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  1. Why did it take so long to get your results? Did you do the "Rapid" test or the standard PCR?
  2. In Alaska, the governor just announced "Crisis Standards of Care" because the hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients. In many hospitals, only the patients with the best chance of survival are being treated. The many residents in Alaska may be reluctant to wear masks. You can see the cause and effect. Mexico has about 33% of the population fully vaccinated. Alaska has about 49% fully vaccinated. But I wouldn't be surprised if the case rate is lower in Cozumel than Alaska ports. I would wear a mask in either place.
  3. I thought that the Global Entry Trusted Traveler card is used only for land travel when you drive across the border into the US from Mexico or Canada. And otherwise at airports, your Global Entry comes up automatically when you use your passport. https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-1292?language=en_US I'm just curious why you may have brought your card on a cruise? Does it help you to get through customs at the cruise port? Edit: I see that Global Entry benefits are available at 11 cruise ports. I saw one an older article on CruiseCritic that says you need your card to get through and it is good only at Fort Lauderdale. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2710 But a newer article says it is expanded to 11 ports, but no mention that you need your card? https://thepointsguy.com/news/cbp-facial-recognition-us-cruise-ports/
  4. I've heard stories of people making an appointment for what they thought was a rapid test from CVS or Walgreens, only to find it is the standard PCR test, with a return time of 2-3 days. In some cases, CVS switched the test without notifying them. I know that in our area, there are no locations offering the rapid test. Just buy the BinaxNow COVID-19 AG Card as a backup plan. You don't have to use it unless there is a problem with your in-person testing. $69 is money well spent for peace of mind.
  5. We are going to bring our cards to not leave anything to chance. But when I read this, I don't see it as saying that we must bring our original vaccine record card. It says that we must provide documentation, and the vaccination record card is an "example" of something that they would accept. It doesn't say that printouts or photos are not accepted. It doesn't say that the California Digital Vaccine Record is not accepted. If not, then I feel instructions are not clearly stated. Why wouldn't they say: All guests 12 and older must present their original COVID-19 vaccine record card prior to boarding. No photos, copies, printouts, or other documentation will be accepted.
  6. But what if you lose your card? In CA the printable replacement looks very different. It shows: Name, DOB, dates of each dose, and the manufacturer of the vaccine. It does not show the administering service provider, but that might be embedded in the QR code. Would RCI deny boarding to somebody who lost their card, but had a photo copy or official replacement?
  7. So no card, no cruise?? I'm glad that I asked, and I learned that a photo of my VAX card is not accepted. In California, almost everybody accepts either a photo of our card or the state's Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record system, where we download a special bar code onto our phones. https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/ It's too bad that we don't have a national version of what California is doing, but that would make things too easy. What if somebody loses their paper card? In CA, I understand that they don't send you a replacement card. But they direct you to the website above to obtain the digital version. Which you can print out, but it looks very different from the original Vax card. Would RCI accept that? If not, this would be a huge problem for "anybody" who lost their card.
  8. Won't they accept a photo of your card on your phone? Do you need to bring the physical card?
  9. You don't have to SHOUT. We all know that Norwegian won a preliminary ruling allowing them to bypass the law for now. But I don't know that the ruling applies to RCI. And if it does, would they choose to use that path?
  10. There's also the November 20 on Mariner. Those two seem to be the only RCI sailings this year from Florida to Mexico only. Somebody mentioned that the requirements to Mexico may be changing soon, so maybe those sailings will have vaccination requirements.
  11. That seems true. But there is a catch22. Any cruise from Florida going to Bahamas would have to break either the Florida law or the Bahamas law.
  12. I wouldn't call it a conspiracy. Maybe a loophole? The OP wondered why cruises were being switched to Bahamas, and that's one possible explanation.
  13. The OP was asking about cruises in October. A lot can change between now and December. RCI has recently stated: For cruises departing from any U.S. port and visiting The Bahamas on and after Sept. 3, guests who are 12 and older must provide proof of vaccination in order to sail. Would you agree that if a cruise ship departing from Florida did not visit a country that required proof of vax, then they would not be able to ask a passenger's vax status without breaking Florida law? Note: I am trying to "not" be political. I am not making any judgments for or against anything. I'm just discussing the questions raised in this thread.
  14. Nobody was saying that. The reasoning is that if a cruise line wants their passengers vaccinated, then they change the itinerary to have at least one stop at a country (like Bahamas) that requires passengers to be vaccinated. That makes any Florida law irrelevant because obviously, now they would need to know the vaccination status for all passengers.
  15. I’m curious if there are any cruises which leave from Florida and do not stop in Bahamas or USVI? If so, wouldn’t they be prohibited from asking any passenger about their vax status?
  16. If you're going to Napa and San Francisco, why not consider a cruise that leaves from San Francisco? Princess has 10 day Mexico cruises leaving from San Francisco.
  17. Requirements direct from RCI: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/will-i-have-to-take-a-test-before-i-cruise
  18. jkx, There are many threads covering exactly this over the last few days. To have the best chance of getting a test result in less than 2 day, many people are buying the Binax CovidNow AG card test from eMed or Optum. Also, be sure to read the test requirements as posted on the RCI website.
  19. If your purchased the two pack from Optum, and they were in stock, I'm very confident that you will get it by Wednesday. They know that these tests are time critical. We ordered from Optum and it took a few days for them to ship. But it was shipped FedEx Overnight. If you don't receive the order by Saturday, you can always use the Cruise with Confidence policy and cancel for a FCC.
  20. If you are buying a test for a cruise, then you want the BinaxNow AG Card test which includes supervision by a telemedicine professional. CVS doesn't sell that version. You need to get it online at eMed or Optum.
  21. I'm fine with any requirements that makes travel safer. I found the description on the CDC website to be more definitive.
  22. Out of curiosity, I called RCI and asked about testing requirements for children under 12. The representative said that children must be tested twice. And at check-in they must present the results of a PCR test taken within "two days" in advance of the cruise. So even the people at RCI don't know their own policy. BTW, on the CDC website I found a more definitive description of the requirements where it is clear that children must in fact be tested twice.
  23. You can do either, as long as you take the test within two days of embarkation. If you can, it might be a good idea to take the test before your flight. If you test positive, it's better to know before you fly. Otherwise you might need to quarantine at the port city before you fly back home.
  24. So there is a requirement from the CDC that kids must be tested twice before boarding? I tried searching on cdc.gov but I can't find that. Do you have a link? Thanks.
  25. Mauaoel, I'm just trying to be helpful. I'm not trying to be argumentative. Do you share my feeling that the new bulletin by RCI can be interpreted in different ways? Maybe RCI really does want kids to be tested before arriving at the pier and then again at check-in. But would that make sense? When a child get's their rapid PCR test at check-in, then RCI will go with that result regardless of the result of the previous test. I'm curious what RCI would say if somebody called them. But you might get different answers depending on who you speak with.
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