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  1. Dear @Dukefan, Happy to provide some clarity here for you and your fellow explorers. It’s our pleasure to confirm that pre-cruise requirements for our Iceland’s Natural Beauty voyage can be found on the itinerary page of our website under the “Resources” section, for you and others taking part in this journey to review. For your convenience we’ve provided the link below: https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/cruise-destinations/baltic/icelands-natural-beauty/resources.html We hope this helps and welcome you to reach out to us at TellUs@vikingcruises.com shoul
  2. We understand there has been some confusion surrounding our return to sailing and want to take this opportunity to provide some clarity. Does Viking require crew to be vaccinated? Our aim is to have all Viking crew vaccinated. We are doing everything we can to accelerate this process and meet that goal, and currently, the vast majority of our crew has already been vaccinated. Furthermore, our robust protocol includes frequent PCR testing of all guests and crew, making Viking even safer for all on board. How does Viking define close contact? Our medical staff is a
  3. Dear PKNC, We’re sorry to learn you’ve encountered difficulties during your cancellation process. We would welcome the opportunity to assist, and invite you, and any guests with lingering inquiries, to email tellus@vikingcruises.com with details. We look forward to hearing from you. Best, Viking
  4. Dear carollouise, Thank you for your interest in the daily schedule for our In Search Of the Northern Lights itinerary. Please note, as some have speculated, there was a misprint on the Viking Daily shared above. Guests wearing jeans are welcome in the World Café, and all areas of ship before 6pm. Attire at all other dining venues after 6pm, remains “elegant casual,” and we invite you to visit the link provided for more information: https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/frequently-asked-questions.html#LIFEABOARD-FAQ-LIST/57126. We apologize for any confusion,
  5. Dear @mittenscat23, Great question! We’re happy to jump in to confirm that Shipboard Credit may be used towards gratuities for onboard staff on our ocean, as @Wa Cruiser correctly stated, as well as river cruises. We hope this helps as you gear up for your upcoming sojourn and invite any additional inquiries, from you and fellow Viking voyagers, to TellUs@vikingcruises.com should you wish to chat about your individual journeys. Happy New Year, Viking Cruises
  6. Dear @propinquity Thank you for taking the time to share your Viking experience with the cruising community, though we regret that this journey left you feeling disappointed with our service. While we understand you have been in contact with us since your return home, we would be more than happy to review your feedback at TellUs@vikingcruises.com should you like to continue the discussion. We hope to hear from you through that outlet, @propinquity, and wish you a pleasant evening. Warmest regards, Viking Cruises
  7. Dear Canberra forever !, Thank you for sharing this detailed feedback. We share your disappointment in the low water conditions that impacted your sailing, and regret to learn the changes made to preserve your itinerary did not meet expectation. We would be grateful for the opportunity to address your comments, and invite you to email TellUs@vikingcruises.com with your booking information. We appreciate your choice to travel with us, and hope to hear from you. Sending our best wishes as you settle in back at home. Warm regards, Viking Cruises
  8. Dear retiredrunners, We are concerned by the experience you’ve described, and would appreciate the opportunity to learn more and further review your flight options. As Peregrina651 helpfully suggested, we invite you to email tellus@vikingcruises.com with your booking information so we can follow-up to review your flights and address your booking experience thus far. We hope to hear from you, and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Best, Viking Cruises
  9. Dear @actuaryh, We’re disappointed to learn of your friend’s cancellation, and hope the accident preventing them from travel isn’t too serious. We recognize your concerns, and would be glad to review the details of your situation further. You’re invited to email tellus@vikingcruises.com with your booking information, and we hope to hear from you. Sending our best wishes to you for the week ahead. Best, Viking Cruises
  10. Dear @cocopico, We hear your concerns and did want to take this moment to offer some clarity regarding our recent communication about the hospitality and day rooms in Santiago. While guests with Viking arranged transfers and flights departing in the evening are most certainly welcome to take advantage of the hospitality room, those guests with flights departing after 11:15 p.m. will have access to a day room. We hope this helps and kindly invite you to contact us at 1-855-300-3970 should you have any lingering questions ahead of your voyage. We look forwar
  11. Dear @Spiiffy, Great question! We have looked into this and are happy to confirm that the Christmas décor on board is synthetic, so guests with allergies need not worry. We hope this helps as you and your loved ones begin planning your 2021 holiday travel, @Spiiffy and kindly welcome any and all pre-cruise inquiries at TellUs@vikingcruises.com. Warmest, Viking Cruises
  12. Dear @TexasTraveler54, We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and invite you to email us at TellUs@VikingCruises.com with your booking number so that we can look into this for you. We hope to hear from you soon, and wish you a lovely day! Best, Viking Cruises
  13. Dear @GoldenBailey, Thank you for your desire to extend your river journey with us! While at this time we do not offer any pre- or post-cruise extensions in Nuremberg, we have taken note of your interest for further review. We hope this helps as you finalize plans for your upcoming voyage and kindly welcome additional questions at TellUs@vikingcruises.com should you wish to speak with us more directly. We look forward to exploring with you, Viking Cruises
  14. Dear @TravelingT Thank you for bringing this to our attention, though we wish you hadn’t experienced such disappointment at the planning stages of your journey! We wanted to take this opportunity to clarify that it seems there may have been a misunderstanding as to which departure date you desired to book for this cruisetour; as you have noted, there is indeed an included hotel stay at the beginning of the Pharaoh’s & Pyramids itinerary, which means you would be boarding Viking Osiris on May 15, 2021 though the overall tour begins on May 12. According to our resourc
  15. Dear @beachgal, Though we deeply regret the refund delay and subsequent communication you have described, we are grateful that you’ve alerted us to these events. If you haven’t already, please reach out to us at TellUs@vikingcruises.com with your booking information so that we may investigate the above mentioned circumstances and offer assistance where possible, as well as hopefully restore your faith in Viking. We hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Viking Cruises
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