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  1. Scheduled to visit this new port/dock via the NCL Bliss in February 2021. I had read that there was going to be a water park of some kind with slides/lazy river, etc. Is that still happening? Looks like a popular excursion in the general area are the waterfalls? Also heard something about a cable car that goes to the top of a mountain?
  2. Currently booked on the Bliss, coming to Puerto Playa on 2/16/2021. Looks like the waterfall excursion is very popular. Any other recommendations? The cable car to the mountain top sounds pretty cool.
  3. BINGO! We are in the exact same boat and totally aligned/on the same page Our cruise is the 4 day NYC to Bermuda on the Encore from April 22-26...
  4. My PCC told me yesterday (who knows how trustworthy/accurate/reliable) that they are hoping to reveal more details about the 1st Leo ship in mid to late April. Smartly so, they want to maximize their press/PR so they are letting Virgin and others have the spot light now.
  5. sorry to hi-jack this thread, but just saw that the Gem will be in drydock in Boston in November 2020 for about two weeks (11/13 to 11/29). I wonder if that is just maintenance/paint/new furniture, etc. Or does a two week stop indicate more than the routine stuff?
  6. we are on the 4 day Encore to Bermuda cruise in April with port time of 8am to 5pm. What time is all aboard, 4 or 4:30pm?
  7. thanks, Charles! I think we will do jetski in the AM (KS Watersports assured me that the water will be cold, but totally doable) which is done by 9:30/9:45am and then jump on the ferry towards Hamilton or St. Georges and explore them for the day.
  8. i just emailed Brandi and let her know I was interested in a tour for my girlfriend and I (2 people) and Brandi said her rate was $70 per hour. Should I push back and let her know the rate is $50? is there a government website that shows this?
  9. Hi Everyone, Going to Bermuda on Friday, 4/24 via the Norwegian Encore. My GF and I are not huge beach people and don't enjoy baking in the sun for hours, but we do enjoy checking out a beautiful beach (i.e. beach bar!) for a little bit along with some other activities. We are in port from 8am to 5pm, so I assume that all-aboard time is 4:30pm. Would this itinerary/plan be possible in that time frame? - 8:30 to 9:30am, 1 hour jet-ski tour with KS Waterspots in the dockyard - take #7 bus to Horseshoe bay beach for ~2 hours - take taxi or bus from Horseshoe beach to the caves - check out the caves for 30/45min - take taxi/bus from here back to the dockyard? - would this work, and would we have time to squeeze in anything after the caves? Any sight or spot we should instead? We thought about doing a catamaran snorkel, but the jetski tour covers pretty much all the same spots just minus the snorkeling. Thanks, James
  10. Not sure if this question has already been asked, if so, I apologize. I have a certificate that I'd like to use for a new booking. A 3rd party website, rhymes with Encyclopedia, has the same cruise on the same date as NCL has on their site - for the same price and same perks, but with an extra $100 OBC. Can I use my CruiseNext certificate on this website or can I only use it on NCL.com? Thanks
  11. just clicked on the link and it brings me to their homepage. Where/what do I click to see the live stream?
  12. I think we should all except the Leonardo ships to be somewhat similar to the MSC Seaside and Virgin ships as they are all based on the same general design. Of course there will be the NCL regulars (Cagneys, LeBistro, etc.) but I am hopeful for some new or different pool areas/designs than on other ships. I do wonder why NCL went with Fincantieri and didn't stay with Meyer Werft. It was probably a cost decision (i.e. this universal ship design) and we all know how FDR feels about costs... Perhaps they will return to Meyer Werft someday
  13. I know I can ask in the San Juan board but curious if anyone has decided on any excursions for this port given the 5:30pm to 12am timing. It's too late for the forts, so perhaps getting dinner and walking around the island is the thing to do?
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