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  1. Hi Kim - so glad to hear you have, indeed, turned the proverbial corner!! 👏👏 Thank you AshleyDillo for replying about The Perfect Day at Coco Cay. As I had mentioned, I haven’t been there as of yet, but have read nothing but glowing reviews on CC so far. So, free food-yes, snorkeling, yes BUT don’t know if they also offer snorkeling excursions to places extra special. As far as water slides, don’t know if there are any at all in the pool area, but you DO have to buy tickets into the water park area. They also offer a “ride” in a tethered helium balloon. If you were to go and we’re to do the balloon thing, I can only imagine the pictures you would take; you are such a talented photographer with a good eye. Lastly, my girls only group are currently ensconced in the Embassy Suites, as the weather outside is not conducive to going over into the city. Weather tomorrow, when we sail, looks even worse!😩😩. Usually, if I pack a warm coat and an umbrella, I’ve never had to use them. Didn’t work this time, I’ve already used both. Oh well, it could be worse, something my “poor me” meter often fails to register. Continue to improve ... and that’s an order!!😘 Ellen
  2. Perfect Day (at Coco Cay) is the moniker for the redeveloped private island in the Bahamas. From what I’ve been reading, it’s a beach day on steroids and includes a water park (that they charge for), the supposed largest swimming pool in the Caribbean, (or is it just the Bahamas? 🤔), quite a few different food venues, some of which carry an extra charge as well and several different beaches and areas where there are various types of cabanas available to rent (from $$ to $$$$$). The reviews I’ve read have all been positive, the pictures are amazing and there are some cruises available with 2 stops at Perfect Day. As for what what is available to do at the various ports on a New England cruise, it’s mostly sight-seeing as the whole region is quite picturesque, think hilly to downright mountainous, littered with lighthouses! Our first port, Boston, is also rich with American history. There is also, of course, one of my favorite pastimes no matter where in the world I am ... SHOPPING! Take care, Kim, and I look forward to checking in upon my return to read all about how much improvement you’re experiencing 😉 Ellen
  3. The entertainment, hands down. Production value on the Oasis class is VERY high. Enjoy your cruise! 😁 Ellen
  4. Wicked. Awesome play. 2nd pick, Come From Away! Have only heard from others, but everyone who’s seen it has absolutely LOVED it and we all know of the events of 9/11; this play is the “back story”. It’s a musical/drama/comedy and I believe it would be perfect, not just for Americans, but people from around the world (cruisers!).
  5. Hello Kim! So happy that you’re hanging in there, even though the pain, tingling and other unfortunate consequences of your injury must JUST SUCK!!! I must also be a cheerleader for an Oasis class cruise, no matter how uninteresting the ports may be (although RCI’s new Perfect Day is being reviewed as very WOW). For me, that class of ship is like nothing else at sea, and IS the destination. I’ve done Oasis once and Symphony once. Currently 4 ships in the class, with 2 more coming. I know that you and your family cruise for the beach, snorkeling and diving, but Oasis class has the highest caliber entertainment also, some of which, especially on Symphony, will leave your jaw hanging open (YMMV, but I doubt it!) Yes, Royal Caribbean, as well as Celebrity, cruises a few ships out of Port Liberty,Bayonne, NJ. I’ll be leaving next Tuesday for a cruise commencing on the 10th aboard Anthem of the Seas for a 9-nighter up into New England and Canada, which for me is a “fall colors cruise”. Did it once before with my late husband and weren’t able to see the colors at their peak, but it seems now that we’ll be pretty close. BTW, we’ll be spending our 2 nights pre-cruise in Elizabeth, NJ at Embassy Suites. Saw your review and pix of that property on Trip Advisor ... thank you very much! 😉 Also want to let you and bren61 know that I’m pretty sure that RCI stopped paying for the hotel and transportation for those “not quite BTB” cruises a few years back. Ellen
  6. You don’t state the child’s age, but there are definitely much fewer children on just about any cruise longer than 7 days, in my experience. Children younger than school age? Yes, there may be some. There is also the possibility of some children of all ages onboard from countries in say, South America and Australia for example, as their seasons are the opposite of ours in the northern hemisphere. Generally speaking, however, westbound transAtlantics have relatively a low number of children aboard. They will still have the children’s programs available. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. OMG! I certainly hope you reported it before you left the ship!
  8. OMG Kim, I cannot believe this unfortunate continued bad news since your fall! Sometimes life just isn’t fair and your present situation is certainly proof of that. I wish that I had some beautiful underwater snaps to post that could make you smile and think about something else than the pain for even just one second, but I don’t have any. What I DO have, however, is a true story of an ankle injury that a close friend of mine had many years back that almost mirrors yours. She he took a bad step, broke bones and ripped and tore muscle, tendons, etc. After the first surgery where they “fixed her up”, including hardware, etc., she also ended up with infections (including staph!) that required reopening the ankle, and on and on and on.... I’ll fast forward to the end of the story. She was told that her ankle would never be “right” again, which was true, at least in her case; HOWEVER, even though she still has discomfort and swelling (she is now 76 years old - her accident happened when she was about 40ish), she did recover, has continued to live a very full life and that ankle has kept her from doing nothing (well, except from maybe becoming a competitive long-jumper!!😜), walking and doing stairs complete unaided. She also has become one of my cruise buddies since our husbands passed and will, for the first time, be using a scooter aboard our cruise coming up next month ... and that’s because of her bad back. I hope that that gives you at least some hope that all of this will end at some point and you will get through it and that yes, you will get your life back 😘. Just keep looking down that tunnel. Soon, I pray, you’ll soon be seeing even the vaguest bit of light at the other end. You’re in my thoughts. 🤗 Ellen
  9. I happen to love both Oasis and Freedom class ships (also Voyager and Radiance class); I must concur, however that Oasis class has grossly undersized the buffet seating AND the Diamond Lounge is lousy, dark and also undersized IMHO.
  10. Where did you go? Hopefully nothing awful has befallen you or your family.
  11. Thanks so much for your great trip report. Always love to hear stories from happy cruisers 😊. Yes, Freedom class is a goody and Liberty is a wonderful ship.
  12. Welcome back, Marie & Bill. Always love virtually cruising with you both. I’ve only done a Vancouver to Hawaii transit once and would love to do it again. This will have to suffice for now. Northstar during a Napali sail by? YOU’VE HIT THE JACKPOT!!
  13. Will be aboard Anthem next month and so far haven’t found THE definitive answer... Will the app, downloaded onto my cell phone work without purchasing a WI-FI package and if so, without incurring any additional charges?
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