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  1. Carnival's web site simply says that "testing" should be expected under the "new normal". I might point out that it does not specify COVID testing. It could be nothing more than temperature tests when checking in. Don't assume the extreme until we have more information.
  2. Exactly. Most cruises, we don't even leave the ship.
  3. No. I think prices have gone up, as compared to say a year ago.
  4. Booked December 11, 2021 on the Pride - It's a Panama Canal cruise, which we have never done... I figure by then, they'll have it all figured out :D.
  5. ^ agree with this. We always get 2 night stands, no matter how the cabin is arranged or what class of cabin booked
  6. It may take a few weeks to get a confirmation back. I booked it in July for a September Dream cruise, and the confirmation didn't come back right away, but it wasn't long either.... and as stated previously, you don't pay when you book,.. it will appear on your S&S card
  7. It can vary... Generally, it will be mild, but a cold front can move through... you just never know. You're not going to have COLD temperatures, but the wind coming off the ocean can make it chilly and breezy.
  8. Book now, if you want to be assured of a seat. It does fill up. Sometimes they will schedule a second seating, but sometimes not (probably depends more on the itinerary more than anything else)
  9. We take a travel water pick with us. The electrical outlet in the bathroom (which is designed for shavers, and has limited current output) seems to work just fine. The outlet is high (above the shelves) but our cord reaches it fine.
  10. Now that Uber is finally operating in Galveston, is Uber adding a surcharge for dropping off at the pier ? (referencing the fee the port authority now charges for shuttles and commercial vehicles)
  11. I've used taxi service in Galveston many times. I've never found it to be poor, although at peak times you may have to wait a little. We just have a leisure breakfast, then call for the taxi while we drink coffee. We're not in a rush. I will say that our wait has never been longer than what we have had to wait for shuttle service (at hotels that provide shuttles). Coming off the ship, taxis are lined up and waiting, right off the door (to the right as you walk out). No waiting at all
  12. Just curious... "Priority Guest Services assistance by phone" ..... I've never used this benefit, but I have always assumed this was "on board".. calling from your cabin ... But I was wondering if it might also be on-shore... that is, when calling Carnival for an issue or problem (instead of your PVP)... .
  13. Although I have used others, I have not used the DCP... so I can't provide a first hand review... but they are further from the port than most of the others. That's not necessarily bad, just an observation. Just as a FYI... if you are coming in the night before, the Sleep Inn (senior rate $80) will allow you to park for free during your cruise.
  14. One thing to consider... on some ships, some of the Spa balconies have no cover (ie: roof).. so you will not have shade when sitting out there.
  15. Also consider that there is more than one buffet area. I've seen people walk into the Lido buffet, take a quick look around, and walk out... not realizing that there are more offerings to be had further back in the dining area.
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