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  1. Yes, each terminal at the port has taxis located near it. In my experience, multiple taxis were there at all times and new ones came in as fast as people left in one. While there was a line for the taxis, it moved almost continuously. Early in the morning, we didn't really even have a wait for a taxi. By the time we got to the loading area, we were next for a taxi. The shuttle buses are used if you wish to transport to the foot of Las Ramblas (Columbus monument).
  2. I don't have any special insight. But I can tell you that I won't likely make any airfare purchases for my 2022 cruises until about 2 months before the cruise. I know I'll have to pay more for the ticket probably. But I don't think it makes sense to purchase earlier given the constantly changing nature of things.
  3. Arrival and departure times are also shown at the end of the confirmation PDF document you should have been emailed when you purchased your cruise. Although it could have been changed since then. You can call and ask them to send a cruise confirmation document if you want a current one.
  4. It has been mentioned a few times within some posts on different topics. But still is worth a thread of its own. It's unfortunate, but I'm also surprised they let it be done for as long as they did. It really was double dipping, so to speak, on the benefits. It was good for us, but not so good for NCL. I'm sad to see it go.
  5. Is your ship sailing from directly in Amsterdam? or at the more remote port of Ijmuiden, which is sometimes referred to as Amsterdam in cruise advertising? If you're sailing from central Amsterdam, then the Movenpick is probably an excellent choice as it is literally connected to the cruise terminal. If staying there, the sites of Amsterdam are still very walkable and/or you may choose to take a tram/taxi to some of the ones that are further away. One can walk from the Movenpick to the Centraal Train Station in 10-15 minutes. As I mentioned, I stayed at the Renaissance which is located in the prime tourist area and from there I walked to the cruise terminal on departure day. That walk took maybe 20-25 minutes. I, personally, would not hesitate to book the Movenpick as my pre-cruise sightseeing base. I'm not able to comment on the quality of the hotel as I didn't stay there. But I've read others on this forum who seem to like the experience. I walked everywhere during my stay and did not use any public transportation. Even to the more distant museum district.
  6. Just in case you're not aware, there is also a similar web offering called "CruiseFirst" that you can take advantage of any time. CruiseFirst | Vacation Savings | Norwegian Cruise Line (ncl.com) It looks like it is currently "pay $150 and get $300 toward a cruise", so a $150 benefit. However, they change the terms now and then. At times, it becomes "pay $250 and get $500 toward a cruise", but I haven't seen that in quite a while.
  7. Just in case you didn't know it, there is a TEST forum here on cruise critic where you can perfect your techniques before posting in an actual forum. You might find this helpful to test out which photo sizes work best for you while on the ship, for example. TEST FORUM - Cruise Critic Community
  8. @PomPoot And you seem determined to not read what has been posted and clarified for you. Read the paragraph after the itemized list immediately the sentence you have fixated on. Note, that sentence ends in a colon, indicating the list is a linked continuation. I’ve bolded and underlined the critical additional information. Persons over the age of 12 must present a COVID-19 digital green pass in order to access certain services and activities: Travelling by air, train, ship, ferry or bus throughout Italy Restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours and pastry shops for consumption at table indoors Performances open to the public, sporting events, both outdoors and indoors Museums and places of culture, shows Swimming pools and gyms Private parties, such as wedding receptions Festivals and trade fairs Conventions and congresses Spas and fitness centres Gaming halls and betting shops, bingo halls and casinos Access to these services and activities is allowed on presenting the EU Digital COVID Certificate or an equivalent certificate issued by the health authorities of Canada, Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  9. I think you should have time to have a taxi drive you from the airport through the city so you can "see" the Acropolis from the car. Maybe they would stop so you could get out and get a selfie picture or two. But I don't think you'll have enough time to climb up the Acropolis and venture inside to explore. You probably need to be at the ship between 2:00 and 3:00 at the latest.
  10. I believe this is the current details from the Italian Health Ministry website. The UK is part of "List D" and subject to those rules. I would expect you would have to meet these requirements to visit Italy, even if only for 36 hours. List D - Covid-19, travellers (salute.gov.it) In short, your proof of vaccination, a filled out passenger locator form, and take a negative molecular or antigen swab test in the 72 hours prior to entering Italy; in the case of arrivals from the UK and Northern Ireland and British Isles, the swab test must be taken in the 48 hours prior to entering Italy Hopefully, you can get the test done on the ship.
