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  1. Not sure if this question has already been asked, if so, I apologize. I have a certificate that I'd like to use for a new booking. A 3rd party website, rhymes with Encyclopedia, has the same cruise on the same date as NCL has on their site - for the same price and same perks, but with an extra $100 OBC. Can I use my CruiseNext certificate on this website or can I only use it on NCL.com? Thanks
  2. just clicked on the link and it brings me to their homepage. Where/what do I click to see the live stream?
  3. I think we should all except the Leonardo ships to be somewhat similar to the MSC Seaside and Virgin ships as they are all based on the same general design. Of course there will be the NCL regulars (Cagneys, LeBistro, etc.) but I am hopeful for some new or different pool areas/designs than on other ships. I do wonder why NCL went with Fincantieri and didn't stay with Meyer Werft. It was probably a cost decision (i.e. this universal ship design) and we all know how FDR feels about costs... Perhaps they will return to Meyer Werft someday
  4. I know I can ask in the San Juan board but curious if anyone has decided on any excursions for this port given the 5:30pm to 12am timing. It's too late for the forts, so perhaps getting dinner and walking around the island is the thing to do?
  5. Just called to see if my Feb 2020 Encore cruise was included and was told that the only dates for this 20% off promo with the Encore would be September / October 2020...bummer
  6. how much are the spa passes currently going for? And, what exactly does it get you - just access and usage of the thermal suite/sauna/salt room, etc.? Does it include any actual spa passes?
  7. awesome! do you have restaurant recommendations, perhaps something with live music or a fun vibe? Not Senor Frogs (haha) but nothing too dead or boring
  8. Just curious to hear if you ended up going to St. John and if so, on your own or via the ship's excursion.
  9. Question for the OP: How is the dining and beverage package increasing your cruise by $600? The beverage package "cost" or amount you are paying is the gratuities, as others have said, which is $19.80 per person, per day. So, $19.80 x 5 days = $99 charge per person. The dining package "cost" or amount you are paying is the gratuities, as others have said, which according to the chart on NCL's website is $13.80 per person, total. If you add the $99 for the beverage package gratuities + the $13.80 for the dining package, your total extra cost per person is $112.80. If you multiply that by 2, for 2 guests, that grand total is $225.60. How are you calculating $600? Or are you saying that in order to get both of these packages, you need to select a more expensive cabin than the cheapest one? For example, a balcony or ocean-view cabin as opposed to an interior?
  10. there's a Q on deck 6! :) Totally agree with you on American Diner - what is special about it? Doesn't the buffet and The Local have the same food/menu for free?
  11. i guess they could remove the walls or key card access on deck 19 and/or 20 to make them "public" - seems like a pretty easy fix?
  12. B.I.N.G.O. (and that didn't cost you $25 of OBC to win!) :) I have a funny feeling that turning all this normally "public deck space" into more for-fee VIBE area is going to back fire and NCL will have to reduce certain parts/sections of the new VIBE area back to being public deck space. (a la the no taking of plates from the buffet decision that back fired). Specifically, the area on deck 20 (where laser tag is on Bliss) and/or the space on the one side of deck 19 that are "public" on Bliss and Joy...or maybe they wont...
  13. right...maybe they will allow you to purchase a Vibe pass online, ahead of time? I'm actually shocked they don't already, given that you can reserve/purchase nearly everything else ahead of time Does NCL realize that every other cruise line offers a free adults-only area? This seems to be another money grab...
  14. Does anyone think it's possible that NCL might reduce the cost of the Vibe pass, given that ~1/2 of the available deck space is dedicated to Vibe and/or Haven? I think the latest price $200pp or so? If they don't, or not a lot of people shell out the extra ~$200pp, then it's going to be a mad house and people will literally be on top of one another...
  15. ha! I was wondering the same thing! The C in enCore also looks to be a different font than the test of the word, or maybe it's time for an eye exam...
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