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  1. I haven’t read the Royal Caribbean FAQ, so I apologize if it’s in there... have they indicated what will happen if you’re vaccinated and on a cruise; they do a test a couple days before disembarkation day; and you now test positive. You can be fully vaccinated and still catch and carry the virus. Supposedly, you’re less susceptible to it, but it’s possible. What happens? And who arranges and pays for what happens?
  2. Great question. I'm going to guess that their online systems can't deal with this situation. But perhaps they can do it with a phone call intervention. Good luck.
  3. If If you qualify for the shore excursion promo, if you book your excursions in advance via the NCL website, the $50 is deducted from the price at that time. You will see it deducted in the price in the shopping cart as you go through the process. You also pay at that time (in advance). I do not know how they are currently working it if you CALL to book the excursion. At one time, I believe, they did not charge you in advance if you called. But I've lost track of that now. If you wait to book your excursion on the ship, then you online account will be
  4. I've sailed the Brilliance twice. I love the ship. As mentioned, in the past there was no reserving of shows. You may choose to make dinner reservations in specialty restaurants once on the ship if you prefer. We found the dining room food was fine, but we also had a special meal at Chops Grille as well. We also ate all breakfasts at the Windjammer and a few lunches and dinners even.
  5. NCL does not book your flights until much closer to sail date. NCL either has advance price protection agreements with airlines to ensure they know what they will eventually pay for the flights or they have others ways to hedge their bets (historical pricing models, insurance policies, etc). I’m sure they won’t be losing money on the arrangement.
  6. Yes, the prices in this promo are round trip prices. So it's a pretty good price for the airline component of the trip. If the overall price of the cruise package is acceptable, then you're good to go. You probably want to read the various postings on the forums about what you get for the airfare. It's main cabin seating. You don't have control over which flights they choose for you. Which means you don't control which route/stopovers you may have, etc. You can't control which airline they choose. But once you get your assigned flights, you can contact the airline directly and use any
  7. You have a few options discussed here. Barcelona Airport - Left luggage offices at T1 and T2 (aeropuertobarcelona-elprat.com) Baggage Storage in Barcelona - Secure Lockers and Left luggage (barcelona-tourist-guide.com) I see that the airport left luggage is currently closed due to Covid. Hopefully by the time of your trip, things will be opened back to normal levels.
  8. I don’t think they are going to do what are asking them to.
  9. Magnesia is definitely worth the visit, especially for someone with your level of interest. A lot is now just rubble, but there are several recognizable elements. I do recall thinking it was the least impressive stop of that day to me (after Ephesus, Didyma, and Miletus). I found the description for the tour I booked and it was 8.5 hours long, but that included the stop at the carpet store. So admittedly, we didn’t spend much time at any site other than Ephesus. But I know I enjoyed it.
  10. Thanks @cruisemom42. I was on a previous B2B that stopped at Kusadasi on both legs in the past, just like my upcoming October one. Nicely, I had FULL days in port on those past cruise stops instead of the silly 1/2 day stops NCL is doing this fall. As a result, I have already been to Didyma (LOVED it and was amazed by what is still there to see!). We also visited Miletus but pretty much just went into the wonderful amphitheatre for a bit. We also stopped at Magnesia. This was all in addition to the stop at Ephesus. So far, NCL doesn't show excursions that visit any of these
  11. OP, I see that you have a future Royal Caribbean cruise booked. If you’ve cruised Royal in the past and found the spending experience and options acceptable, then you will likely find NCL the same. It’s pretty much the same pricing model for things. There are lots of options to spend more money on board, but they are the same ones Royal has. The things that are required are the same on both lines. If you each like to drink more than 4 or 5 drinks per day, then keep the free drink promo because having to pay the gratuities on it works in your favor. You don’t need to tip any mo
  12. I'll be in Ephesus twice on back-to-back cruises on the Spirit with the same hours as you in October. This timing is definitely not ideal and, for the life of me, I can't figure out why NCL did this. You certainly can get there and explore the the site using a private tour guide if you wish. They would have the same time available as the ship excursions. In fact they probably would permit a little bit more time at the site since it would be just your smaller group instead of a full busload. But I don't think you'll be able to visit the Terrace Houses and enjoy them. You nee
  13. Does the cruise line not offer such an excursion? I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise a few years back and they offered “ Taormina on your own” which bussed us the entry gate, a person escorted us to a location on the Main Street and told us to be back in this same locate at the specified return time. However, I think it was only 4 hours. That was enough time for me, but may not be for you.
  14. The OP’s cruise is in 2022. Not 2021.
  15. Well, first, I would say that your hotel is still very much in the city. It’s just not in the type of area you are describing you want. There is a nearby Metro stop which could be used to get around town. Taxis are cheap. I don’t think I’d want to walk the distance to get to La Rambla, for example. I’d be tempted to figure out a hotel with a better location.
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