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  1. Awesome Video.. Wife and I where on the samr cruise that week.. One question.. I thought drones where not aloud to be brought on the ship..... Otherwise I would have brought my DJI Phantom.
  2. Same here.... I also was on the 9/1 Cruise. Captain kept us well informed, crew was excellent going out of there way to please and accommodate passenger's requests. Seas where rocking with large wave swells (not Choppy) for the nexxt 24 hrs leaving Bermuda. I was returning to Long Island my little inconvience doesn't compare to those traveling out of state , especally those flying, who missed their original return flights. Yes Disembarkation was little crazy, In my opinion a lot more people decided to do self disemkaration then usual in hopes to get off quicker , this added to the crazyness. But overall the wife and I had a great cruise...
  3. Thanks again everyone for your reply...
  4. Sailing on the Escape next month, I have the unlimited WIFI package. Now I understand only one device can log on at a time. But if I hotspot the originally connected device can multiple devices be connected? Because the account will ony show I device logged in?.. Thanks in advance.
  5. These were bonus points that were expiring,. We used our yearly points to send our daughter on 3 week honeymoon in Hawaii. We know it’s not the best way to use the points but financially and the convenience of leaving from NYC , since we live on Long Island. Rather then letting the bonus points expire at the end of February 2019 instead of also dealing with airfare, rent a car etc.. The wife and I work for the same agency in different ranks, so planning a vacation together in advance can be difficult..
  6. Your absolutely right. I usually book my vacations directly. In this case we used our extra HGVC points , which has the affiliation with them..
  7. The time I spent with the agents. I was off duty.. I wouldn't have time on duty between alarms, trainings , administrative work. i’ll give it some time to see if the issue gets resolved, before I’ check back with the TA from the “ worlds largest cruising agency.. Thanks for your assistance..
  8. Read it again “at their request”..
  9. Bird Travels - there is no Micromanaging .. I’m the last person to Micromanage. There’s no room for that in my profession otherwise someone can die..Can you explain “ what is cruise’s only. role” I just provide them the issue and documentation, at their request and at the request of the NCL agent I stay on the line in case the NCL agent or they require additional information or to verify if my accounts reflects the corrections on my NCL website account.....
  10. SeaShark , in this case, I wish it was that easy. I usually book myself directly and have used TA's before. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. Without violating the board terms of conditions. I had to go thru" America Largest Cruise agency".
  11. The move was complete at one point but reversed at my request. As per NCL through the "America's largest cruise agency" nothing has changed, my perks and reservations will remain intact The original confirmation # is the same.
  12. Hi Everyone, Between yesterday and today, I have spent a total over 6 hours (3 calls) with an NCL agent through my TA the past 2 days. Long Story short on the first day I spent over 3 hours on the line as my TA was on hold for an NCL agent, I briefly took a "so-called comp upgrade" from an MC category cabin to an MX3 Category. Eventually getting my original cabin back. Never canceling my booking or being reassigned a new confirmation number during this process. Today I check the NCL website and all my reservations for Dining, Excursions and the Thermal Spa are gone but by Water package and package is still attached to my account. So I spend over two more hours as my TA waits for a NCL agent and has to reconnect with them and to get my reservations restored. The only reservation they currently couldn't restore, and now I might have to make a reservation on the ship is the Cagney's Steakhouse. The NCL agent advises the system might have glitched. Now I am known to have patience like a saint, but I'm my wit's end based on this time I spent for their error. I understand they might be having some computer issues based on new software but that shouldn't be at my expense or time. I am open to any advice on how I can proceed further to get this corrected. The cruise is 9/1 on the Escape,
  13. "Bidding" thread is way too big to just get a simple answer ... Will I lose all of my perks from my original booking (Mini-Suite) through a TA, if I win a bid in a higher cabin category? Thanks in advance,
  14. Yesterday Called my TA because our Mini-Suite (MC) when down approx $400 for our Sept. cruise on the Escape. TA spent 90 minutes to get NCL agent, who then had to get approval to offer me an "upgrade" cabin class M2/M3 family MS or $50 OBC. I chose the upgrade not realizing there are some cabin differences - bathtub in the bathroom and no apparent cabin square footage difference ( NCL was saying it was bigger). The bottom line after calling them back, I was able to get my original cabin back but unfortunately, OBC offer was no longer on the table. I was just happy to get my original cabin back. w/o losing my perks - In my case, the upgrade really wasn't an upgrade for my wife and me. Reading through other threads apparently, NCL is experiencing extended wait times due to issues with their recent website upgrade that even affects the TA ability to take and review bookings
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