slept in. There was no refrigerator in the room, no exhaust fan in the bathroom, and the water knob feel off in our hands. Breakfast for two cost us over $60 for the buffet (but we could have walked to one of the surrounding restaurants - it was just to hot and I didn't want to get all sweaty). Other than that everything was great! LOL....I choose to do the hotel on my own this time.
  4. It’s to soon. My flight wasn’t actually booked until 45 days before, and I had to call the air department to get it booked. You will know the flight is booked when your e-docs are ready. If you don’t have your e-docs 45 days before, then call. They won’t help you before that. (Sorry not sure if I called at day 49 or 45) . I was supper stressed about it but everything worked out great.
  5. Used the reduced airfare my last cruise, and planning on using the next two. i chose to fly in the day before, and stayed in the hotel NCL offered. Chose to upgrade to better seats, and you have to pay to check in you luggage. I thought everything worked out great.
  6. Thanks Nola! I will call back. I did think about about both of the other options, but you have to book at least an ocean view to qualify for air, which is $1000 more than the studio (single supplement). And I used the air on my last cruise and we received our flight information at 50 days (and that was with me calling bugging them) so I’m thinking if we wait for last minute the prices will be sky high.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has used the air/sea program without it being a perk. I am looking at booking a cruise in which I would include the free air, but my son will have a studio room and therefore not eligible. I know he can book a flight on his own, but I hate telling him he has to travel by himself. I tried calling NCL last night and the woman I talked to just could not understand what I was asking. TIA!!
  8. You had a lot of time changes! I’m on the same cruise in a week... already dreading the them! Thanks for all your posts, lots of great info!
  9. Looks interesting! Wish we could book it
  10. This is how I know I don't have my flight information. I get the same error message. The first time I received it I called and was told I was getting the error because the flight was not yet booked. That once the flight was booked I was receive an email telling me that the edocs were ready. I have been checking once an hour since then
  11. Hi Tokidoki, I am currently 48 days out and have not received my flight information yet either. I called the premium air department on Friday (51 days out) and was told "they have your reservation and should get to it next week". So not a lot of help :(
  12. Just curious....do you count the rooms or is there a sub-total somewhere? I have tried counting, but I always loss my place
  13. This is sooo true! I haven't, but I'm going to find it and read it!
  14. Thanks LinnieRed, that's what I thought, but i'm hoping its not the case on the Escape
  15. LOL! I will try to remember that...treadmill before drink Thanks for the info!
  16. Loving your review ljrfrm! Just wondering....is there a time limit on using the treadmills? I usually run for about an hour, and thinking during my cruise (in 27 days!) I will definitely need to stick to this TIA
  17. make sure you're logged in, I had the same problem until I logged into CC
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