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  1. It seems that the Discovery Princess is sending AIS data now for the first time from Fincantieri.
  2. E620 DW Deluxe Balcony (Obstructed) Category DV, DW, DZ have obstructed views due to solid steel railings or tops of lifeboats. When upper berth or sofa bed is used it will block balcony.
  3. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2661880-platinum-elite-lounge/?do=findComment&comment=57447410
  4. The full suites have a glass door instead of a curtain.
  5. I have to mention the Cubana Sandwich with Spicy Cilantro Mayonnaise from the International Cafe ☺️ It looks unspectacular, but it's full of flavour.
  6. The Majestic at 21+ knots heading back 😁 . Is the ship late? What is the planned ETA?
  7. Hot Dog, Trident Grill, Diamond Princess "Salty Dog", Salty Dog Grill, Emerald Princess
  8. Don't you see it, just left of the EU plug? It's both, like on any Princess ship. 😊
  9. GEO, MEO, and LEO - How orbital altitude impacts network performance in satellite data services
  10. https://www.princess.com/webcam/majestic_bridge.jpg Seems offline since 22nd...
  11. Yes, they had in the past. There was a limited time 10% discount in 2016 on all Crown Princess South America excursions for example. Saved me a lot of money.
  12. 1 am then, but i will watch Majestic departure live. Party on. 😎
  13. I'll sign that. But rocks - never frozen. BTW I actually liked the old glass more than their new glass (which is a classic margarita glass). New glass is hard to move without sipping around ... 😄 Edit: yes I know it's not glass but plastic. Anyway.
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