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  1. We did this cruise a few years ago, and walked off the ship the day before for a private shore excursion. We could have just as easily left the ship for good that day. As a practical matter, I doubt that Japan will be allowing cruises by March 2022.
  2. I read that the Governor of Hawaii is advising tourists to not visit Hawaii at this time due to increasing COVID cases. It will be interesting to see if cruise ships will be allowed to dock in Hawaii by December.
  3. If you buy insurance from Crystal, it does not provide coverage in case of financial default/bankruptcy of Crystal. I believe this is the case for most/all other cruises lines. If you buy third party coverage, you may be able to get coverage for financial default/bankruptcy of Crystal. However, some companies are not offering financial default/bankruptcy coverage for Crystal due to the known financial problems of Crystal/Genting. The protection offered by Chase also does not cover financial insolvency. However, if you charge the cruise to a credit card, you may be able to do a dispute/charge back if the cruise line becomes financially insolvent.
  4. The US Supreme Court, in a 2005 decision, held that Title III of the ADA is applicable to foreign-flag cruise ships in U.S. waters. https://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/03-1388.ZS.html
  5. How did his/her legs look? Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. If you book with a refundable deposit, you get a full cash refund. If you book with a non-refundable deposit, you will get a future cruise credit of $700 ($900 less $100 per person service fee.)
  7. Which itinerary (before or after changes) are you trying to do? Is there a similar cruise next year? If so, I would ask your TA to try to get you on that one with the same perks. However, due to all the changes, HAL might not be very flexible with your request.
  8. I may have misunderstood your post above. I read it as stating that a decision had not yet been made about what will happen once you reach Reykjavík. I understood that to mean that no decision had yet been made about disembarkation.
  9. Based on the posts above, I understood that the letter was the basis for the assertion that new passengers would board on July 17.
  10. The letter has also been posted in the Live from thread, but it does not mention anything about the July 17 cruise. Plus, the letter appears to not be consistent with what folks onboard are being told about disembarkation on July 17.
  11. Nobody knows for sure that the July 17 cruise will take place as scheduled. I assume that is the current plan, but all plans are subject to change, especially with COVID.
  12. I suspect the contact likely happened at the airport/on an airplane. The airports are very crowded, and for most flights, there is no need to be vaccinated or tested.
  13. If you see the Viking Sky in port, keep your distance. It has been reported on the Viking Ocean board that a passenger tested positive for COVID, and the ship is returning early to Reykjavik.
  14. Since Italy just banned large ships this week, I do not think it is unreasonable for HAL to need additional time to decide what to do with the cruise. It is not like there are no other issues HAL is dealing with right now. Hopefully they will be able to decide what to do before the 10 day grace period expires.
  15. We were onboard when a passenger was evacuated off the Harmony by the Japanese Coast Guard many years ago. It was quite a sight to see.
  16. So the breakfast menu still include the Asian and Indian items? Those are my favorites.
  17. For me, I believe it is more likely I would lose my passport or have it stolen, as opposed to missing the ship. I was on a cruise once where a passengers passport was stolen while on shore, and they had to leave the cruise.
  18. Sure sounds like a cancellation to me. I guess Crystal really needs the money right now. If this happened to me, i would challenge it with my credit card company, and contact the Florida Attorney General's office, as Crystal has its main office in Florida.
  19. On some cruises in the past, the cruise line took possession of all passports, and only released them to passengers at certain prearranged times, when needed to show to authorities.
  20. In the early COVID days, Celebrity changed the embarkation port for several cruises. They took the position that the cruise contract allowed them to do so, and refused to allow cancellations with refunds, or to pay for changes to flights bought independently.
  21. We were on an overnight stop in Boston once, and could not remember the ship departure time. This has never happened to us before or after. We usually take cruises that stop out of the US, but since we were in the US, we were able to easily call the cruise line HQ, and they advised us when the ship was leaving. We were back in pretty of time, and got to enjoy a ride through the big dig tunnel.
  22. I believe they do not want to cut prices since people can still cancel up to two days before, and get a FCC. Although I do not believe cruise ships are unsafe, I have not seen anything indicating they are the safest place to be.
  23. I believe if you cancel before the penalty period begins (90 days before the cruise), you would get a full cash refund. If you cancel after the penalty period begins, you would receive FCC. So it sounds like you were given incorrect information. I saw another thread today indicating that Celebrity has cancelled the September Silhouette sailings.
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