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  1. So, what do we not currently know as of yet? Food: - Is there a main dining room? - Is there a buffet or is the Indulge Food Hall taking its place? - Is there a casual walk up style food offering near the pools (I suspect The Local or Food Hall) - Will The Local be 24 hours like on other ships? - Will there be other specialty restaurants besides Onda and Los Lobos? (i.e. Le Bistro, Cagney's). Ocean Boulevard: - Are the infinity pools on both sides of the ship adults only, aka the new Spice H20? or are they an extra charge, aka the new Vibe?
  2. looks like a firepit in the first screengrab...that'd be cool...i bet it's only for Haven guests! ha
  3. YES! Especially when you have Royal, Disney and Celebrity all revealing detials about their new ships, within days of one another....Disney had a very glitz and well produced "virtual" unveiling / tour of their new Disney Magic ship today (coincidentally being built at Meyer Werft, which has built mostly all of the current NCL fleet) At first I thought NCL was being sensitive with COVID and not wanting to "promote" a new ship, but clearly there must be other reasons, if multiple other cruise lines aren't stopping...
  4. does the Premium Plus package include Starbucks drinks? or just the fancy coffees/related drinks at the regular bars?
  5. bummer, but really not surprised at all...I bet they push it back to June, my prediction
  6. That name is surely a departure from all the other ship names. I bet this is part of FDR's strategy of "upgrading" the public's perception of NCL and therefore can justify the higher prices across the board. Personally, I am not a fan. It makes me think of an Italian cruise line like Costa or the AIDA ships. But, any news is good news I guess, at this point
  7. Given today's announcement about cruises from the Caribbean and Greece, do you think NCL will reveal anything about Leo anytime soon?
  8. I don't see the Encore mentioned, could they be saving another "surprise" itinerary for her, or was it a simple mistake in leaving her off the list?
  9. i would agree, under normal circumstances, we'd most certainly would've heard a lot more by now...however, I think NCL is waiting until the last possible moment to make any announcements given everything else going on, so as to not appear insensitive or whatever...aka they don't want "bad" PR
  10. what Fincantieri ship yard are they building the Leo's in? Venice?
  11. when is Leo 1 scheduled to be completed in 2022, summer or fall?
  12. I don't think we will hear much about Leo 1 for several weeks, if not months, due to the new administration and the obvious focus on the vaccine and getting the existing ships back into service. I am super excited about this ship and will likely book her - so I want to know all the details, too! I just think we're going to have a wait longer than expected/hoped. Hopefully I am wrong!
  13. The Sky is a highly profitable ship for them, I know it's the oldest next to the Spirit, but I'd be surprised. I'd bet the Star would be the one to go given it's had tons of problems over the years. But who knows.
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