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  1. And you should have received a refund for the unused portion of your annual policy. It's like buying annual car insurance, and you get a partial refund when you sell the car. Those annual policies would typically cost much more than the single use trip insurance. For the plan that the OP purchased, the TOC probably stated that once you buy it, there are no refunds.
  2. And if you lived in New Zealand, much of the rest of the world, or even China for that matter, those services would be opening now "without" the massive body count. They took care of the problem.
  3. Hats off to your beautiful country. The leaders in New Zealand obviously did something right. And your citizens obviously worked together to make it happen. It must be nice to live in a country that is COVID free. It's too bad that some other countries, one in particular, are in such disarray.
  4. I see that at least so far, Australia cruises are cancelled only until October 31, and they did not mention Europe cruises. If they started those cruises earlier, I presume that they would need to ban Americans.
  5. She was talking about her deposit. She never made final payment. There would be no need for an online form. You should be able to call them any time and cancel, and they should refund your deposit hopefully much faster than the 90 day guideline. Even if a passenger never cancels, if they skip the final payment, the cruise should be cancelled automatically. But with NCL, there is no telling what they might do. It's best to get the TA involved ASAP.
  6. The moment that you bought the insurance, Nationwide was liable if you ever needed to cancel the cruise early, for health reasons, etc. So you were covered in the months leading up before the cruise was cancelled. It's like if you buy car insurance, and you sell your car at the end of the year, you can't expect them to refund your premium for the months earlier that year because you were covered, and you could have possibly needed it. You mentioned that COVID didn't exist at the time that you bought your insurance. But the point is that NCL cancelled the cruise not you. And they could have cancelled it for "any" reason. So NCL owes you the refund for the cruise, not Nationwide. And the insurance companies don't like to refund the premium because you did get some value, you were covered in the months before it was cancelled. Nationwide never offered to switch our policy to a new cruise, we had to call them and ask. If you have another cruise scheduled, maybe they can still do that for you. Good luck.
  7. I don't know of any travel insurance that will give you a refund after you buy it. We have used Nationwide several times and we were very happy. The last time our cruise was also cancelled by NCL due to Coronavirus and we didn't get a refund, but they let us move that insurance to a new cruise which was booked as a replacement at no additional charge. That cruise was also cancelled by NCL so we just wrote off the insurance cost as a loss. One thing to remember is that you did have use of the insurance for a while. You could have used it up until the day that your cruise was cancelled. So you did receive some value for that.
  8. Of course a mask will help you from giving a virus to somebody else. It catches almost all droplets. In Asia, everybody wears a mask and nobody needs to ask them to do it. The virus is under control there. We need to do what works.
  9. We totally agree. It's not a good time to have "any" large gathering whether it's a lockdown protest, BLM protest, or political rally. 🙂
  10. Who said this? Please show me a link. I have see exactly the opposite where most credible health experts were equally concerned about virus transmission from the BLM protests. Although one thing that could make a minor difference, the BLM protesters, at least the peaceful ones, were much more willing to wear masks and maintain social distance.
  11. Masks are not very good at protecting the wearer from another person's droplets and airborne. But they are excellent at containing droplets and stopping the wearer from spreading a virus to others. That's why it's important that "everybody" should wear a mask inside a building.
  12. We were at Harrah's LT last week. Since June 26 there has been a requirement in Nevada that masks must be worn inside any building, including casinos (about time). We saw about 90% wearing masks, but many who wore a mask pulled them down to their neck. I didn't see anybody checking for masks when people entered the casino. They took temperature only for people checking into the hotel, not for locals visiting the casino. I didn't see anybody walking around trying to enforce the mask requirement and if they were, they were not doing a good job. Harrahs has every other machine disabled.
  13. I wouldn't make the final payment. There will be many, many people cancelling right before final payment. And if for some reason the cruise is still a go, then you can probably re-book it at a reduced cost because they will want to fill those cabins. Otherwise if you make the full final payment, your money may be tied up for a very long time.
  14. There's no political agenda. The numbers speak for themselves. It's unconscionable, that this could happen in a country like the United States.
  15. I would certainly call, but why should customers need to do that? The letter from NCL states: Please be advised that your credit can only be used if you have travel protection added to your reservation. Many customers would say: "Oh well, that's the rules, I guess I have to pay it".
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