  11. During the online booking process I went thru last month for Sept. 2022 cruises, at one point the screen showed an option to select a REFUNDABLE deposit for a higher cruise price. The default was a non-refundable deposit at a lower cruise price. I found adequate info on the screen to understand what I was agreeing to. I chose the non-refundable option to maintain the lower price. While the deposit is non-refundable, you can change it to a different cruise for a change fee of $100. On my reservation at least. Hasn’t Royal Caribbean had this choice for a while now? I’ve read about it on CruiseCritic for a few years, I think.
  12. The bus you go on isn't determined at time of purchase or at the time the tickets are printed and left in your cabins on embarkation day. On the day of the excursion, everyone with a ticket for the "8:15 Excursion XXXX" goes to the designated meeting location -- usually the theatre or a restaurant. Upon arrival at that location, you show your ticket and they give you a sticker to wear on your shirt. That sticker has a number on it. Make sure everyone in your party is there at the same time to get the same sticker number. At 8:15, they will say "everyone on Excursion XXXX with sticker number 1 follow Sam. He will take you to your bus." So you should all be together on the same bus. I don't think seat numbers for the ballet would be printed on the ticket. I've never gone to a seating event like that. But I suspect they would just let you all find seats in a reserved section.
  13. When booking excursions, it won't matter if you're one party or not as long as you book the same excursion and time from both accounts. I suppose there is a slight chance your purchase from the first room could "fill up the tour" and then the second room would not be able to purchase the matching excursion. If that happens, then I would contact NCL for a refund and book a different excursion. For Dining reservations, use the room that has the most people in it. Make the reservation but when it asks for the number of people, indicate your total party size. Dining party size does not need to match the number of people in the cabin doing the booking. If you have 5 people in your total party, make a reservation for 6 and change it 5 once you get on board.
  14. The Adventure Confirmation does not always get sent. I closely watch and check my emails and their content. And the short initial email I get only notes the deposit amount I paid. It doesn’t even show the price of the cruise or any other figure. Just “Thank you for making an online reservation with Royal Caribbean International. This is your confirmation that we have received 250.00 USD towards Reservation Number xxxxx” Last month, 24 hours after booking the cruise, I had to use the phone system to request my invoice document. This email is indeed an “Adventure Confirmation” subject. But it never came until I requested it. it sounds like some get it and some don’t.
  15. It’s definitely walkable. My parents (age 70-75 at the time) and I did the walk in reverse without using the elevator. And it wasn’t difficult. We had taken a 3 or 4 hour taxi tour of the island in the morning. The taxi dropped us off at the bus station circle at the end of our tour around noon. We then explored Valleta on foot for a few more hours. Then we started walking thru the gardens, gradually going down hill using steps and streets. I couldn’t tell the exact path we took since we winged it. We just kept going downhill and toward the ship. It was a pleasant walk. I’m sure that if you use the elevator, once up top, you’ll find the walk to the bus station to be pleasant. Edited to add: Have a look at Google Streetview and Satellite view. The elevator lift is labeled (Barraka Lift) and you can pretty much walk your chosen path.
  16. Call the main number. There is an automated option to request the document. I don’t recall the keys to press, but it’s easy to figure out. It’s stupid they don’t automatically send it. What they send out is pretty useless.
  17. The answer to the first question is YES. You can get drinks anywhere that serves drinks. If the restaurant doesn’t have a bar, they can go out to a nearby bar to get it. It may be faster if you just bring your own drink in with you.
  18. Is it served on a slab of slate rock? Looks like it. Complete with tattered edges that could chip off more and be eaten.
  19. Bed by balcony, definitely. More room between the hallway and bed so you can more easily access closets and more room for multiple people to get ready to leave the cabin.
  20. I’ve actually done both of these excursions with a cruise ship. For a first visit, I would opt for the tour that does the Terrace Houses. They are pretty special to see, as is Ephesus itself. I’m very glad I did the excursion to Didyma and Miletus, but, I find the Terrace Houses more memorable. I wouldn’t miss them. I just happened to be lucky to be on B2B cruises that stopped in Kusadasi 2 weeks in a row. And with a shorter excursion, you will have time to walk around Kusadasi and relax some along the waterfront or in a cafe or similar. Or a rug store!!
  21. If the “list price” (which may never be shown publicly) is $2499 for the cabana, then the $1699 price they offer it to you is indeed discounted $800. They don’t always have to show it as “on sale”. So it doesn’t always need to have a banner. They can still sell it at $1699 if they want.
  22. They also offer a refundable deposit at a higher price point for the cruise. Just in case you hadn’t noticed that. It shows up as an option in the later stages of the online booking process.
  23. It’s a little unclear what the OP is saying. It sounds like you both booked a Sailaway Balcony and happened to receive cabins that are side by side. Once assigned, it is quite rare for NCL to make changes to that. They are allowed to do so, but you rarely see it. Was that your question?
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