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  1. Hi seafairer, I certainly will post a review when I get a chance! Such a great cruise (s), RJMS74
  2. Hi Jennifer, I too have asked for further info on this & interestingly having obtained some quotes today for both the 2013 & 2014 - Silver Whisper - New York to Barbados 10 night October cruises interestingly some higher supplements than usual - 150% & 175% respectively and this for the lead base Vista suite. I hope that Silversea have decided to abandon such attractive lower single supplements starting at 105% on previous voyages but am beginning to wonder with the removal of such 'published' supplements & their percentages on the website under fares tab. Kind Regards, Richard
  3. Hello, I have recently spent 17 nights on two cruises on board the wonderful Silver Whisper. I have a quick question for fellow SS cruisers, does anyone know if caviar is no longer served in the The Restaurant as I am sure I did not see this once on the menu (granted I sometimes dined in Hot Rocks or La Terrazza but mainly in The Restaurant)? It was on the menu in Le Champagne & also served during the Venetian Society cocktail parties but on previous cruises it had been served mainly on Formal nights with a shot of vodka. In spite of this one observation the food was superb and first class in every respect. Kind Regards, RJMS74
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    I should have thought of that! I was recently on the Whisper & it was so terribly slow whether at sea or in port it made no difference. I used my iPhone instead it was much quicker! RJMS74
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    Hello, I am wondering why Silversea do not have webcams on their ships & in turn on their websites like most other Lines? Kind Regards, RJMS74
  6. Hi, Having just returned from another great back to back cruise on the Whisper, already looking at 2013 I notice that under the fares tab the single supplements are no longer showing? I am UK based and not sure if this also applies to the US website? Usually it shows single rate for the Vista & Veranda suites but not any more. Kind Regards, RJMS74
  7. Hello, I am going to the above port on the Whisper next month & having read a bit online about this island, I wonder if it is safe to leave the ship & why Silversea indeed have this on their itinerary if it is such a dangerous place? Any advice / comments from anyone who has been here would be gratefully received. Kind Regards & many thanks in advance, RJMS74
  8. Hi Duct tape, I will be on board - 2nd time on the Whisper and last year I tried the Spirit. I love this itinerary & did the same cruise back in 2010 - I am staying on board for the next 7 night Caribbean round trip Barbados cruise. See you on board. Kind Regards, RJMS74
  9. Hi everyone many thanks for your replies & further info on suite 439. Dusababy if you have any photos of this suite it would be great to see them. I've only previously stayed in a midships veranda suite. Kind Regards, Richard
  10. Hello, I have just been assigned the above suite for a back to back 17 night cruise on the Whisper next month. From what I can tell on the deck plans this is a pretty good location the most midship of the Vista suites & near central staircase. For anyone who has had this suite can you also gain access to the Restaurant and is there a lot of noise or traffic from this exit / entrance? Kind Regards, RJMS74
  11. Hello everyone, I have read with interest & also concern too about the food on board Silver Cloud currently as I am sailing on my 'only' 3 & 4th cruises with Silversea in October back on the superb Whisper! I have also tried the Spirit - excellent but service at times patchy and I very interestingly had a tour of the Cloud back on the embarkation day in Tower Bridge London on 13 August nearly 10 days ago now along with 3 friends as my guests. We have all travelled extensively on Cunard in the past & always at Queens Grill (top suite) level & I have to say thought our lunch on board was first class in every respect especially the cheese menu! I really hope the food improves on board for those currently sailing & I agree with other posters that the Hotel Director is the best first port of call and I am very surprised to hear of such bad reports & naturally concerned. Kind Regards, Richard
  12. Hello, Does anyone have any further info on the refubishment & dry dock of the Silver Cloud later this year? Having been on board yesterday in Tower Bridge for a lunch & very enjoyable afternoon & early PM visit, I found out the a forward Observation lounge will be added during the refit. I liked the ship very much but felt that she was somewhat tired compared to the wonderful Whisper that I am sailing on again in 2 months - that being said after the refit I would willingly try The Cloud as an excellent lunch yesterday & service as always. Kind Regards, RJMS74
  13. Hello, I have booked a Vista suite on a gty basis for two cruises on the Silver Whisper back to back in October / November. How soon will I be given my suite assignment and from experience are you usually allocated a suite in the grade booked or do Silversea ever upgrade such booking? I guess that wherever possible Silversea would endeavour to give me the same suite for the duration of the two cruieses? Kind Regards, RJMS74
  14. Hello, I've not sailed on the Whisper for a couple of years and just wondered what the current house champagne is on board? If you prefer another brand i.e. Perrier Jouet are you able to ask for this as an alternative on the complimentary drinks served or will a charge be made? Kind Regards, RJMS74
  15. Hello, Has anyone had the above suite or any of the other Q3's on QV on 4 deck? With the tender launch close to balconies is the view obstructed or not greatly if the tenders are flush with the ship? If anyone has any links to photos of these suites and of balcony etc that would be much appreciated. Regards & many thanks in advance, RJMS74
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