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  1. NCL will easily reprice your existing reservation to the current prices prior to when your final payment is due. Because there is nothing to stop you from cancelling and rebooking to get the better price anyway. So they will do it for you. It’s sort of a rebook, but you keep the same reservation number and cabin. BUT, be certain you are aware of any difference in the perks between the original booking and current offers. They may not be the same. They will often lower the price when they remove an included perk. But as long as you keep the same perks or the change in fare makes losing a perk acceptable to you... reprice away. i repriced last week not to get a lower fare, but to get the $100 OBC they are currently offering as a perk. Took 5 minutes on the phone to get it for 2 Cruises I booked a couple weeks ago using NextCruise Certs.
  2. As mentioned above, the specifics can change from ship to ship and even sailing to sailing due to the way specific personnel handle it. But generally, with a B2B, you want to make sure the cruise line is aware you are doing the B2B first. They can indicate this in their records, so call and have it done in advance of your cruises if you haven't already. Then once on board, a couple of days into the first cruise, go to the service desk and make sure they have it in the ship's system too. Later in the first cruise, you will likely get a letter with specific instructions on what they want you to do related to the second cruise. This may not get to you until the night before the first cruise ends, but usually it's a day earlier than that or so. Check on it at the service desk if you haven't seen anything by the last afternoon of your cruise. Usually, those staying on board for the B2B are asked to meet in a lounge somewhere early on the final morning of the cruise. Then a crewmember will come get the group and take you to the exit where your old id cards are processed "off" the first cruise. You will be given new cards for the second cruise (sometimes they deliver those the night before to your cabin). If the local country requires any form of passport control or checks, they may do those on board or they may make you go off ship briefly as a group to process you. It varies. If you wish to stay on the ship, the crew will then process you "on" with the new cards. Usually earlier than they start boarding new guests. The crewmember will guide this entire process to make sure it goes smoothly. If you wish to go ashore and explore, you have your new card and can do so. When you return, just let them know you are a "through passenger" and they will show you how to skip the check-in process. You may be given these instructions in your letter the night before. I think when I did my B2B, they gave me a "through passenger" pass to hand them when I re-boarded. As mentioned above, if you're switching cabins, speak to your first cabin steward about how they want to handle it. You don't put your bags out in the hallways the night before with the disembarking passengers' bags. Usually, they want you to put your belongings into your suitcase and leave it in the first cabin. Put your luggage tags for the second cabin on the bags, so they are reminded where to take them. They then take care of taking it to your second cabin while you are being processed off/on the ship. It also never hurts to go find the room steward for the second cabin prior to the end of the first cruise and let them know you will be doing B2B. This probably would get your cabin cleaned more quickly, but not necessarily. Some stewards will also move the items you have on hangers without you having to pack them. I chose to put everything back in my suitcase so that a shirt didn't fall off somewhere in the hallway between cabins and get lost. All-in-all, it's a pretty easy (and fun) process. I have a B2B booked for October 2021 on NCL in the Mediterranean with the switchover day being in Istanbul. I was lucky enough to snag the same cabin for both legs. I can't wait and I'm keeping my fingers crossed we are back to some form of normal by then.
  3. Most of the shows are offered more than one evening and possibly at different times. So when the website allows you to book shows you probably want to consider each day at a time and look at where you will be that day and how long your excursions and/or on shore plans are. Look at the times in port. Consider what the sea days are. Based on that info, you can decide when you’ll likely want to take in certain shows and how you want to balance that with your evening meals. Work all the pieces until you are happy. I consider this entire dance to be part of the pre-cruise fun. Alternatively, you could make no reservations and just wing it by getting in the standby lines. I don’t do that but I see a lot of people in the lines, so it can be done.
  4. On non-suite cabins, you can cancel for refund up to 120 days out. So that is accurate. NCL is all over the board on when they actually assign a Guaranty cabin. My experience has been that when I book far out, I usually get One assigned shortly after booking. When I book inside the 120 window, it’s usually been assigned in the last few weeks prior to sailing. As mentioned above, NCL now has an automated system for bidding on upgrades. With that, you will most likely get only the category you paid for. But you never know. Then you might be offered a chance to bid on an upgrade.
  5. I booked a pair of B2B cruises for October 2021 about 2 weeks ago. I called NCL yesterday and had them "reprice" it under the new promo. The underlying cruise fare hadn't changed price (I had verified that first on my own via ncl.com). They quickly did the reprice and it added the $100 OBC to both cruises. Granted, when I booked the cruises, I was using up existing Cruise Next Certificates and not laying out more cash up front. I probably wouldn't be booking any new cruises at this point that require me to give cash. My final payments aren't due till June 2021 and that is when I will decide if the situation is safe enough to lay out more cash to keep the cruises. Also, as pointed out to me on another thread, the current promo does not include the "Free Gratuities" that were on the previous promo for balcony cabins and above. Since I'm booked in an inside cabin, I didn't have the free gratuities to worry about. I'll take $200 anytime someone wants to give it to me. Until your final payment is due, it's easy to have them reprice to get a better value promo. Just be aware of what you might LOSE by different promo terms as well.
