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  1. Hi Anne We have booked a cruise and stay package and the hotel before the cruise is the Holiday Inn Dubai - Al Barsha. I understand it is close to the Mall of the Emirates and a Metro stop but seems to be quite a way from the Creek and the Fountains. It also seems to be quite far out on the Hop on Hop off map which we were thinking of using to get around. Should we bother? Thanks Anne (another one :))
  2. I'm not on a strict Keto diet but restrict carbs. It is really easy to do on a cruise as there is a lot of choice. I always asked for extra veg instead of potatoes and steered clear of any pasta and rice dishes. If I wanted something for a dessert it would be cheese. One of the biggest temptations was saying no to bread rolls! Also - it's really easy going carb free with the choice of food in the buffet 🙂
  3. We didn't have to book it beforehand. There were staff waiting on the quayside who took your key pass card numbers to charg your account and then put a red sticker on your card.
  4. It was like going on holiday with toddlers at times! But it was great - we had a lovely time. Thank you for posting this thread and to @Firstimer for the link to the GoT tour.
  5. Apologies - I may have confused things!!! You get off the ships tender and it is here that you can either queue for the cable car or buy a ticket for a boat ride to Oia. The boat ride will take you to near Oia but there is a walk up a hill to catch a shuttle bus (coach) which will take you to Oia itself.
  6. This is a brochure for the tour with a picture of the fountain.
  7. Yes. It was quite a long line and there was not much shade. There are 8 gondolas for 6 people each. There is a link further up this thread. It was Viator I think through TripAdvisor. My husband is a big GoT fan and I have not seen 1 episode! I enjoyed it and would recommend it too. The walls were very busy! If I was there for longer then yes- I would have done them too but if I had to pick 1 then it would be the tour. When you get off the ships shuttle, you enter the town through the Pile Gate with the drawbridge (photo below) and when you go through an archway there is a big round structure in front of you which is the fountain. You cant miss it! The guides will have a red umbrella. We booked online and just gave them our confirmation. It was very easy.
  8. There was a local bus to take you from the port into Corfu but there were loads of taxis too. There were 4 of us and we took a taxi there for 10 euros and the bus back which was about 7 for the 4 of us. We had a walk around the town and went on the little train. We didn't go to the forts. There was a tender in Kotor as there was already a big ship in. It had rained a little bit before we got off the ship and the cobbles were wet and a bit slippery. We tried to walk up the hill to the castle but everyone seemed to have the same idea and there was a queue so we turned around and just walked across the walls at the front of the town. We walked into Argostoli and then caught the little hop on hop off tourist train. We got off at the lagoon and saw the turtles and then walked back to the ship through the town. It was very hot! Dubrovnik- there was a shuttle for $15 which is charged to your keycard before you get on the bus. They put a sticker on your card as proof you have paid. When you get off the bus it is a bit confusing at first but just follow the crowds! If you are looking at the sea - it's on your left! On the advice of a previous poster in this thread, we did the 2 hour Game of Thrones Tour. We got off the ship early at about 8am as the clocks had gone back. We took advantage of the early start to wander around and try and spot some of the scenes. The steps from the walk of shame were easy to find and are just by the marketplace. At that time people had also started queueing to buy tickets for walking the walls. We did not have time to do this as we had to be back on the ship by 12.30. The tour started early at 9.15 as we were all there early but still finished at 11.30. There were loads of other tours going around at the same time but the guides are used to this and mindful of not staying too long in one place so everyone could see everything. We went to the fort (Red Keep!) and had to pay 50 Luna each and had plenty of time here. There are toilets here too. The tour guide was great telling us behind the scenes gossip and held up photos of the scenes at the different sites. It finished at a gift shop where you can sit on the throne and have photos taken. This trip cost £18 for the tour, $15 for the shuttle and 50 kuna for the fort so MUCH cheaper than the $102 that the ship was charging! There were big queues for the shuttle back to the ship but there is a water fountain to top up water bottles and the water was much colder than the bottle I bought from the kiosk there. One final tip.... there is a white party on the ship which I hadn't noticed in any info but luckily my mum had spotted in someone's review. Brilliant cruise!
  9. It was very easy to buy tickets for the ferry as soon as you get off the tender. We thought the bus would be there too but there was a 10 min slow or 5 min fast walk uphill. We just took it slowly but it would be good to have water. Perhaps ask at the dock before you buy the tickets incase we missed a minibus. This is the place we bought them and you can see the queue for the cable car.
  10. It docks in those 2 places. There is a free shuttle to Mykonos and the Dubrovnik shuttle costs $15 for a return.
  11. We were on this cruise 23rd - 30th June and really glad that I read this thread as all the information was very useful! Here are a few hints and tips from us. We have always had a balcony cabin but as this was last minute with my parents we had a guarantee outside and were on Deck 4 with a porthole. There was a fair bit of white noise from the engine but I didn't notice it until someone pointed it out! It was brilliant not having to get into a lift after returning from an excursion as we always left from Deck 4. We caught the fast boat from where the tender lands in Santorini and went to Fira. It's 15 euros per person. The boat takes you around to Oia and they tell you that there is a shuttle after the boat lands to take you into the town. They don't tell you that there is a 10 minute walk up a steep hill to get to the shuttle. It is worth it though :). There is another bus included in the price which goes from where the first bus drops you off which takes you to Fira and this is also included in the 15 euros. Then we made our mistake. We went straight to the cable car as we wanted my parents to catch it down and we were going to walk down the donkey trail. The queue was huge as there were a number of ships in. They didn't want to wait so we all started to walk down the trail. My mother was struggling as she had hurt her foot and eventually decided to go on a donkey. So did my dad. They are 78 and 79 (although they are fit and I keep forgetting their age!). Anyway - the steps are very slippery cobbles and full of poo and wee so off they went in a string of 5 donkeys. I could hear someone running down the steps and I thought "what an idiot" as I was walking gingerly along concentrating on not slipping. I turned around to see who it was and came face to face with a runaway donkey!!! I was petrified and flung myself against a wall! A few minutes later I heard "Anne - your dad's fallen off". Luckily he was ok just bruised ribs but it could have been a lot worse! My mother decided to walk the rest of the way but it probably took us 3 times as long as waiting in the cable car queue. It was a horrible experience! There were people walking barefoot too as their sandals and flip flops were slipping. Its very dangerous. Mykonos was lovely and we had a nice stroll around the town and up to the windmills. Corfu, Kotor and Argostoli were also lovely places. (My takeaway has just arrived so will talk about Dubrovnik GoT later!
  12. Thanks Firstimer! I was thinking about just downloading a map from Google but for £18 it's not worth the hassle! Really looking forward to this. We will be there 29th June :)
  13. Any idea how I cancel a booking that I've just made for Cagney's? Can't see where to do it in the NCL site.
  14. Good reply! We are on this cruise too - and are both looking forward to it immensely! We are more concerned about the land tour pre-cruise during Golden Week! Exciting stuff!
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