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  1. Yes no one wants to see the hospital beds occupied. If they are that means more are infected. Actually, 1 person wants to see the beds filled up. He is angry the beds in NY were not filled, posted that sentiment numerous time on these boards. Sad, very sad.
  2. I like the entertainment, so I owe you a big THANK YOU🤡
  3. All the times you mentioned you watched and are a fan of a specific news channel, you are saying you lied all those times? How appropriate😂 You are the only poster who puts his political views on these boards on a daily basis, repeatedly. If you do not like my comments do I need to point out the obvious?🤔 Hope you son is safe. Appreciate his effort.
  4. The news channel you watch called this a hoax. No other news channel. Officials in the administration as well. It is obvious what you do not want to talk about.
  5. It is not a hoax yet multiple hosts on the media channel you consider "news" said it was. Yesterday a former chief of staff complained that his daughter could not get a text and the length of time for the result of his son's test was unacceptable. He too was another hoax advocate.
  6. Good to see the doctor taking precautions for the health of their patients and others.
  7. As they should, just believe the truth not those with an agenda. Just bought air tickets, cheap, for November Miami cruise. Heard from one I believe, down to zero soon totally under control.
  8. You believe anything from this "news" organization? Have you seen their outrageously false poll numbers. Don't believe everything you read.
  9. If only an outside group, say the police union, had offered bounties. I don't think any one would have objected to that. Problem solved.
  10. Some people moved on a long time ago. Others never accepted the risk at all. They're understanding now.
  11. Please show me where I said you said this is a hoax? Nice try though as for the past 40+ months it has become the norm to lob false accusations rather than answer the question. Twice you wrote about hospital beds in NY not being fully utilized and I am trying to understand why this bothers you. Why you would prefer that more be sick so that it justifies your desire that those beds be occupied and create a further strain on the health care professionals as opposed to being glad the beds were not used. You chose to not address your "unique" view despite having the opportunity to do so. Obviously it troubles you greatly to the point where you complained about it not once but twice in the same thread Sad. Twice I informed you that the figures which were used for projections were provided by the federal government and you ignore that as well. You did not answer in words but your actions are more telling. Unlike you, I do not want others, to get this virus so that they occupy hospital beds. I do hope your family members stay healthy. My town in NJ had a testing site open last week for all regardless if symptomatic or city resident. I do not know if this was a 1x event. Some of the pharmacy's have begun drive through testing. It is some and only a few locations. It is not as promised on March 13 by DC that "stores in virtually every location covering this country in large part" would be testing. No need for you to explain why you remain silent on that promise not kept. I understand why. Sad. Again, relax, take a deep breath, Florida will be down to zero very soon. Promise😷
  12. You repeat yourself in this thread as if the need for these beds never utilized is something negative or to be frowned upon. Would you have rather seen every hospital bed filled with coronavirus patients so that this "totally under control" virus would have higher numbers and we would be winning by an even greater margin than present? I find it illogical that you need to criticize that more people were not infected so that they would have filled the beds for your liking. The governor of NY took this serious, he had beds in place if needed and gratefully they were not. He did not wait for space to be exhausted and then look to add. He did not welcome with open arms and closed lips thousands of spring breakers to boost the economy and then deny cruise ships from docking in his state with infected passengers and crew as happened in Florida. He imposed restrictions on his state to not be overwhelmed by the virus. Sad that other governors choose not to follow this course. Since you repeated yourself, I will again repeat that the numbers used by the NY governor were provided by...the federal goverment. Washington DC. You seem to be very agitated by this virus hoax. Relax, Florida will be down to zero very soon.
  13. No sense of humor, it was just a joke🙄 " I am an urequited Libertarian" is what you wrote in a reply on May 26 and you followed it up with your beliefs on government. So when you write blatantly politically on these boards it is okay but if you find something offensive be it political or not, you are against others opinions because they do not agree with yours and you make threats. Sad🤔
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