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  1. The air is not that expensive, there is reduced air through NCL. Yes we are considering the Feb 13 cruise, but with so many ports, I was wondering if it would be too intense.
  2. Oh, I just found another cruise in the Sun that we may like better than the three above: Jan 04, 2022, Round trip from Singapore. Stops at three ports in Indonesia (Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta), three ports in Malaysia (Langkawi, Penang, Kuala Lumpur), and Phuket Thailand (overnight). This cruise is 14 days instead of the above 11 days, but it costs only $500 more total.
  3. We'd like to do a South East Asia cruise with NCL next year and I found three 11 day cruises on the Sun that are interesting: 1) Feb 02, 2022, Hong Kong to Bangkok. Two stops in Philippines (Manila, Corone), Kota Kinabalu Malaysia, Muara Brunei Darussalam, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Ko Samui Thailand. 2) Feb 24 2022, Singapore to Bangkok. Phuket Thailand (overnight), Langkawi Malaysia, Melaka Malaysia, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Nha Trang Vietnam, Ko Samui Thailand. 3) March 07, 2022, Bangkok to Hong Kong. Singapore (overnight), four stops in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh,
  4. I'll say it again. If this virus primarily affected younger people. Then the older people would do "anything" to save them. We all have to make sacrifices. Is it asking too much to wear a mask and not go to a bar until this is over?
  5. This pandemic clearly affects older people as opposed to children. But if this was the other way around. If this virus was killing mostly children. Then the older people would do "anything" to protect them. To get through this we need a united, let's all work together mind set. As opposed to "everyone for themselves". That's why countries like New Zealand and Japan have been so successful.
  6. Who projected or even imagined that there would be 8,000,000+ cases and 220,000+ deaths in the USA back in March or April? I had seen early projections that the death toll could be millions if we did absolutely nothing. But that's what the promoters of herd immunity want us to do. Open everything now, and don't bother wearing a mask. We don't even know for sure if previously infected people have immunity, and if they do, how long it would last.
  7. The virus and the economy go hand in hand. If the virus is out of control, so will the economy. If the virus is first brought under control, things can safely open. It can be done. Taiwan is an excellent example https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/21/asia/taiwan-model-coronavirus-hnk-intl/index.html Many other countries are also doing very well. Their leaders didn't blame it on China and they didn't need to. They didn't lie about how serious it is. They didn't "play it down". They united their citizens instead of dividing them. They listen to the most qualified health experts inst
  8. No, I wouldn't want to live there. But that can explain how they can get things under control. There are also many free countries that have done quite well
  9. Those numbers are from the worldometers website. Yes, I'm also skeptical of the accuracy of reports from China. But from news reports about life in China, they seem to have it very much under control at this point. When their government deals with the virus, all citizens must comply, or else. I'm not saying that is a good thing, but it helps them control the virus.
  10. I agree that areas with a dense population create more of a challenge to control a pandemic. But what's interesting is that countries with the densest population are the countries that are doing the best job: Hong Kong 105 total deaths 0 new. Singapore 28 total deaths 0 new. Japan 1661 total deaths 11 new. Taiwan 7 total deaths 0 new. Even mainland China 4634 total deaths 0 new. What does make a great difference is leadership that can unite a country instead of dividing it. Leadership that follows the recommendations of the top heath experts instead of using "herd mentality
  11. Why are so many people are praising Sweden's COVID response? Just click on https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/, and click the top column of "deaths/1M population". The statistic that really matters is how many people die. USA is 10th worst, but Sweden close at 15th worst. Scroll way down and see how Japan, New Zealand, Norway, even Germany are doing. If you want to find a country that is doing something right, why not start there instead? Now click on top of the "new deaths" column. USA leads the field with 903 new deaths (equivalent to five 737 airliner crashes every
  12. And you should have received a refund for the unused portion of your annual policy. It's like buying annual car insurance, and you get a partial refund when you sell the car. Those annual policies would typically cost much more than the single use trip insurance. For the plan that the OP purchased, the TOC probably stated that once you buy it, there are no refunds.
  13. And if you lived in New Zealand, much of the rest of the world, or even China for that matter, those services would be opening now "without" the massive body count. They took care of the problem.
  14. Hats off to your beautiful country. The leaders in New Zealand obviously did something right. And your citizens obviously worked together to make it happen. It must be nice to live in a country that is COVID free. It's too bad that some other countries, one in particular, are in such disarray.
  15. I see that at least so far, Australia cruises are cancelled only until October 31, and they did not mention Europe cruises. If they started those cruises earlier, I presume that they would need to ban Americans.
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