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  1. On the map, the locations with a yellow dot correspond to the actual port you will stop in. The other names on the map are water locations you will sail through or by in between ports. Some of that may be during a sea day or some will be overnight. I see they listed Cape Horn on the list, but notice that it doesn't have an arrival time. You will be sailing by the Cape overnight -- not stopping.
  2. The corkage fee, in NCLs usage of the term, allows NCL to recover some of the money they lose by you bringing wine onboard yourself instead of purchasing it from them. They would much rather you purchase from them. With NCL, the term has nothing to do with opening the bottle or the type of cap it has on it. Once paid, you can open your bottle anywhere, anyway. You can also drink it anywhere and anyway you wish without needing to pay any further charges.
  3. Usually odd amounts refunded while on board are for the port taxes/fees associated with a missed port or a port change after payments were made. Although, $84 per person seems higher than most port fees I've seen.
  4. My current 3 booked cruises are all Sailaway rates and all 3 had cabins assigned within 24 hours. None of them have been changed since then. However, I'm pretty certain NCL has the right to change them in the contract. But I bet they probably won't. I don't think YOU are allowed to call them to get it changed. However, you might give it a try, if that's what you want to do. The intent is that NCL gets to pick it, so I wouldn't count on you being able to change it yourself.
  5. What you see is the same as what I see. I'm confident it's been updated properly. I figure some of their name displays on the website and the app simply don't show the middle name.
  6. Your posting is confusing and doesn't match the title. Can you clarify what you are asking? You mix a lot of different locations in there.
  7. I just called NCL and the agent told me that they are getting a ton of calls this morning to make the necessary changes. She indicated that it appears they really need their reservations to match your Passport (or other IDs, I assume). After making the changes to 3 existing reservations that I have, she sent out a new confirmation PDF via email for each. The updated names are in the confirmation. I also now see my updated names in my ncl.com account profile and on all my cruise documents that need to be printed out. I was only on hold about 3 minutes before getting to an agent on the phone.
  8. I got the email for my November cruise this morning. But have not received any emails yet for my 2 January cruises. I'm guessing those will come in due time. Guess I better call NCL too.
  9. Cannes is a nice port to just get off the ship (you will tender to shore) and explore on foot if you desire to do that. There are plenty of shops and cafes to entertain you. There is also a nice higher-elevation hill that you can see from the waterfront which can be walked up for great views of the waterfront and your ship out in the water. With the other heavy sightseeing ports on a Med cruise, Cannes is a nice day to just relax and soak it all in.
  10. Agreed. I wasn't comfortable with the loose hanging stuff from my closet being transferred that way. I repacked it all so all the stewards needed to do was carry 2 pieces of luggage to the new room. But it's up to you.
  11. Where does the excursion actually leave you when it finishes? The home port excursions that I have taken have all ended at the airport and our luggage was on the same bus we were during the excursion. I thought the purpose of most of these type of excursions was to fill time for people with later flights, but maybe there are other types I don't know about. I would think it ends at the airport and your luggage will be given to you as you exit the bus. It would then be up to you to get to your hotel with your luggage.
  12. In my experience, in Europe, ships generally are letting passengers off within 15-20 minutes of the planned arrival time. They are usually staring the docking process a few minutes in advance and then the process of tying up the ropes and setting up the ramps and such takes a few minutes. While that is being done, the arrival paperwork is done. I would be watching for the ramps from the promenade deck (if there is one) and then start heading down to the gangway when I see that they are ready to let people off. I would not wait for a formal announcement. I often am off the ship before that announcement is made. As marazul has said above, your tour company should be aware of the actual timing and should be prepared to deal with your arrival time.
  13. I'm curious what price you would be suggesting the additional people pay for the cruise? Are you suggesting they would pay $0?
  14. I consider this an excellent location to base yourself when in Barcelona. I've stayed twice at the Regencia Colon Hotel which is a block away. You're very near the Cathedral, which is a nice place to visit. And there is a public square in front of the Cathedral which offers space to people watch. You'll be within easy walking distance of La Rambla (with all of its activity), Placa de Catalunya, the Gothic Quarter, etc. Lots of shopping and restaurants and places to choose from. Also you'll have easy access to the metro via short walks. For places like Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell, you'll probably want to take the Metro or a taxi. I love the location, personally.
  15. On one of my Barcelona cruises, we arrived around 9:30 directly from the airport. They weren't prepared to take our bags yet at the drop-off location. They told us to come back at 10:00 and they were taking them at that time. We just sat off to the side for that 30 minutes. There was a LOT of action going on at that time as previous passengers were finding their transportation and new passengers were arriving to hopefully start their cruise. It was a bit chaotic. I suspect the exact time they will take your bags depends on the status of that particular day's chaos.
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