  6. Great point. Since I’m in an inside cabin, I didn’t qualify for the free gratuities earlier. But those having other cabins might not find the new promo worth changing.
  7. It looks like the new NCL promo adds Kids Sail Free and OBC (for cruises after April 2021). I booked B2B Med cruises for October 2021 ten days ago and got the usual Free-as-Sea options added. Today the price of the cruises are still the same but the current promo adds $100 per cabin (inside) per cruise, so I called NCL and the agent applied the new promo, verified the prices weren't changed, and voila! I have $100 OBC for both cruises now. Sweet! The Kids Sail Free part doesn't apply to me. Now if only Covid will go away by June 2021 when my final payment is due and stays away through the entire duration. Right now, I only have Next Cruise Certificates in the game, so I'm not too stressed about anything.
  8. Interesting. I've booked two B2B Eastern Med cruises on the Spirit for October 2021. The first is a 9-day cruise out of Venice and it doesn't have a single sea day. The second is a 7-day out of Istanbul. It also does not have a single sea day. So I'll be 16 days without a sea day. I'm either crazy or brilliant. I generally don't really feel I need the sea day when I'm traveling solo like I will be on these 2 cruises, so I'll just focus on the next day's port and get my rest with early nights in bed. I wonder if reduced sea days is a trend for NCL? Perhaps only in the Med. Who knows.
  9. Would this be your first cruise? If so, the Mariner is no more known for smoke issues than any other ship. If this is not your first cruise, then the Mariner is no more known for smoke issues than other ships you have been on. But as mentioned above, all cruise ships have locations on them where you may encounter smoking. But, in my opinion, it’s easy to avoid.
  10. Thanks Cruisemom. This is helpful info on Patmos. NCL has not posted any excursion details yet for Patmos (and not even sure how many they will offer with a 6:30pm arrival. I also won't be surprised if this itinerary changes over the next 15 months. Far too early to worry about it.
  11. I just realized I should have posted the cruise details. This itinerary is from NCL on the Spirit ship.
  12. I booked a couple Back-to-Back cruises in October 2021 (just in case we're sailing by then. 🙂) I was surprised to see that the Kusadasi stop is only for 1/2 day with a later stop that same day in Patmos, Greece. The times are Kusadasi from 6:30am to 12:30pm and then Patmos from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. Both cruises of my B2B are doing this stop, so I'll have to deal with it twice. Fortunately, I've already been to Kusadasi twice and have been to Ephesus both times (with the Terrace Houses once). Looking at the excursions for Kusadasi, it doesn't even look like they are offering a Terrace House tour for this timeframe. Or perhaps it's just not listed yet since it's so far off. And the other, longer excursions that I've taken in the past to Didyma, etc. are also not offered. No idea what I'll do, but probably go back to Ephesus to see what's changed in the last 9 years since I was last there. I have no idea what one would do in Patmos with a 6:30pm arrival in late October. Anyone else ever seen this odd timing/combination of stops in one day? Weird to me.
  13. I just booked a couple B2B cruises where the turnaround day is in Istanbul. We arrive there at the end of the first cruise and then overnight before disembarking the next day. Since I'm on the next cruise as well, I hope to be able to get off the ship on that second day and then return before sailing. We'll see how they work that. I'm glad that I have previously been in Istanbul and was able to see Hagia Sofia when it was still a museum, including going upstairs to see the Christian mosaics. I probably will focus on things that I didn't see on my first trip to Istanbul instead of trying to return to Hagia Sofia. I hope to see the Topkapi Palace and Harem this trip since I missed that before. Then I'll add in a few other things after that. Hopefully the politics of Turkey don't get worse by then (October 2021).
  14. What if NCL didn't "extend" the expired Cruise Next Certificate? What if they permitted the use of an expired certificate to book a cruise as a show of good will? There is a difference between the above action and extending a CN Certificate for one year -- leaving it in the owner's account for use anytime in the next year. I don't know what NCL did in the OPs situation or what they have done in others. But it sounds like people need to ask for the details when they are in this situation.
  15. I realized well after writing my above post that I incorrectly used the term FCC rather than Cruise Next Certificate. My bad. I’m well aware of the CN program. I use it. I have 2 of them in my account. I stand by my opinion.
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