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  1. Definitely agree with others that your concerns are largely unfounded. Sailed Anthem last fall and while it’s not my favorite class of ship, we really enjoyed her. BTW, the rowdy crowds are normally found on cruises much shorter than an 11-nighter. Want to relive your old college party days? Take a 3, 4 or 5 nighter (especially on a cruise line which shall remain nameless) and you’ll most likely experience plenty of rowdy behavior. Longer duration cruises, especially taken when school is in session, will most likely have a very high percentage of “Q-tips” on board; I’m including mys
  2. Annie- yes, so glad you decided to post your amusing review. You and Dave are A HOOT! So refreshing to see postings that make us smile for a change and I thank you for taking your precious time to do it. I’ll be waiting anxiously for your next installment-can’t wait to see and hear of your birthday surprise. BTW ... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! 🍰🍷 Ellen
  3. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful travelogue. A very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours, much of which was spent staring at your WONDERFUL photography. Ellen
  4. I absolutely LOVE your Easter eggs, Noreen. They are just too cute! I hope you both had a peaceful Easter/Passover. Ellen
  5. I totally understand your plight, as voluntarily turning down a PH would be a Hugh downer; HOWEVER, if turning those 7 nights down means that you can now do Alaska (in a suite, no less!) I can almost guarantee that seeing Alaska would completely remove that sting. I am definitely a beach/warm water/palm tree type of girl, but was talked into doing an Alaska cruise by my late husband. I was so blown away with the majesty and beauty that I couldn’t even image, that we did it again a few years later! 😉 Whatever you choose, enjoy! Ellen
  6. The Royal Suite, great food AND winning big in the casino? You must be living right! 😂 Loving your review. It sure is an extra treat, considering the state of cruising currently and for at least the near future, unfortunately. I’ve been cruising for almost 20 years now (mostly with Royal Caribbean) and have my first Celebrity cruise booked for May 2021. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 Thank you, Noreen and stay safe. Ellen
  7. When aboard Anthem OTS this past October, there were Pickleball games posted in the Compass up in the Sportsplex on the top deck. Ellen
  8. I’m surprised that this thread isn’t in the 🔥 category. Surely those currently cruising that have the internet are following the news with abandon.
  9. Totally doable, depending on day of the week, how many ships in port that morning, and only IF everything goes according to plan. Personally, way too stressful for me. I only book flights leaving after 1:00pm on debarkation day. Whatever you plan, have a great cruise! 😊 Ellen
  10. Great start! You all look like a fun group having a great time. Patiently waiting for more... 😊 Ellen
  11. I agree that the Wonderland experience can vary from ship to ship. Just walking in to Wonderland aboard Symphony is part of the experience. Aboard Anthem, for instance, not so much. I would recommend Wonderland to anyone at least once, if they’re at all curious. It is, after all, more than just a meal. With the right waitperson, along with the AMAZING Madhatter, it’s dinner AND a show. Enjoy your cruise. Ellen
  12. My best tip? Bring your most comfortable walking shoes!!! Yes, she is huge, but beautiful. I concur with the entertainment comment. I would also urge you to at least take a walk through the Solarium after dark. The “art piece” in the center is quite interesting during daylight hours, stunning after dark. Enjoy your cruise ... and, I’m a little bit jealous 😉 Ellen
  13. While I do agree with the “chopped up” reference and overall, there’s just something about the design that doesn’t do it for me, I really loved many things about Anthem. Specifically, 270 and it’s Cafe 270, the Music Hall as well as the way-above-average entertainment. I 100% agree with the We Will Rock You recommendation, which was amazing. I very much much like Radiance, Voyager and Freedom class ships, but Oasis class still does it for me, really delivering the “WOW!” Ellen
  14. Just did the same cruise, same ship, 9 nights, this past October 2019. We sailed on the 10th, so a bit earlier than what you’re interested in. Unfortunately, our weather was far from the best, lots of gray days, on and off rain, temps pretty cool, but there’s no guarantees. If you’re familiar with Anthem OTS, you probably know that the entertainment is better than most, much like the Oasis class. I did pretty much the same cruise over 10 years ago on the Jewel OTS, but round trip out of Boston. We sailed around the 26th of September, had gorgeous weather, but there was just the
  15. Have you read through your roll call? I’m fairly certain that you’ll be far from the only CC solo cruiser, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve only done 2 TransAtlantic cruises so far, but there were plenty of solos on both of them. RCI has a message board on every sailing, usually near Guest Services, or Promenade Cafe on Oasis, but if you can’t find it, Guest Services “should” be able to help you find it. That’s where you should be able to find solo luncheons or get-together posted.
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