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  1. For those who read this troubling claim, I will quote directly from an email I received today from Ulf (Dee's husband)... "Dee is NOT ill and Woodwind is in full opertion"
  2. I can't imagine anyone hoping for that. I can imagine some spreading that disinformation. I read people posting how upset they are because hospitals prepared for patients were not used. Instead of being glad less people have the virus, they instead wish the beds filled with more infected patients. SMH All the while complaining about hospitals set up for possible patients they say not a word about the 60,000 ventilators paid for by the federal government that are in use outside this country. Sad 😢
  3. If only the federal government provided leadership & guidance but I heard nothing more could be done, nothing more could be done.😷 People still bothered about unused hospital beds, if only more had the virus, then they would be happy or at least lese whiny.🤣
  4. Doomed from a hoax????😕 "nothing more could be done, nothing more could be done"
  5. The most convenient would be taxi/uber from Hoboken to Cape Liberty. You could take the Hudson Bergen light rail from Hoboken terminal to 34th Street in Bayonne. That light rail stop is near the entrance to the port but it is 2 miles from the entrance to the terminal building. You would need a taxi from the light rail stop to the terminal.
  6. No testing in the NBA. Why would they test? Testing increases numbers, as we have been told. By not testing there is no covid 19 in the NBA. Common sense.🤡
  7. It most certainly will, just like a miracle. We need positivity not negativity.
  8. Good to see the doctor taking precautions for the health of their patients and others.
  9. As they should, just believe the truth not those with an agenda. Just bought air tickets, cheap, for November Miami cruise. Heard from one I believe, down to zero soon totally under control.
  10. You believe anything from this "news" organization? Have you seen their outrageously false poll numbers. Don't believe everything you read.
  11. If only an outside group, say the police union, had offered bounties. I don't think any one would have objected to that. Problem solved.
  12. Some people moved on a long time ago. Others never accepted the risk at all. They're understanding now.
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