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  1. I live here....I haven't agreed with him on anything. It is "all about him"😠. Common sense would say knowing everyone on board has had a vaccination is good thing!!
  2. Thanks for sharing these with us🙂 I so miss being on the water............
  3. Hi, I think we have quite a few Sr Citizens on here.............😉
  4. Hi, we all have different views on this topic and as for turning it into a covid thread, its ok as long as everyone stays civil🙂 The question was about risk. Terry, do I feel I am putting myself at risk by taking this cruise? I guess my answer is I am willing to take the chance. Brand new ship that only holds 600 and from what I have been told, they will not sail full so less guests. My tours will be through the cruise line. My flight? Business Class so I won't be sitting thisclose to the next person. I have been fully vaccinated and I feel fine with my decision! I really
  5. Hi,🙂 you had asked about the buffet on SS? It is located inside "Terrazza" and the square footage of the area itself is much smaller than what you would normally find on any Mass Market Line. They do have crew behind the counter areas and in the past they could serve you or you could do self serve. I would think any new protocols put in place would now prohibit any self serve. But we won't find out for sure until that first sailing in June.
  6. Hi Cynthia, I am so sorry about your flood but I am so happy you are not hurt/injured!!!! And sorry about that tree limb!
  7. Hi Debbie, congrats on that new set of wheels😀. I have never owned a Volvo but I know they are supposed to be really good cars! How exciting!!!!!!!👍 Kat, I love Oatmeal but not sure about eating it cold. I have tried one of the new yogurts that are on the market....it has a type of oatmeal on top and I didn't really enjoy it all. Now maybe homemade tastes better........
  8. I can tell you what I did.....there is a an announcement on the right side of this page....It is in a small box......scroll up. If you click on that box, it should take you to the new forum and you can see all the new questions (and post one yourself too😀) Hope this helps.
  9. Hi LVshack🙂 I will be happy to let you know about the hotel upon my return.
  10. You can't get on there to post any questions? Several of us have been able to.....are you possibly clicking on an incorrect field? (Just trying to help).
  11. I have also sailed on Whisper. She was my 2nd cruise with SS in the summer of 2018......Venice to Nice. I had a wonderful time and am sailing her again (hopefully) in December😃. I know they always offer trivia during the day. I am not a bridge player so cannot tell you about that one. As Observer mentioned, the "Packed events" are not like on the mass market ships but I would not hesitate to recommend sailing her👍
  12. Not sure......I have been able to make dinner reservations for my July cruise and cannot see what night is what on the website. In other words, my screen has the same lack of information as Jmalux.....nothing on there saying what night is formal.
  13. I use a Capital One Venture card and there are no foreign transaction fees on it. I remember a friend recommending it to me (when I was asking about these same questions) years ago before my first cruise to the Med.
  14. I found those icons! I kept searching and I see them now.......you have to pull up the day you are looking at and then scroll down. They come up only after you scroll down on the left side of the screen.
  15. Good morning, where are you seeing an Activity Planner? I am looking inside my own booking with the SPA, Ashore, Dining........I see all the activity choices but don't see anything with the little icons you have in your post. Where are they located?
  16. Hi girls, Kat, I saw your post over the "Ask a cruise question" forum........I didn't realize you are having long term issues with Covid. I would have sent you all my best wishes before this..........hope you get to feeling 100% very soon.
  17. Hi, I see Wes posted how many of each night applies. Are you asking that or are you wanting to know which night is formal? Which night is casual? Etc.... Not sure anyone knows that reply. I can guess that night 1 and night 10 are both casual though😃 That would be normal.....first night sailing and last evening. It is the other 8 nights that will vary.
  18. If I may chime in, I have booked Business Class with SS on every European Cruise I have sailed on and was very pleased with it all.😃 They offered a Business Class upgrade for 600 bucks each way on my particular sailings. I seriously doubt I would have been able to find a business class ticket on my own for 1200 bucks! And I booked my hotels with them on 2 of my sailings. It was just easier for me on those specific cruises. I would say there is not a specific right/wrong way to do things....I sail solo and sometimes it is just easier for me to use the SS choices and I get all the tra
  19. Good afternoon, I am sailing on The Moon in July😃 and very much looking forward to it. It will be my 4th cruise with Silversea, all solo. Would you know if they will still be able to offer dinner together for solo cruisers? I don't mind eating on my own but the interaction with other guests is one of the best things about cruising! I am just wondering if you know anything about the new protocols in place and any information you might provide would be really appreciated🙂 Thanks so much!!!
  20. Hi Celeste, I am not on Apex. I am sailing on Silversea. Brand new ship called The Moon🙂 I haven't sailed with Celebrity in over 4 years. Congrats on becoming a new Grandma!😃
  21. They call it keeping everyone "in a bubble"......excursions will only be with SS......you will only be interacting with other cruise ship guests. And I spoke with my SS rep yesterday and she also told me the tour guides will have been vaccinated as well. They are doing everything they can to make everything as safe as possible.
  22. Hey stranger, good to see you again😃 hope you doing well! Been a very long year (for all of us). I think I recall you mentioning Bill a few years back. Nice. In touch with any of the old group? I lost touch with all of them a long time ago.
  23. Hi Terry, very interesting information.......I don't think you are missing anything. The sooner the crew gets their shots, the better for all of us.
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