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  1. My job is to design wifi networks, so every time I am on a ship I am always looking to see where they placed the access points. I do the same thing in restaurants (sigh). I can't help it 🙂 On every Carnival ship I have been on, the access points are placed properly, in terms of where I would place them, as well as proper spacing for optimal coverage. My point is, you're really not going to find any one place that has a stronger signal than another. They have them deployed throughout the ship for ubiquitous coverage. Remember, the wireless coverage isn't just for the guests. The crew uses the wireless network for the operation of the ship as well. The coverage has to be good.
  2. Yes. We do it every cruise. We have gone out of multiple ports, and they have never once given us a hard time. In your carry on luggage only (not checked luggage). Make sure you bring a cork screw. Many liquor stores sell an inexpensive travel cork screw.
  3. I have switched from a higher to a lower, after final payment. They just gave me the difference in OBC.
  4. Mike, we are doing the same thing as you. From what I have been told by people who have cruised out of Tampa recently, there are shuttles and taxis readily available at the terminal when you depart. Costs appear to be in the ~ 15/person range
  5. If the $300 is an OBC (on-board credit), you can use that just like cash in your account... that is, for drinks, gratuities, excursions, steakhouse, casino, photos, jewelry.. whatever. The OBC is a credit against your Sign and Sale card, so anything you can use the S&S for, the OBC counts.
  6. The answer to your question is "yes". We do that often. Now, having said that, I must state a qualifier... because of COVID, some ports have restrictions, and may or may not allow debarkation without being on an official excursion. That's a limitation instigated by the port, not the ship. It seems most of the ports are no longer as strict as they were at first, but just be aware that it can vary by port.
  7. We will be staying at the Embassy Suites Downtown Convention Center... it appears that there is a TECO streetcar that stops at (or near) the hotel /convention center, and also stops at (or near) Pier 3 (the Carnival terminal). Is that feasible to take, or would it be better to just take an Uber ?
  8. I called Celebrity direct. The lady looked at my booking, looked at the current price, then credited me for the difference. Took all of 10 minutes.
  9. oh... be sure to bring along a cork screw (in your checked baggage). Most liquor stores sell an inexpensive travel cork screw.
  10. You are allowed to bring one 750ml bottle per person. We always buy the 1.5ml bottle, then go through check-in together. Never had a problem with doing that.
  11. Do not assume that Duty Free is necessarily a great price. Duty free prices may or may not be such a great deal. I live in a large city (Dallas) and I can get better prices from discount liquor stores. You may be able to do the same, or perhaps not. As in everything else, be an informed consumer and know when you see a good deal and when you don’t. Also, when price comparing, be aware that duty free bottles are usually not the same size as those in the US. Make an apples-to-apples “per ounce” (or liter) comparison.
  12. I do the same as others. I am an early riser, so I will go to Lido and have breakfast. Then I bring back coffee and food for my wife. As for room service, every time we've ordered it, the coffee is luke warm. It's just better to get it and bring it back.
  13. It's a "business" decision. Carnival does not allow you to use the OBC for advanced purchases... think about it. Advanced purchases are "cash" up front (meaning more revenue for Carnival). OBC is a "perk", and generally produces no (or little) additional revenue, with small incurred cost to Carnival. If you use OBC for Behind The Scenes tour, that cost them nothing. If you use OBC for a $10-$12 drink, that drink costs them a fraction of that to make. The more they can get you to buy up front, the more revenue for them.
  14. standard 3 prong (hot, neutral and ground). I have a picture of it somewhere. If I find it I'll post it
  15. Cayman stated no cruise ships until January 2022. I suspect Cozumel and Jamaica will be strong options for substitution. Jamaica is the closest port - but not a good choice, in my opinion. Roatan would be excellent, but that depends on the other ports of a ships itinerary.
  16. Carnival stock has dipped... not because of COVID, nor because of poor bookings... in fact, bookings are strong. It has taken a dip because Carnival has announced they plan to have another round of stock offings to raise operating capital... they spent tons of money in the last 18 months with zero revenue. It's a good time to buy... will it dip lower ? Perhaps, can't predict. But right now is a good buy
  17. The answers above are correct. Texas law prevents Cheers from taking place until they are out at sea, so it kicks in on day 2
  18. Could not tell you.. it was 3 years ago... I've slept since then 🙂
  19. On one of our cruises, in the MDR I order an entree... the waiter brought what I ordered, then brought me a totally different second entree. I asked "what's this?". He said "you won't like what you ordered, so I brought you what is good tonight". and he was right 🙂
  20. The Cheers package is something you typically sign up for prior to a cruise... Why ? Because it is cheaper. Once you board the ship, the price increases. Additionally, Carnival does not want you to use OBC for the Steakhouse, Chefs Table or Cheers. You CAN use OBC for that, but they don't want you to. Thus, they require (for the Steakhouse and Chef's Table) reservations prior to boarding.... which eliminates the option of using OBC. Now... CAN you use OBC for that? Yes, you can wait and then try to sign up after you board... but you may (or may not) be able to get a reservation... so there is a risk... and in the case of Cheers, signing up after you board actually increases the price. As to your specific question... I would definitely drop the pre-paid gratuities. THAT is what OBC is used for.
  21. The previous posts are all correct. You will have to vacate your cabin by about 8AM. You can go to the Lido buffet and enjoy a leisure breakfast, then leave whenever you want. We have done that quite often. But as others have stated, you should not wait too long. The line through customs can be long (port dependent), then getting to the airport, going through TSA, etc, etc. I really do not think you will have to "wait hours" at the airport.
  22. Point to support what has previously been said.... many years ago, when we were somewhat new to cruising, we once got a free (an unexpected) upgrade from an Oceanview to a Balcony. No cost to us. After the cruise, my wife said "that's what I want from now on". We've never booked lower than a balcony since.
  23. Thanks for all your answers. I'll have him get with his IT department and see what other options might be available
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